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Misrepresented said i got a trip to Orlando Florida Disneyland

To whom this is concerned, I was under the understanding I was getting a vacation to Disneyland then Daytona...

Unauthorized debit from my checking account

I have filed a complaint twice before, and have had no response at all. It's been at least 2 months. I don't understand that. These people lied to me about a vacation to Orlando, Florida and a rental car. I was told that I had 12 months to pay $ 398.00, but I kept telling the lady I can't afford it, I'm on a fixed income. She was very pushy, she just kept pushing. When I said I can not afford it, she said " you can't afford not to " She said I could pay $98.00 down, then ^ the balance of $ 300.00 when I could, it just had to be paid before I take the vacation, within 11 months, that was in September, 2014. They debited my account in October, & again in November, 2014 $ 248.00, which I told her repeatedly I couldn't afford. I need to have $ 248.00 returned to my account. They are liars and scammers!

  • Ma
    Mary Deschenes Dec 08, 2008

    Riopoff big time. I am too also a victim of this scam. What they say and what they do are two different things.. Bad company. They should be stopped and made to pay all people back there money and be out of business. Who allows this to happen?

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  • Si
    Simona Dec 30, 2008

    These people are very pushy and do not take no for an answer. I asked them if I could cancel at any time and they said yes, but now I understand that they meant 15 days which I do not recall them saying. Pushy, pushy people. I tried to call them and ask for them to cancel and they turned me down and said they couldn't do anything. After reading other reports about this company I am even more discussed with them.

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  • Lo
    Lorik May 03, 2009

    I am an employee of ETourandTravel INC. and I've worked there for about two years. We offer you a 15 day money back guarentee with the vacation, past that it is bought and paid for. We are a credible buisness and we mail you all of your terms and conditions its not 7 pages of fine print. It is a one page document enclosed in your vacation package. Just because you are not a cautious consumer does not make us a fraudulent buisness. And also if by chance your pkg is still active I would encourage you to use the money you spent and let us prove it to you. Take what you would consider a chance and enjoy your vacation

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  • Pe
    PETER PARKER Aug 27, 2009

    A salesperson pushed you into buying a vacation!!! oh lord what is the world coming too?????? and what do you mean by "After reading other reports about this company I am even more discussed with them." ... your more discussed with them?

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  • Ar
    Arthoropod Sep 14, 2009

    I am a member of another forum that investigates matters like this and I have compiled a very extensive dossier on these people and their various companies and associates.

    If anyone who has dealt with this company, or one of their mutant offspring, could post the name of the company that appears on their card statement and their location it would be very helpful. Please also add the name of the company you believed you were dealing with, either from the paperwork you receive or from what you were told on the phone.

    What I plan will wipe the supercilious smiles from the faces of the staff who write comments here.

    I don't need any of your details - just who the money went to.

    I'll be making this request in other threads and on other forums. If you don't wish to take the risk, that's fine as enough should provide what I want. I can't get your money back, , but I hope I can offer do for them, what they couldn’t do for you.

    No need to send anything - I'll pop back in a few days.

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  • To
    tour Oct 28, 2009

    I am also one who has purchased my vacation package through etourandtravel. I have not yet went on my vacation. I have tried to make my reservations on line but Ive been having trouble.
    I just found this site and I am now very worried about going to orlando. I can not cancel being
    that it has definitely been 15 days since I purchased my package. If there is anyone who has went on the trip and can give me pointers on what to do or not to do to make my trip a good one I sure would appreciate it. Thank you. My email is [email protected]

