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Etsy review: Creative angels store

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I purchased for a reborn doll to be done by a supposed reborn doll artist Mona Simon Etsy Shop is creative Angels Store, I told her what I wanted for the doll to look similar to which was a short fine blondish newborn hair, and not to use to much reds and purples on the vinyl. I also asked for her to put in a magnet for the reborn doll to take a pacifier. I sent a pic of the baby Cade Kit of what it may look like when she completes the doll. She is very hard to contact and get a response back and like I did I paid for her services in the amount of $751.05, that is a lot of money for Mona not to have contacted me more then she did in the process of the doll. I ordered the doll near the end of June, 2023. I contacted her again about 6 weeks after to see how the reborn doll was coming, a while later she responded by sending some photos of the reborn doll unassembled but painted it looked good and I told her that. Around beginning of August I noticed the doll had been shipped so I contacted Mona telling her that I didn't get to see more of the stages of the progress or even the finished reborn doll. She then sent me the pic of the doll who was way to red and the hair was dark brown and way to much! It was to late she had shipped the reborn and after waiting so long for this reborn with hardly any response I accepted the doll. After I received the reborn I noticed right of it was overbaked, vinyl was hard and doll was very red and the hair was so matted in the back it couldn't be combed and I tried the paci out and she put the magnet down on the chin area and not the mouth so the paci wasn't positioned right. The doll was way to heavy, it weighed about 8lbs or more and cloth was bumpy and hard and vinyl was hard like wood. Where is didn't look right or feel right I decided to disassemble the doll and inside the dolls head was rusty metal balls including the limbs, also it had dirty cheese cloth and wet glued cotton it was so messy I couldn't get all of the cotton out because of it being glued and still wet. I also found she weighted the doll with sugar! Yes Sugar! OMG! I have been trying to contact her and it has been 14 days and she still doesn't answer, I even sent her an email and she doesn't answer that. I can't open a case up until Sept. 6th, how can I open a case to a person who doesn't answer their emails or messages? That is why I am contacting you. Ive sent you proof through the images, and you can check the sight to show how hard it has been to contact Mona. I noted under her feedback another person had trouble with the color of her reborn being way off and Mona being hard to contact and get a hold of. ETSY hopefully won't let her get away with this. Over 700 dollars has been stolen from me and I want it back a total refund! If I don't hear back with some help from you then I will be contacting my Attorney Lawer James Strong here in Thomason Maine, I mean it and I will sue you and Mona!

Desired outcome: REFUND my 701.00!

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