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CB Online Shopping Etsy Systemically to scam people for listing fee and force users to create new shops

Etsy review: Systemically to scam people for listing fee and force users to create new shops

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3:49 pm EDT
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I opened my shop, and listed one original digital goods that I created. Got suspended right after I finished the listing process. I file an appeal immediately, but they never explained why my account will be suspended, and all my effort and time are gone. They have collected all my personal information during the process.

If my listing is suspended immediately after creation, they should never place a listing fee under my account. During the listing process it shows no error or no warning. This is like a systemic scam to lure anyone pay for the listing fee. The amount is not much but imagine how many listing got suspended immediately after they charge you.

After the appeal, they tell you your shop is suspended permanently, and you can't do anything. If I want to try my luck again then I need to create another shop using different username. I think this is how they purposely to get more new shop opens, so that they can use the number of shops to promote their platforms.

This is clearly a systematic scam to make money out of the listing fee and gain benefits by forcing users to create new accounts which will give fake business growth!

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