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I contacted the shop for a repair or replacement, they gave me attitude, threatened me and mocked me, for no reason other than they felt their work had been disrespected. It needed repairs they were happy to oblige at first but then argued because they did not want to do the work, I had to request a refund from my bank. The shop in question is witchywomanapothecary formerly known as Faerie_lites.They have been passive aggressive, rude and unprofessional. They noticed the issues yet sold me the product anyway. They threatened defamation against my character to their artist frriends, even though I have done nothing wrong. I am a 52 year old vulnerable disabled woman, who only wished for my 3D avatar to look the way i desired and paid the money for, they were rude and said i was the problem, i then accepted the product for a quiet life but they still kept coming after me, and verbally attacking me. The model is basic functional, not fully functional for intended purpose, nor of good quality, or as listed by the seller under the consumer rights act. There are tears and rips on the jacket, front and back, tears and rips on the skirt, and the underwear does not cover the models bits under the skirt. I suggested perhaps shorts would be a good fix instead, then i said perhaps keep the short skirt if it can be fixed and the panties adjusted accordingly, then for a quiet life i said well i can use the model without the jacket, but i wanted to use the model with the jacket and I couldn`t so it has been a very strressful experience. They were rude and unprofessional. I requested a refund from the bank and I should be able to keep it without the seller lying to their bank about the whole drama, they should have repaired or replaced it, they did neither they said it did not need fixing. They threaten me, and cause me distress. They should allow me to keep the refund, the model does not function fully as it should nor is it of good quality as you can see from the video.

Desired outcome: They should not be allowed to sell the item in their shop as they cannot fix the issues without changing the design, it is my creative content.

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