Etihad Airwaysstaff attitude islamabad airport

Dear Etihad
I have arrived at etihad counter 50 minutes before the flight departure and i was told that we have closed the system. I requested to ask one more time but they refused and when i conntinued to request they started miss behaving and said shutup to me. He was not providing me his name but continued to stand on his attitude.
I told your staff that i will not move until i meet your manager. He was told by his colleague to leave and he disappeared from the scene. The other lady asked me to provide my passport to book for the next flight so i can fly after 7 hours. I completed the formalities at etihad countrr and they sent me to second floor for re scheduling for the next flight. When i arrived there he told me that your ticket was cancelled. I told him that on the counter the lady had completed all the necessary measure and then she sent me to your desk.
He said that you arrived me late but i font know that in 5 minutes i was there, they were not cooperating.
I purchased airblue ticket for next morning and have to weight 10 hours .
If you want to take action againstt that person who was setting at etihad counter i can provide his photo. If he is not an etihad staff then you can tell me and i will report to civil aviation in islamabad airport.
What i have lost is AEzd 1100 and 10 hours plus i got shout and one shutup .




  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 02, 2019

    Dear Mujeeb,

    As per our policy, our check-in will close one hour before departure, therefore any late arrivals will be classed as a "No Show." Nevertheless, this is not how our guests should be treated so please contact our Guest Relations Team via our feedback form online so that this can be investigated further.

    Thank you. *Rose

Sep 28, 2019

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