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On Saturday, November 25, 2017, we visited Family Dollar #04444. I went to use the stores restroom and when I sat down on the toilet, the toilet seat shifted to the right as I fell back and to the side hitting my upper left shoulder area hard on the handicap rail. After this incident occurred I went up front to speak to the assistant manager, Edgar Lopez. He proceeded to tell me he could not leave the front to come and look at the toilet. I was able to speak to the other salesperson who was present, whose name was also Edgar, who went back with me to inspect the area where I fell in the bathroom. Edgar, the salesperson, after looking at it just took off and did not say anything to me. I then went back up front to ask the assistant manager, Edgar Lopez, for the Corporate phone number and he stated "it is on the window to get it from the front window. He was of now help and very rude. It was as if he could care less and trying to avoid the situation at hand.

My other complaint was how filthy the restroom was. It looks as if this had been broken for some time and the area where the bolt to hold the seat on apparently used to be, was extremely filthy as well as the wall and floor behind it.

The management was very unprofessional and it was as if he was very in experienced.

Prior to this incident, I had shoulder surgery in October and this incident has caused some soreness, swelling with a knot right below the surgery site. I hope this fall has not done damage to where they have to go in and repair the work they did.

I have attached the pictures that I took of the toilet and of my shoulder where there is a knot and swelling and very sore.

This has also caused me to lose business with my catering as I have not been able to use this arm due to the pain which I am losing business and money.

Please contact me at [protected] with any questions you may have regarding this incident.

Sandra Barron

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  • Updated by Sandra Briseno Barron · Nov 30, 2017

    I don't care what you guys say, ..when you got to go you and its the employees job also to clean store and restrooms... and its not my job to do what they have to do..and yes I did ask mommy.. stupid.


  •   Nov 27, 2017

    If the bathrooms were so nasty and disgusting, you shouldn't have used it. You should have checked into a 5-Star hotel if you had to piss/[censor] that bad. I don't shop at Dollar General/Family Dollar/Dollar Tree because their restrooms are oft filthy and fetid. That's your own fault for coming in a Family Dollar and expecting pristine restrooms. I don't know where you live, but the Dollar General/Family Dollar/ Dollar Trees usually have bathrooms equivalent to a Sunoco Gas Station. You are just whiny and entitled, which is why the Assistant Manager, Edgar Lopez, just brushed you off.

    Come off your high horse.

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