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Fairpoint sucks!!!

Since Fairpoint took over, my phone service is staticky and my Internet service sucks. I get bumped offline constantly and sometimes can't get on at all. When I am in the middle of work looking for info online and get disconnected, it's very annoying.
I hate Fairpoint and want verizon back!!! I never had problems with their service.


  • Fa
    farmgirls Feb 04, 2018

    this is my first time on & I have not read a positive note about fairpoint-I agree the service cannot be put into the terms I feel. Surly miss verizon

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  • Io
    Iowegian Aug 11, 2016

    We switched from Fairpoint to Comcast over two months ago, but they continue to bill us for service. We cancelled at the time of conversion. It has been extremely frustrating trying to reach a person who can help me as I've called 7 or 8 times and either been disconnected or on perma-hold greater than 15 minutes. It's a sign of a poorly run company when you can't get through to a person to cancel their service.

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  • Fa
    fairpointsucks Dec 02, 2012

    Yes Fairpoint Communications DSL speed is extremely poor. Especially to Monmouth ME.
    Slow Monmouth speed is however not surprising. If you do some network analysis you will find that the Monmouth NOC uses DSL to communicate to the Winthrop NOC.
    Simply put, there is no switch in Monmouth providing true DSL but a bunch of DSL modems in the Monmouth NOC bridging the customer DSL modems to the Winthrop NOC via DSL.
    (Even more simplified explanation) If you live in Monmouth ME your DSL modem is talking to a DSL modem in the Monmouth NOC talking to the Winthrop NOC switch that generates the DSL connection.
    Only reason I can think that Fairpoint would do this is because there is nothing but twisted pairs from Winthrop to Monmouth and they are to cheep to upgrade their lines.
    So YES if you are paying for DSL in Monmouth Maine Fairpoint Communications is knowingly riping you off.
    Additionally if you run a trace route out to anywhere in the world from Monmouth via Fairpoint DSL you will find that it typically takes 6+ hops to get out of the Fairpoint network.
    You will also notice that some of the Fairpoint switches route connections back to the switches that routed connections to them. This usually indicates total incompetence on the part of the network engineers or failing port cards in the switches. Either way it means that quality of service is not a high priority at Fairpoint Communications and YES when you speak with Fairpoint you find BS is actually the highest priority.
    This also indicates that the Main PUC is not doing their job otherwise they would be investigating Fairpoint Communication practices so you get burned not only by Fairpoint but your taxes are being wasted on a usless Public Uitilities Commission.

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  • Ma
    Mainelady Oct 24, 2012

    I moved down 3 doors to another apt. same building called a week before I planned to move and was told they needed 5 business days. Ok they said hook up phone and Internet on 10/2/12 never showed up. Called again next day and was told my order got stuck then canceled for some reason. they gave me a new date for a week later, never showed up. I called and talked to a supervisor and was told they would do it next day. Guess what never showed up. There getting tired of hearing from me by now. I called yesterday and was told it was on, but it wasn't working. I then had to talk to a tek and was told he'd give me a ticket and would take 4-5 business days. I asked him to expedite please as it had already been a month. He did and they showed up yesterday afternoon. Thank God! Couldn't get my computer to except my mortem so he did it on his. Everything working fine now. Thank god for the teck. guy that showed up. I was so grateful to him I gave him some home made cinnamon rolls.

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  • Pi
    pipemandoo Aug 09, 2011

    After reading some of these complaint I don't believe my making one will make any difference. I've several complaints but will probably get more action from my cat than Fairpoint. I'm looking for another way around this bunch...what a laugh their service is.

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  • 86
    86Fairpoint Nov 21, 2010

    I don't believe that this company is still in business!

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  • 86
    86Fairpoint Nov 21, 2010

    What more can I say?

    Fairpoint is a con, plain and simple

    Fairpoint gets away with it by paying off the PUC tiny fines with money they steal from customers that are not receiving what they are billed for month after month.

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  • Jo
    Jon3243 Jun 11, 2010

    I'm in Washington and we use to have a private company for 25 years here everything was great service was great now they got this stupid low life company Fairpoint Com. PHONE SERVICE AND BY FAR THEY ARE THE WORST company I ever have seen in my life theire sevice sucks and they are overpriced and must have retarted people working there they never get anything right they are worthless and it should just shut that dumb companany down and turn it over to [email protected]

    Fairpoint you are in the wrong business GO HOME LOOSERS!!!

