Essoself service gas station

S Jul 20, 2019

Dear Support!

I tried to use your self service gas station in Volterra today (July 20. 2019 17:21). I put 50 euros into the machine, selected the station number (7) but nothing happened. I tried to select the cancel or receipt option but nothing happened. I got no gas, my money was gone and i got no receipt. After i realized that i should have put the money in first then get the pistol off of the holder... After me other people used it and worked fine although still no receipt to anyone. I tried again with 10 and 20 euros and it worked fine also but still got no receipt from either transaction. Today was saturday so noone was there to help me and sadly i don't speak the language anyway. Could you please help me how can i get my 50 euros back?
Since i have no receipt i only have photos and your cctv to support my problem i hope it will be enough help!
Thank you for your help in advance!

Kind regards,
Szilvia Kajatin

self service gas station
self service gas station

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