Facebookcharges from facebook


i have been charged 7 x's in the amount of $24.99 all from 10/7/2013 all charges where made back to back without my approval or permission
Jameda Lyn Queen
my facebook is Jameda Jamie Jaye Queen
dob; 5-31-77
cell phone #[protected]
my email: [protected]
I want this issue resolved please and Thank You

charges from facebook
charges from facebook
charges from facebook


  • Co
    Common sense Oct 08, 2013

    So how is putting all your private info on a public message board going to resolve the issue? All that will get you is identity thief..

    If the problem is with facebook than you need to contact facebook.

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  • Lo
    Logical Sense Oct 08, 2013

    Stop playing games on FB and buying credits.

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