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  • Wh
    Whitcomb l Aug 22, 2009

    I can empathize with your frustration and situation. I have lived in Vermont for 45 years and never have I seen such poor customer service!
    We here in Vermont have phone lines that are older than the hills but our cost for phone service still raises.

    My mom has desperate need for phone for her testing for her heart is done via phone lines and at least once a month Fairpoint looses connection at their residence!

    I could not even get a technician by phone with out trying to answer 50 question
    mostly not even pertaining to my situation and before hanging up with machine customer service I used language that certainly should not have led me to this point! And yes I was extremely upset!

    Stan had an excellent idea
    “I will make them sign a contract that allows me to back-charge them for any and
    all headaches and downtime their poor service ends up costing me”
    Now if we all get this message to Fairpoint Communications maybe they will see we
    all have had enough of and not willing to put up with their crap!

    Sometimes I receive a bill and sometimes I don’t!

    Unfortunately we cannot switch to another communication line since we live in country and are lucky we can even get phone service!

    I want the government to force this company or the next one to use live customer support not some stupid machine that’s worthless! Any one have any ideas if there are other places we should be placing our fustrations! I was thinking BBB (Better Business Bureau)
    Thanks all for listening-very ups!

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  • Sh
    Shelley May 29, 2009

    I have tried to get the high speed internet for two months now. Fairpoint has disconnected my phone over and over again since Jan. 1 of this year. I call them, talk to someone and they guarantee me that everything will be taken care of and that we will have the internet within ten days and NOTHING!!! I start the whole thing over again. They tell me that my phone status is still disconnected. I have people trying to get hold of me and all they get is that my phone has been disconnected. I am so sick and tired of Fairpoint. I rarely had problems with Verizon and if I did they took right care of it. Why can't these people do the same darn thing. If they can't handle the job then they need to admit it and let someone who can step in and take over!!! I have been without phone service more since Fairpoint took over than I have been with it. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FAIRPOINT!!! THEY NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER OR GET OUT!!! bumma J

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  • Bb
    bbowley May 08, 2009

    Shocking lack of customer service and complete inability to provide services sold.

    I called and placed an order to change my phone number and add internet service.
    I was given a new phone number and told both the number change and the internet service request would be complete 3/12.
    I was told I would receive a modem in the mail before that date.

    The phone service was immediately changed to the new number.
    I could call out/receive calls using the new number.
    I could not set up or use voice mail

    When the old number was dialed - there was a message that the number was no longer in service.

    I called to report that I had still no received the modem and that I could still not use voice mail.
    I was told that there was some sort of error in the original order and that a repair order had been placed and someone would call me back on my cell.

    The old old number and voice mail seems to have been reinstated and now when you call the new number there is a message that it has been disconnected.

    I called the order/repair status department and was told there was now a new repair order in and it would be “fixed” by 3/18.
    When I asked how could it be fixed if I don’t have a modem, I was directed to another department – told the whole story again…placed on hold until a 3rd person picked up the line.
    I started all over again only to be told that she couldn’t help me and that she could give me the number for the repair department – but there would only be a busy signal today and I should try tomorrow.
    I have asked for a supervisor to return my call and I need help.
    This call lasted over 77 minutes. In fact when I got the 3rd person a on the line she said I see you called at 12:17 – yes, and over an hour later it was still the SAME call.

    Heather called:
    Confirmed that the modem was never shipped and that the order seemed to be in “progress”, and I was told phone order was in progress but I would have to call repairs to find about anything about the phone line.
    Polite – but not very helpful.

    Send an additional email and held on the order department and repair (both) phone for 20 minutes each – calls were never picked up.

    Nicole called from repairs:
    Phone line is in progress.
    Internet = Can’t help me – I need to call the order department

    Phone and voice mail are finally working.
    (the old number still has voice mail too FYI)
    Received a call and was told the internet service was still “on order” but there was no estimated date…no info available.

    Called to check on internet service.
    Was told there was some conflicting info and she needed to speak to a supervisor - put on hold for 23 minutes….and the operator got back on the phone and asked me if my phone number was waiting to be changed to the old number…how is this even possible?
    No – and I had to recount all of the above…again.
    Hold again to talk to supervisor – hold: 8 min
    Operator confirmed that modem kit will be sent…she was going to talk to the technicians…back on hold:
    She also said that there seemed to be a signal…back on hold: 8 min
    Technical support can’t help because they can’t confirm if there is a signal unless I have a modem.