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false info and theifs

My family and I signed up with etour for 3 nights and 4 day package in orlando florida It sounded awesome Nice hotel, $100 giftcard for food and $100 off park tickets yay!!! uh not quite...We choose the double tree hilton it sounded to good to be true and it def was.First off the hotel was non kid friendly, my kids are well behaved and we still had stares and where treated as if we had a disease, Even though every other couple in their was gay.I did not stare at them.I have lots of friends that are gay.I have no problem with that.I have every right to be in that hotel as they do.We get to our room and it was not what miguel (aka pier) told us it would like.He told us it would have 2 queen beds, a pull out couch, small fridge and microwave.We got to the room it was freezing in there it smelled like mold and A**.It had 2 full beds and 2 chairs.The room was sooooooo small and a small fridge .NO MICROWAVE!!! I needed a microwave because we have an 8 month old who I needed to heat up food for and room did not accomodate myself .my husband and 3 kids.We never fought so much ...and on vacation.Stuck in a small room will do it!!! We complain to the hotel and they dont do anything.They tell us microwave is an extra $10 a night..WHAT?? I can buy one for that.The hotel front staff were so rude and also hungup on us.We called etour and they told us they do not know why miguel told us we were getting that room.He said we could pay extra to get a different room and microwave, or pay even more and stay at their resort.I was like no we are already spending enough .
We can not keep spending more.when we were told something different.The customer is always right and they kept saying unfortunately we cannnot do anything ..I was getting really heated!! How is it our fault etour hires someone that doesnt know what they are doing and gives false info.anyway i yelled at (omar) until he finally credit us $50 back we paid (that we did not receive till a week later after we got home from our vaca) .Then we went to their resort to pick up out $100 restaurant card and our disney tickets which we paid ahead of time for .We get there and they have NO FREAKING TICKETS!! but already took our money!!! they gave us a lame check for $100 that we had to run around and find that bank to cash it, and yell at them again to credit that $280 we paid them for the tickets (which we didnt get till a week later after the vaca as well) we had to pretty much get money wired from family to take our kids to disney.We did not want them to be upset!!., but we only went there with a certain amount.We had to wait in line for the disney park tickets .We were trying to avoid the lines by buying the tickets prior.The restaurant card they told us was a visa card.!! I swear they said VISA!!..We get it and its a dang card .(like groupon almost).we thought we would be saving on eating but only got discounts at restaurants.We still paid alot out of pocket plus tip.Alot of the restaurants were fancy!! and with 2 kids who are use to chuckie cheese trying to drink water out of a wine glass was hillarious !!! and kids meals were $15 ..omg!! And my 8mos old was throwing his baby food everywhere .I know the server hated us!! I felt bad, but this is what etour put us threw.The day we were leaving we had to do the timeshare presentation.We were really interested and the lady we did the presentation with was great and understanding.We were ready too purchase timeshare but uh hello we couldnt because ETOUR took all our money!! ETOUR is very unorganized and do not communicate with the resort apparently.ThIs vaca was more stressful then fun.We use to stay at liki tiki in kissimimee and had an awesome time ..KId friendly..They were not bored ever!!! We will stick with liki tiki next time!! I was trying something new and the accentives sounded good, but this is def one of those deals that sound TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! I will never use Etour again !! and do not get me started about all the toll roads!!! vaca is supposed to be stressless and fun.I hate them for not meeting our needs and being so rude I hate you Elure AND Stressfull!!!...You will go out of business when I am done with you!

ripped off

I wish I had found all this out before they got any of my money. I am on a fixed income and not in good health. My sister is also possibly dying if we cannot get her treatment, she is also raising her 3 grand children all teenagers. I was going to do this so we all could take a trip to Florida and take the kids to Disney World and the other places you are suppose to be able to go to.. I have had nothing but problems from the start. Every time I called to cancel they would say they would add this or that. They at one point sent the wrong package and I called and they said they would fix that, not telling me that they were going to take another $289.00 besides the 489.00 the had already taken, I did finally get that back but when I called the other day since I had not gotten the new package I called and they gave me yet another claim number the 7th one so far, I lost it and said I wanted my money back, they told me it had been too much time and they could not refund my money. My sister called since they had from the beginning put it in her name and I was so mad I couldn't even talk, when she asked to speak to a supervisor they accidentally must have hit speaker because we could hear them laughing in the background .Then when the supervisor finally did get on the phone he said there was nothing they could do it was past the deadline for a refund, Even though there was proof that there had been mistakes by their employees they would not do anything, I don't know since I used my Walmart card if they will do anything but I cannot afford to lose almost $500. Not that I know many people that could and it seems from what I have read here that I am far from the only one they have done this to. We need to all get together and file a class action suit against the company, there is another site with complaints also, even some emails from ex employees. I hope that anyone else considering this finds this and the other sites before they give them any money. I wish I had known.

