Etisalatetisalat - sim card inactive for 5 days and no one cares

R Mar 07, 2017

After having a complete incompetent customer service agent in Abu Dhabi tried to change my phone plan from visitor to resident and him installing a new sim card with the same number (!?!) my sim card has been inactive ever since. Countless visits to the store with hearing "We have escalated your issue and support will come back to you" and more than a dozen calls to the customer service hotline listening to 'It will be fixed in 3 hours.' 'It will be fixed in 48 hours' 'It will definitely be resolved in 24 hours', 'Someone will get in touch with you until 8 pm' (and never anyone did throughout the whole 5 days) it is still inactive and no one cares. Even worse that this amazing agent mentioned in the beginning took AED200 cash from me on that day to upload on my account which I now can't use and etisalat does not want to give it back to me - I have to wait 3 months until anything can be transferred apparently. And also, before the complaint is closed they can not even transfer the money. Why don't they just tell me that they have no clue how to fix it and at least offer me a new sim card and number if needed. But they all seem extremely untrained in handling complaints anyways. WORST SERVICE EVER and no one there knows what they are doing or have any authority to make any decisions. Why have a service hotline in the first place etisalat???? Anyways, no one will care about it as people in UAE barely have any other option as there are only 2 phone providers...that I call absolutism!

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