    Was told she would ask them to send the modem today – should receive by Tuesday.

    If I had a problem then I would have to call tech support.

    Told I would receive a free month of service and that the operator would take care of this and call me to confirm it was done.

    4/23/09 – this message was sent to [email protected] and I have not received a response.
    Received a bill today with the credit mentioned above and a charge for $112.00 for internet service.
    I was told the price of the bundled phone and internet was approx $65 per month.
    Not to mention the fact that I have STILL not received a modem and therefore DO NOT have internet service.

    Called customer service, before I could even describe my issue I was transferred to repairs...
    Repairs told me they could only help if I didn’t have a dial tone – transferred to orders...
    Orders told that the order was “complete” and they couldn’t help me – transferred to ...[protected]….dept?
    On hold for 22 minutes...I had to hang up and go to work.

    [protected] repairs…can’t help me – have to talk to customer service…
    Transferred to Ron….
    Shipped 5/4 Fed-Ex.
    Will arrive tomorrow – Ron called fed-ex and confirmed they would leave the package without a signature.
    Asked about charges…..41.27 will be credited.

    Arrive home on Friday evening – finally the box is here!
    Alas...the disk does not “read” in my computer.
    No instructions in the box.
    I call for technical help [protected]) and am told:
    No record of my account exists.
    I need to go on line to set it up. (I DON’T HAVE INTERNET)
    That I need a filter – that should have come with the box...no filter in the box.
    Was told I should have a BLUE cable – do not have a BLUE cable.
    Was told I could try to set it up instead of my phone for the time being because there was no filter.
    Then I asked her to give me the instructions verbally so I could hang up and try it and go buy a filter on my own later, and she said “You don’t understand the problem – I told you I can’t help you - you need to call customer service on Monday”
    I said wait let’s try it - just tell me how so I don’t have to call back (at my expense on my cell because my phone won’t be working) and wait after I disconnect the phone...and then she hung up on me.

    You, as a company, are beyond the pale of meeting any expectations to a consumer for the products and services that you are selling.

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  • Fa
    Fairpoint stinks Apr 06, 2009

    Absolutely horrible service here IN NY as well. We pay $80.00 a month for service that we can barely use and thats for the high speed internet. Its rare that the internet works flawlessly and the modem constantly cycles off and on.
    Absolutely terrible company!!

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  • St
    Stan Mar 01, 2009

    I could not even get a technician for an on-line chat to simply ask when we might have FIOS in our neighborhood. Now, after reading and experiencing how completely deplorable and utterly incompetent Fairpoint Communications is... I will gladly stay with Comcast, even though they cost a fortune. I work from home and if Fairepoint Communications ever wants me as a customer I will make them sign a contract that allows me to back-charge them for any and all headaches and downtime their poor service ends up costing me. I'll let ya know how that goes. ;-)

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  • Ki
    Kitcat Feb 17, 2009

    James, I can empathize with your frustration and situation. The same has been happening to me since last year, but has gotten even worse now that the transition is "official"! This morning alone, I was bumped off line (while using a new laptop with fantastic built-in wireless technology) 20 times -- in a row! Each time, I HAVE to flip the switch on my wireless router box off and then back on again if I want to even have DREAMS of it connecting it!

    I started noticing that problem last year but thought it was because I had an older laptop & was using a wireless USB adapter. I learned that I had to switch the wireless router box off & on to pick up a signal again. I didn't know at the time that Fair Point was 'behind the scenes' on this, but it's all making perfect sense now that we are switched over "officially" and I have a brand new laptop with one of the best built-in wireless technologies -- yet I am STILL kicked offline repeatedly. I am lucky to even type in an address and hit 'enter' before I lose the connection again! I'm not even 10 feet from the wireless router box and either I am kicked off anywhere between 20 seconds or 2 minutes -- or sometimes I can't can't connect at ALL. And I always have to switch the router off & on again to reconnect!

    I NEVER had this problem when things were firmly in Verizon's hands! I WANT MY VERIZON SERVICE BACK!!! Where is the PEOPLE'S choice in all of this? Why are we saddled with a company that cannot serve even half-decent (certainly not "fair"!) "communications"?? They have over-charged me at least 3 months in a row (I'm waiting to see if they've done it again!), and each time I have to call them and argue about the charges. They say they will fix them, yet each time I get charged wrongly AGAIN. (or they don't adjust it to remove the extra taxes they'd charged me!) They 'pass the buck' when you call them, too. It seems like with each person you talk to, you get a different story/explanation.

