Expediaflight cancellation


Jet Airways had cancelled the flight 1 day before travel (YYZ to AMS)
Solution Attempt #1:
Me: I called Expedia to get a flight resolution sorted
Expedia: 2 options were given to me, get on a flight 2 days later or get a refund
Me: A flight 2 days later is not an appropriate solution to a flight being cancelled
Expedia: Reconfirming I only had 2 options
Me: Agreed to a refund as I was told there was no way I was getting a flight on the same day, before ending the first call I got Jet Airways information and immediately called them after getting off the phone with Expedia. It was unacceptable to me that I was now going to have to book a flight one day before it left as the prices were going to be 2x what I had originally paid. This was Jet Airways problem to fix - not my financial burden!
Solution Attempt #2:
Me: Called Jet Airways, explained to them that my flight was cancelled and I needed a resolution of a same day alternative flight.
Jet Airways: Immediately looked at an alternative company to rebook a same day flight, found a KLM flight that same day, but then realized that I took the refund from Expedia and they were unable to reschedule my flight. Told me call Expedia back
Solutions Attempt #3 & #4:
Me: Called Expedia back, escalated the call to a Supervisor... explained the situation that had I known I should have called Jet Airways first I would not have taken the refund that has now left me with no flight and the financial burden of paying 2x the original flight cost to rebook on my own. I was repeatedly told that this was my problem as I took the refund and there was nothing they could do! Absolutely appalling and disgusting customer service to leave a customer in this situation. I would have never taken the refund had I known there was an alternative option to get the flight rebook and sorted out with Jet Airways directly. I was completely misinformed and misguided. I called back a second time in desperation of trying to get this sorted as I did not have an additional $1000 dollars to rebook my flight. Conversation with Expedia resulting in the same customer blaming tactics. Icing on the cake, I was informed that my refund was going to take 8 WEEKS! I will NEVER use Expedia again!

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