Expediaexpedia overcharged me by thousands

N Aug 06, 2018

Beware of who you do business with and given access to your banking/credit card information to. Aug 3, 2018 I tried to make a purchase online thru Expedia for a vacation package. My payment didn't go thru. I received a message that my funds was inefficient (error #1). So, I called my bank. my bank reported that my funds was available and a charge went thru to the airlines twice for $800 plus (error #2). While keeping the bank on the phone for 2hrs while dealing with the situation and trying to get a hold of a person any person, preferably a manager, supervisor, corporate, even someone from USA that can assist me in 1 stopping expedia from charging my bank account. mind you the bank is still on the phone with me telling that a total of 13, 000 plus dollars has been charge and is being sent as payment to expedia. and the keep charging my account. The trip package only cost $2, 600. The costumer service wont connect me to a manager, supervision or corporate so I can get my $13000 back, stop them from charging my account, and to speak to someone who cares that they are stealing $13000 for my bank account without my permeation. I couldn't stop payment by bank, I couldn't close my card because I was on vacation in another state and that is the card I had planed on using. I couldn't get a hold of a person who are about me being charge $13, 000 for a package that cost $2, 600. My account went overdraft, it messed up my weekend vacation that I was on, it cause unnecessary stress and distrust. This is my hard earned money and when a system makes a mistake you expect the company to be respectful, efficient, honest, connect your to the right personnel that can rectify the issue and handle the compliant in a matter that represents the company. Expedia is a big company and is well known for providing travel packages and flight for millions of consumers that trust that they will be honest and respectful of the credit and bank information. Not fraud them out of thousands of dollars and treat up like [censored]. I still haven't talked to a manager or gotten o real name of who I was speaking to or a employee number, my money still is being sent to them and they don't see it in their system, my bank has approve and sent payment, I didn't get an apology, basically its like too bad, too sad on my $13000. NO WAY!!! I don't have a my $2, 600 trip or my $13, 000. There has to be a way to get ahold of someone that can speak English and understand English and rectify this situation. Bad business ethics, customer service and problem solving. DONT GET SCAMMED LIKE I DID. I WATCH MY MONEY BEING TAKEN FROM ME and THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT! I DO NOT recommend and I would never use Expedia or their partners ie Hotwire... unless you want to go thru what am going thou.

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