scamed money

Tried to cancel 1 minute after giving Visa number and they refused.Tried again 16 days when package arived in mail and they refused again.The City of ORLANDO IS GETTING A REPUTATION OF ORGANIZED FRAUD WITH THE CITY BACKING COMPANIES LIKE THIS.I was scammed out of 219.00 only but I want this back.I will register a claim in small depts court in PRINCE GEORGE BC CANADA.TO ETOURANDTRAVEL OF ORLANDO FLA...REGARDS ROY SHIELDS

  • Jt
    JT8090 Mar 11, 2013

    Roy, I am having the same issue right now. They stated that they have cancelled my package but will not send me an e-mail confirmation. They said that the computer automatically generates an e-mail and already sent it to me, but they had the wrong e-mail on file. And so now they can't send another e-mail since all these cancellation e-mails are automatically generated. They said there's no way to go back into the account to re-send a confirmation e-mail. What has happened with you? Please update. Did you get your money back?

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  • Wm
    Wm Lackey May 10, 2013

    Roy, I am not sure why you decided within one minute of accepting that you wanted to cancel. But, that aside, I too was offered this 'vacation'. While it was not completely as stated, ( after getting the package in the mail) I made the trip work! It took some pressure and determination...but my granddaughter enjoyed her spring break. I made them honor on all of their offers and they did. The only real complaint that I had was the presentation for the club membership. They don't call it timeshare anymore. 90 minute waste not to mention the 20+ miles to the 'resort' (joke) site. But all in all the trip was good, but i don't plan on doing it again!

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vacation package

These people who call you are complete frauds, they called said a vacation package for $149.00 said go to website print out your tickets for attractions, free with this package, didn't say I had to bring my husband to these property locations to attend these 90 minute tours before getting into accomadations, so its a complete scam, & I only paid half, thank god, but they would not cancel or refund my money either, still calling to bug me to go to florida for this, thier should be a law against this type of business


I booked a florida vacation package with etour and travel for $399. Package included 4 nights hotel, rental car, full breakfast, $100.00 voucher for disney parks. I understood we would have to sit through presentation for their timeshare. When i booked over the phone, the salesman told me the hotel was a couple of minutes from the parks. Hotel was 25 miles away (45 min. with traffic). He also told me the hotel had shuttle buses to all the parks (no shuttle buses at all). He also told me there was a breakfast buffet included with the hotel (no breakfast unless you pay $12.95 per person each day). As for the rental car, we didn't need one because we drove down. The salesman told me he would give us an extra $100.00 voucher for the park. I had an 11:30 appointment to go through the presentation. I arrived at 10:30 to voice my complaints. The lady behind the desk said she would get us through the presentation early. After being ignored for the next two hours, at 12:30 I told them I would not go through their presentation and they could keep their Disney vouchers so I paid for my own tickets. The name of the time share is Vacation Villasat Fantasyworld 4999 Kyngs Heath rd Kissimmee Florida. The people at the resort were very rude and didn't seem to care if we wern't satisfied with the service we recieved.

  • Pi
    pissed__off Dec 17, 2010

    Scammed into buying 2 packages, received refunds for them but was told have 2 purchases but not given any information to what they are. Called an idiot because refused to buy package and told that if I can feed my kids I can come up with $99

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complaint, possible fraud

Beware of BUSINESSES and PEOPLE connected to ETourAndTravel

Seems the same people work with or for all these businesses.
Go to the Better Business Bureau site listed below and look at the numbers and reasons for
consumer/customer complaints. And they are still operating??????

The photo is from corporationwiki using the "connection visualizer"
All the information below was taken directly from the posted website address.

Better Business Bureau Review

On a scale of A+ to F
BBB rating is based on 16 factors.

Factors that lowered ETourandTravel, Inc.'s rating include:

-448 complaints filed against business
-Failure to respond to 3 complaints filed against business.
-6 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
-40 serious complaints filed against business.

According to the BBB file, this company has an unsatisfactory business record, specifically, a pattern of consumer complaints relating to misrepresentation or misunderstanding of the offer, high pressure sales, as well as other areas of concern. While the company responds to most complaints and either resolves or offer an explanation of their policy, some complaints remain unanswered in the file.

Contact Information
Primary Contact: Mr. Pierce Farr
Mr. Lance Croft (VP/COO)
Mr. Steven P. Kosmas (President)

Alternate Business Names
Cape Canaveral Cruise Line Tour and Travel, Inc. (1996),
Cape Canaveral Tour and Travel, Inc. (f/k/a),
E Tour and Travel,
Kosmas Group International, Inc.


About Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.

Steven P Kosmas

-President and Director at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.
--Director and President at 811 Development Corporation
Managing Member at Causeway Development L.L.C.
-at Coconut Mallory Marina and Resort Dockowner's Association, Inc.
-Vice President at Etourandtravel, Inc.
-Director and President at Financial Information Services, Inc.
-Director and President at Key West Coconut Mallory Resort, Inc.
-Director and President at Kgi Properties, Inc.
-Director at Kosmas Caribbean Holdings Corporation
-Director and President at Kosmas Group International, Inc.
-Director and Vice President at La Riva Residences Condominium Association, Inc.
-Chairman and President at Ocean City Coconut Malorie Resort, Inc.
-Director and President at Ocean Development Group, Inc.
-Director and Vice President at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.
-Secretary and Treasurer at Orlando Resort Management, Inc.
-Director and President at Sea Villas Development Corporation
-Managing Member at Spk Capital Management, L.L.C.
-Director at The Kosmas Group, Inc.

Trudy Duffy

-Vice President at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.
-Vice President at Key West Coconut Mallory Resort, Inc.
-Vice President at Kosmas Group International, Inc.
-Director, Secretary and Treasurer at Ocean City Coconut Malorie Resort, Inc.
-Vice President at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.

Nicholas G Kosmas

-at Key West Coconut Mallory Resort, Inc.
-at Kosmas Group International, Inc.
-Director and President at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.
-Director at The Kosmas Group, Inc.

Robert P Kosmas

-at 811 Development Corporation
-at Key West Coconut Mallory Resort, Inc.
-Director at Kosmas Caribbean Holdings Corporation
-at Kosmas Group International, Inc.
- at Ocean Development Group, Inc.
-Director, Secretary and Treasurer at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.
- at Sea Villas Development Corporation

J Lance Croft, Vice President at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.

Dan Preston, Vice President at Orlando Resort Development Group, Inc.

complaint, possible fraud



In 2005 I purchased a package from Etour and Travel for me and my daughter to take a vacation. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
Today, 10/3/11, I recieve a call from a representative trying to sell me another package. She said it was $149... I told her that I am disabled and have no income and did not want to take part. She argued with me. Then she said "I see you charged the 2005 vacation on a Visa, would you like to charge this on it and pay the Visa bill at a later date?" I said, "NO! I do not want the package and do not have the credit card any longer."
This customer rep was rude and beyond the point of helpful.
My question is, "Do they still have the credit card info on file?" I read a complaint about a man's card being charged even after he told them he did not want the package. I will be watching for a charge.

Never again

I started my reservation to Orlando with They said they need my credit card number to hold my reservation. I provided one. It was a natural thing to ask and many companies in travel industry (hotels, and car rental businesses) do this. They make an empty request to your credit card to make sure you have the credit allowance for that amount. In two days I noticed a charge from for near $300. I was just holding my dates and was told I will not be charged until I actually pay for the trip. Yet, they took the money from my account without my authorization!

Lady carried on with the registration

I got a call saying I had won a trip to disney with my partner and two more people of my choice. And I was offered the 7 day and 6 nights orlando florida and3 night accommodations in daytona beach area plus a trip to mexico. I should have felt it was too good to be true. Now they've got $298.00 OF MY MONEY. And when I wanted to cancel the whole thing on the same day, the lady on the phone just went from being sweet to rude...she gave me my confirmation number and then hung up. I had my credit card account locked so they can't take any more money from me. I hope this kind of scam will never ever fall on me again.

3626 Quadrangle Blvd, Ste 400
Orlando, FL 32817

Tryin to cancel

This was the first and the last time I hope to get scammed. I was told, like most complainants, that I had won a trip to Florida. After all their talk, I got billed for $498, U.S. ($532 CAN.) for my "one time fee". When I finally got my package not only was it after the "15 days cancellation time", SURPRISE, but I could not even log into my members section. SURPRISE. It was only when:
-I disputed the charge with my Visa rep.
-Telling them to either make up their minds about my refund and not to waste my time
-That I had e-mails about complaints about their company about the same issue
-that I was not going away and that I would be reporting them to every Fraud and Scam agency in the U.S. and Canada
that they finally agreed, (gag), in "good faith", to refund my money!!!
STAY AWAY from this company.

