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Y Sep 16, 2018 Review updated:

On July 16, 2018 I booked a flight on line with Expedia. I selected a direct flight from Boston to Memphis Tn, Delta 2832, Depart Boston 3:10, Atlanta Delta 2067 To Memphis arrive time 7:18.

Upon booking then Paying! I received email showing exactly this however there was a Itinerary attached, The email stated there was no reason to call my reservation was confirmed. Well my reservation the way the email I received from Expedia showed which is exactly what I had booked was correct but the Itinerary had us leaving Boston at 5:09 going to Detroit then to Memphis and arriving after 9:00 PM which made us too late to participate in a Wedding Reception we had planned.
I found this out after opening the Itinerary however there was nothing I could do. I did by Insurance but was never offered or no suggestions made to help correct this.

The problem I have is Expedia should not have allowed this booking and payment to take place due to the Itinerary made immediately upon payment was not what I had booked! I should have been told or prohibited from booking the flight departing Boston at 3:10 if it did not exist Or was full. That is the problem here. I should not have been allowed to key in that route and times if it was not available and it was not available. But once I paid and paid the insurance you had me and my wife. This is not right. Had the booking stopped like it should have we would have worked to get something that fit our plans.

It is very unlikely we will ever use Expedia again. This could and should have not happen on July 16 for a September 15th flight.


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      Jul 06, 2019

    My family and I booked a trip to Punta Cana hard rock I booked through Expedia they booked through JetBlue travel with all the deaths going on there my family does not want to go since they have children I am 73 years old bringing a granddaughter of mine and recently been in the hospital for months. I tried to cancel mine right after I booked they said it’s not their policy to give back the money. I contacted and supervisor and she said we should call The hotel, upon calling the hotel they said they would gladly cancel but it’s Expedia will not give us back their money. They said Expedia does not pay them until we arrive. No matter who we talk to in Expedia they say it’s hard rock holding the money we have called hard rock many times and get the same story that our money is at Expedia and the other ones that are holding the funds paid in full by the way. Went to google call customer service telephone number that was posted on Google got a bogus site gave them our itinerary number they pulled up our whole itinerary set to go buy a Google card at target and they will refund the money when we give Them the last four digits of the card. He even said he would hold on while we went to target to do this. Of course at this point we knew it was a scam and had to cancel that credit card. What a hassle my doctor does not want me to go since I have had my colon removed and very susceptible to whatever is going on in the Punta Cana region. Please help help help and $3700 is a lot of money for me..My email is BOTI [protected]

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      Jul 06, 2019

    Who is lying The hotel hard rock or Expedia we have been in touch with them for the last two weeks phone calls emails, if it’s hard rock why were my children and their families able to cancel their complete vacations for JetBlue travel. No matter who I speak with at hard rock they’re telling me it is not on their end but it is Expedia who is telling us the lies. Please help

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      Sep 04, 2019

    I booked a holiday through this company last week and find out that I got charged in US $ and costing me an extra $2500!
    I phone them & asked why I was charged in US $ & was told that I actually booked this through the American Expedia site!
    I still can't believe this, as I was on the NZ site?
    So customer service put me through to the customer service in the US so I could cancel that trip & get a refund then book again through the NZ site!
    So I only got to cancel flights as accommodation is a NO CANCEL POLICY..
    I was told by Jay at customer service my refund for the flights has been refunded & Will show up in my account 2 to 3 buisness working days..
    It's Now over a week & Still NO REFUND!
    I phone them this morning & ask Where's my refund?
    Was told flights cancelled & money was not charged to my account. I'm like Yes it has been. It's on my statement!
    The lady said No was cancelled & money was Not taken out of your account, as you cancelled within 24 hours!
    She then told me it Hasn't & phone bank!
    I phoned bank & they said it Definately has been taken out over a week ago & not REFUNDED!
    What the Hell is going on there?
    I need to speak to a higher up person than you on customer service as you Don't know what your obviously doing!

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