Ethan AllenDo not purchase from them


I have never done this before, however my dissatisfaction with Ethan Allen has prompted me to warn others about this Company. I purchased the Quincy Bed (along with other furniture) from the Ethan Allen store in Manhattan back in the beggining of March. I was expecting out of town guests the first week of June, so I ordered the bed 3 months in advance to ensure I would have furniture in time for my out of town guests.

On Monday, it will be 10 weeks and I will have received no bed. At first my Designer lied and told me that the bed left the factory on May 10, 2010. I say she lied because when I called back a week later to receive a status update, she again saidthe bed was in transit, but couldn't locate the bed. In transit for a whole week and can't find the bed??? REALLY??? So, I called the Corporate Office in New Town, CT only to find out that my bed was NOT in transit, had not left the warehouse and has an updated date of June 14th. That's not even the date that the bed will be delivered (well after my out of town guests leave), that's only the date when Ethan Allen will receive another update regarding this bed.

When I asked Customer Service, how they were going to solve the dilemma I'm faced with now, I'm told "I'm sorry, but all we can do is wait on the bed to arrive." My "designer" is never at work and never returns phone calls (absolutely useless). I tried calling a Manager/Supervisor of the Manhattan store. She says that she will give me a call back with an update and guess what, I've never received a call back. These people are so disorganized and scatter brained that all they can do is repeat the Ethan Allen mantra that all furniture is cutom made to order. How is that a solution of not delivering furniture by the expected due date?

I ordered furniture online, a month after ordering from Ethan Allen, and the furniture was delivered yesterday. I had a better experience ordering online that dealing with this low budget company.

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