Lack of refund

An agent from Etour and Travel called my wife on Dec 27, 2009. She agreed to the vacation package with the option to cancel within 7 days. I emailed them on 1/1/09 to cancel the package. I forgot about the issue because I thought we had no package. Then we began to get calls to off us to pay more money to "save" our package. When I told them that I had canceled by emal, they denied receiving it. We have gotten calls from them on several occasions, most recently around the first of Dec '09, still offering to save our vacation (around $400) if we paid more money. They have our money only because of their lack of action on my email and my inattention to my finances. Is it really my fault? I do share some of the blame for not following up. But I should not have had to with a reputable company, which I do not believe they are.

  • Bl Dec 17, 2009

    Just Go to
    fill out a simple form explain what happened.
    YOU will be amazed how quickly the BlackListNow lawyers and media department will have your concerns resolved.

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timeshare scam

i too fell victim to this scam... i got a call from someone from etravel offering a 4 day vacation for up to 5 people to go to orlando/daytona beach fl, for $99 which included staying on the beach at the sheraton hotel and included a rental car with unlimited milage. i could use this package at anytime within the next 2 yrs and the only catch was me and anyone who came with me had to attend 1 60 min meeting about timeshares. so i thought no big deal, whats sitting in a meeting for an hr when 5 people can go to fl for 100 bucks i gave him my debit card info and was told i would get a confirmation email within the next 24 hrs . Well here it is almost a week later after that call, no email. I was also told i would get a package in the mail telling me about the trip and the timeshares in 4-7 days but i dont expect that to show, so i went to my bank today and spoke to the manager there and told him what happened so when etravel goes to take money from my bank, its already been stopped and they cant take my money. Thank god I didnt have any money in my account for another week from now or they would have gotten my money. Someone needs to put a stop to these people

Scam charges

I just got off the phone with etour as they were calling me about their fabulous $119.00 flat rate Orlando...

Refusal to refund money

I purchased a vacation package from ETour and Travel on June 19, 2009. I was to receive an email the next day confirming this and a package in the mail. When I called to inquire about the package and that I had never received it, I was given the run around that they could not find my information and that I would need to call back with my credit card number again for them to locate it. I then decided this was crazy and wanted to cancel the whole package. I was told when I called back that my fifteen day time period was up to cancel the package and I was just out of luck. I tried to explain that I could not have known about the 15 day time limit since I never received the confirmation information. Was told there was nothing they could do, not even a manager could take care of this. I have called my credit card company and filed a dispute. THESE PEOPLE ARE CON ARTISTS, STAY AWAY!!!

  • De
    Dennis Dorgan Sep 26, 2007

    We canceled our trip to Florida through etourandtravel on the 15th day via email as their offices were closed. Kime Morgan of etourandtravel agrees that we did cancel in time but refused to accept email cancellations. We were not informed that we could not email cancellations. It has been weeks since we have heard from Kime Morgan. We are frustrated and we feel that we have followed the rules to the letter but they refuse to refund the money. They refuse to give us the name of the president of etourandtravel and say he would not talk to us anyway. This is not a reputable company.

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  • No
    Nora Jun 27, 2008

    I will not recommend this option for anyone going on a vacation (DO NOT BUY YOU’RE VACATION THRU etourandtravel). When you read the small print on the “package” things are not included.
    Example: I told the person that sold me the package that I had three kids and would need separate rooms, they reply no problem. Now when I tried to book a room all the rooms in the package where 1 bedroom with two beds, when I called they told me the upgrade would cost me an additional $40.00 per night and that I had to pay this amount to them... For the car the same thing. The star tickets they offer for universal studios- read the fine print- YOU WON’T GET THEM UNTIL YOU SIT DOWN FOR THE 90 MIN. SEMINAR ON TIME SHARE BUYING.
    This is not a cheap vacation as they sell it when you're talking with them. Make sure if you are going to schedule anything thru etourandtravel you are AWARE of this and that you only have 15 days (counting weekends) to cancel, otherwise you're stuck with a package that is NOT WHAT THEY'RE SELLING YOU. I've had many conversations with them and they won't budge, they're ridiculous and unaccommodating. I was once told they could not cancel my reservation because the “computer” wouldn’t allow them. If they way you want to start your vacation is arguing with customer service about reservations and where you want to stay, than by all means book with etourandtravel - they’re excellent at being difficult and unhelpful. If you want to have a smooth vacation starting with the reservations call the hotels yourself, you will definitely get a better start and better deal because at the end you will know for sure what you’re spending (no hidden fees and exclusions). Very dissatisfied with etourandtravel services- NOT WORTH IT.