    I live in a small town in Maine and have NO other option (from what I can tell) for internet or phone service. I am stuck with this! I am at the point of being so fed up that I am going to file a complaint with the FCC.

    Maine should NOT leave us solely in the hands of an incompetent company such as this, with no other options.
    The FCC should know that the service is sub-par, is horrible and is less than acceptable. (might as well have dial-up at the rate I'm kicked offline!)

    I hope that enough people speak up so SOMETHING will get done about this ridiculousness!

    -Another customer in Maine fed up with the UNFAIR COMMUNICATIONS

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  • Sh
    sharon binette Jan 26, 2009

    Since Fair Point has come to Maine and taken over Verizon's accounts, I have had problems with my phone and internet. First my phone, I don't get VM messages in a timely manner. Messages arrive in clumps as much as 24 hrs later, sometimes in the wee hrs of the morning and the light on my phone flashes in the bedroom waking me up. I am paying plenty for their service and am not getting my money's worth. It is impossible to get any one from Fair Point on the phone. I emailed them, but haven't heard from them. Now, My internet. I upgraded to the 1 gig thinking my service would be faster, but it is no faster and I get booted off the internet occassionally. I paid an extra 5.00 a month for this. I am going to check with Time Warner and see if they are able to provide me with more effecient and fair service.

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  • Wa
    Wayne Randall Nov 25, 2008

    I am another former Verizon customer. With Verizon I received electronic billing and paid my bills online. For the last 5+ years I did this. When Fairpoint took over not only did I not have the ability to pay online, but also stopped receiving bills. I didn't even get a paper bill! I've had to call FairPoint each month to get an amount to pay. Several payments that I've made have not been posted. When I call to get it taken care of I'm bounced around several times, put on hold for 20 minutes at a time and often disconnected. At this point I should send them a bill for MY time spent each month. "There will be no changes to your service once the sale to FairPoint has been completed" is what we were promised. I've since cancelled my phone, cancelled my Internet and cancelled my DirectTV.

    Add to the above problems the fact that at work we pay for a T1 and a PRI that was originally through Verizon and is now through FairPoint. The T1 is part of a managed service which means Fairpoint is supposed to monitor the line and the router and know even before I do (I'm the Network Admin) that the service is down. I noticed the service seemed to be bouncing on and off one day so decided to see if these guys were monitoring (Which comes at a premium). I brought the service down and waited...and waited... Then I called. They tried to tell me we weren't a customer untill I faxed them a bill for the managed service. Contracts expire in 1 week and will not be renewed.

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  • Je
    Jean Big Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fairpoint is apparently in bed wtih ILD Teleservices, a know scam artist company.

    Fraudulent charges ("cramming") in the amount of $37.40 appeared on our phone bill on behalf of "ILD Teleservices." These charges where never authorized and were disputed as soon as we received the bill. BY LAW Fairpoint is obligated to remove these charges at the consumer's request.

    Not only did Fairpoint fail to remove the charges, they

    - billed us the following month for fraudulent charges from a known scam artist company, ILD Teleservices

    - AND assessed us late fees for a fraudulent, dipsuted charge.

    How disappointing that we now have to get the state department of consumer protection involved because Fairpoint is not willing to respect the legal rights of consumers in the state of NH!

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  • Li
    Linda Heminway Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have a summer home and every year we suspend our service for our phone, we close up from Columbus day weekend to mid-April every year. I called last month after we closed up and now I just got another bill for the full amount. I just phoned and spoke with a service representative who claimed I never called last month, when I know I did. I made all my calls on the same day, for cable tv and for phone and getting our dock taken out, it's a yearly thing that I do and I am always determined to save money when we are not using the place.
    So, now I owe another full month's service on a place that is closed up with antifreeze in the pipes. I was tempted to just cancel the account altogether but that phone number has been in the family for over 35 years and used to belong to my deceased parents. So, I guess I'm stuck but I am angry enough to just close the account, period.

    I suspend service every winter and never had a problem when we were with Verizon, not once.
    I think I'm going to try to get cable telephone service in the spring when we reopen the place for the summer but for now am stuck paying a higher bill I didn't budget for, right before the holidays.
    I know I called, I was told it was not on record and there was nothing that can be done. I am truly suspiscious that the person I spoke to just didn't do it right and/or was lazy.

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