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On Dec.7, 2010 I went to store#11811 at 6222Winchester Rd I bought two net 10 phone cards a $50.00 and a $25.00. The air time pin# worked on the $50.00, but the $25.00 said the pin# is invalid. I keyed it in several times and it said the same thing. I went back to the store and the manager said there is nothing she can do. I went back to the store the same day at 8:40pm. I spent my LAST MONEY so my children can have phone service while I'm at work. All I want is another card.It's not my fault the card is no good. I don't want a refund just another card. That really hurt because that was my last money and I'm a single parent. I just hate when you spend your hard earned money on crap.I need that phone on to communicate with my children. They had the nerve to tell me they sorry. SORRY DON'T GET MY PHONE ON. Memphis have some really horrible stores they are always nasty, and the employees attitudes are nasty as well. Hire some people that value customers and their job!######&&&&


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