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  • Li
    linda oneal Aug 10, 2011

    they took an extra payment we i was told that you get a BOGO with th 99.00, they took an extre 120.00 an have not sent linda oneal memphis

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  • Li
    linda oneal Aug 10, 2011

    they refused to give me back my money. saying the BOGO was 219.00 when i was told it was 99.00 i thank it's a a scam. i need my money

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fraud/sexual harrsment

this company is a fraud. they use customers credit cards without their permission and keep charging it. once you buy 1 package from them they keep your credit card number and use it again but send the package to a wrong address so buy the time you find out you got charged for another package its to late to cancel because you only have15 days to cancel. i know theese guys the managers name who okay this scam is matthew pedea and james contreas. they also use their power wrong i know a few females who got fired because they wouldnt have a sexual realtionship with matthew pedea or james contreas. sombody gotta stop this matthew pedea number is [protected] imight spelled his last name wrong.

  • Sa
    sarah_otown Jun 25, 2010

    His name is spelled Matthew Padilla. And yahh this guy is a piece of [censor]. He is really conceited and acts really mean and crazy to girls if they don't sleep with him. that is all he is after, sex. watch out for this guy. he is a jerk and a liar and a piece of trash.

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  • Th
    The real Kara Johnson Dec 13, 2010

    Hi I am the real Kara E. Johnson. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed at trying to impersonate me and bashing James and Matt.They have never ever sexually harassed anyone or made a employee sleep with them ever. Matt is a very close friend of mine and is not just after sex. Both James and Matt are professionals that know how inappropriate it is to be in a sexual relationship with a coworkers. Moreover, Matt defiantly isn't mean to girls who he is not sleeping with because that would be all of his team. It is a sales office and as a result jobs are not guarateed. People always take criticism as unfair and do not want to accept the possibly that not everyone can be a successful sales person. This was obviously written by a disgruntled woman who was probably mad that she was fired and wants to take down the company and feels that it must have been unjustified. However, if that were the case she would have been able to use her real name and sue them. Also, if Etour was such a fraud they would not be allowed to still operate over a year later and their merchant account would have been shut down. As for Matt is an outstanding manager. James and Matt run an extremely efficient and impressive division. They do not tolerate lying to customers and anyone saying anything misleading is grounds for immediate termination. Like every large company from Hilton to Wesgate, every once and a while u will have a desperate employee that may lie or misuse customer information, however they always rectify any problems and the responcible party terminated. I hope this is helpful and again i am appalled that someone would so grossly lie about a company and its management. Next time use your own name because this could have become a legal issue for me. If I ever find out who wrote this I will take legal acction.

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I wish to return the package that you sent me for $150.00. I do not want to go to florida or anywhere else as I am working full time. I cannot stress this enough. You took my money, now I want it back. Your service rep(Victoria, last name unknown) painted this lovely picture about the trip for 4. It is a hoax. Numerous phone calls to complain came to nothing. I will get My Lawyer to sort out this problem and you'll end up paying me back much more plus interest for 2 years. I want my money back now.

  • Re
    rey Jun 12, 2009

    I too signed up with etour & travel. My wife had reservations about this deal when she read all the complaints posted on this site about the company.

    I called the very next day to cancel the account. The lady that helped me, I believe her name is Lisa, was very accomodating. I immediately received an email that the account will be cancelled within 3-5 business days and that I will receive a full refund.

    There are always two sides to a story. It is unfortunate that we don't hear from people that express their experiences with such companies.

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  • Pa
    Patrice White Aug 02, 2009

    I too have been scammed, a supervisor got on the phone, as she claimed she was. Took my card information down, and sated that it is just a formality, because I stated that I could not process anything to the following friday. Well that was a lie, we have to do something about all these scam artist. They processed it anyway, before, I should have done my homework, but I thought it was legit because I had gotton a phone call from this company before.

    Patrice White

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Do not trust them!

I just fell for the Etourandtravel scam this morning. I was told I won the " Free " Orlando trip by entering a contest on Hotmail and that VISA was sponsoring this contest. I do admit I have been entering a lot of contests lately so that is why I thought maybe this is true. I specifically asked if VISA really is aware of this contest and I was told yes. Naturally, I called Visa after I payed the $500 initial registration fee and they know nothing about this! Not only was I lied too about that, I also got a fake 1800 # to call them back for any questions!! I called the number I saw on their website right away to get a refund and I have to wait until tomorrow at 6pm until they get all my information. I figured by the time the package comes, my 15 day cancellation " rights" will be over. Do not fall for this! You are obligated to attend a boring 90 minute timeshare meeting which they forget to mention... they like to say " all you have to do is visit one of our resorts " (ya, sure!)

I should of trusted my instincts!

  • Su
    Sunshine777 Sep 17, 2009

    Etourandtravel are liars- they called me and told me my plan was going to expire pay 287 and the plan would update. They gave all sorts of travel plans even a cruis from miami. I paid and guess what all I got was a CD. Now nobody knows what I am talking about. I did talk to one employee and he is telling me that was the old plan and if I pay 200 more dollars he can update my old plan that I paid 389 already on top of paying another 287. I think we should get together and do a clas action lawsuit.

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SCAM/They do not refund nor do they offer valid proof

Did anyone ever recieve a refund for the amount you paid?

I wish I would have known about them earlier and done my own research because I think I am another victim of etourandtravel. I purchased a package in early Jan of this year (2007).
Today is February 26 and I was requesting for a refund on the my purchased package and they denied me a refund.
For a straight month I had called several times requesting some more information and they said they could not send me anything other than the letter and video they had sent. I also asked if I call Howard Johnson will they have me as a guest there for the time of our vacation. Brian and Matt sales reps had mentioned to me no. We do not give them the information until 2 weeks prior to your arrival. I requested to speak with a manager and Brian said that they did not have anyone available at the moment and that the manager was Kime.
He did give me her email for a refund on our rental but again I was not able to speak with anyone nor was there a number or xtsn given to me to leave a message.
My family and I are still flying out on March 26th for my daughter's b-day and I'm hoping that there will be a rental and room for us.

Please email me if you have any further information on the etourandtravel.

Thank you!

  • An
    angela Dec 10, 2008

    I was told all lies when they called me with a trip to Orlando and Daytona for a presidential special of $99.00 then it went to $217.00 for the package that would include the taxes on the motel room!We were shorted a day in Daytona and found out that we would have to pay more taxes so we called to cancel and have been going through a run around see you cant talk to the supervisor you can only leave a email to her kimem @etourandtravel So i done it and all they will refund is $92.00 out of 217.00 that we payed and she said it would take them up to 7 days to refund it to my account!Why should i have to wait they didn't wait to take out of my account!All i know is this is a true scam so if they call you hang up or you to will be scammed!Somebody needs to do an investigation on etour and travel and close them down and give the full amount back to everyone they have scammed

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  • Lo
    Lorik May 03, 2009

    I am an employee of ETourandTravel INC. and I've worked there for about two years. We offer you a 15 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with the vacation, past that it is bought and paid for so that is why you did not recieve a refund.
    We are a credible buisness and have been in buisness since 1992 if you visit and click on the first link for Document Searchs, then search for ETourandTravel by name it will pull up our history. Every corporation in Florida must be registered on this website. Just because you are not a cautious consumer does not make us a fraudulent buisness.
    And to the person who posted the comment on this account, this is not a 'true scam' I don't appriciate all of these postings from ignorante consumers. Read your terms and conditions when you recieve the package and understand that almost any buisness that must issue a refund takes 7-10 buisness days thats a credit card issue not our companies. I sell these vacations for a living and i hate reading these complaits when most of the questions and problems could be sorted out by a contact which we are available by phone at 407-515-2400 or there is online support at and click on contact us.

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  • Bo
    bobtheman Aug 27, 2009

    I realize this was posted a while ago, but Lorik, learn to spell.

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  • Me
    meves Feb 08, 2011

    The irony is that if this is an employee referring to consumers as ignorant, neither their customer service nor their public relations indicate a measurable degree of quality as far as company goes. I would steer clear based on this "employee's" post.

    Lorik, you did nothing to help your cause, even if what you say is true.

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