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Epoch Complaints & Reviews

Epoch / overcharging and cheating

Sep 04, 2019

I engaged in a membership with and the said membership was cancelled immediately thereafter the date of the Membership was commenced. I was billed the date that I engaged and then the Membership was terminated. I have however been continuously billed for this service when I did not...

Epoch / brazzers subscription

Jul 29, 2019

I was charged after I cancelled my subscription and this was not authorised. Please contact me regarding a refund or I will be forced to take legal action. I cancelled on 27th July 2019 and was then charged on the 29th July 2019 and was not agreed to or authorised. Epoch are taking no...

Epoch / fraudulent activity on my debit card

Dec 20, 2018

On 11/30/2018 I received a message on my phone stating that someone had taken $100 off of my child support card while I was at work so I knew that it wasn't me. I called the 1-800 # which was provided on the back of my card and googled to see what was. I found that it was a place...

Epoch /

Sep 16, 2018

Hello, I have purchased tokens on 13th April of £14.99, £14.99, £14.99, £14.99 & £7.99. As I did not receive my goods or services I wish to have them refunded back to me. I am awhere that it is over your policy refund date but still I wish to have them refunded back to me ASAP and I am not...

Epoch / unrecognised transaction

Aug 02, 2018

Hi this is Sukhwinder Singh. Address: 271 Birmingham Road, Wolverhampton WV2 3NJ. Last digits of visa debit card:9034. On 26 July i have seen a unknown transaction of £1 then on 30 July there's been £34.99 taken out. I have not purchased anything because I'm at work most of the time. Thi...

Epoch / be careful

Oct 26, 2017

What a terrible company! Got nothing but a headache. I was charged every month for services I have never ordered and never used. Not to mention that they also have additional fees you will not be able to cover. Their customer service is awful, they are absolutely helpless when it comes to...

Epoch / subscription wrongly charged!!!

Oct 02, 2017

Hi there! I canceled my Cam4subscription in July, but epoch has charged my account already twice after the cancelation date. Although, in their website it was written no extra charging after cancelation. I've already tried to call you and contact with via chat and skype call, but no response from your side! Please contact me ASAP. [protected]

Epoch / no idea

Aug 16, 2017

EpochI've got a 20.64$ charge to my card from you guys, one I have no idea what it's for. 2 i have 2 other random charges for some porn sites. So I'm assuming this is one as well. I would like a full refund and any information about who may have used the card. And if there's any information on...

Epoch / unauthorized credit card charges

Jul 14, 2017

+[protected] [protected] more than $1 was charge which is the initial transaction please am begging i just went for registration of two days just to check out the site and now am been put into this situation please i request for the refund of more $50 that have wrongly been deducted...

Epoch / unable to issue web service

Apr 15, 2017

Yes that guy is correct Epoch should be banned and put out of business with their business practices. They are costing people untold loss of revenue because of the decisions being made there by virtue of the fact that they do cross a lot of people in they way they have transacted their...

Epoch / cancel my brazzer 2 day trial

Mar 15, 2017

After getting purchasing my trail for 2 days I decided to see how to cancel before those two days are up. As I see people are having trouble and getting scammed for money amounts of over $50 or more. I'd appreciate if someone could cancel my trail and let me know ASAP, or contact me on how...

Epoch / I do not know

Feb 18, 2017

Hi there My name is Dan Martin and I live in New Zealand. Yesterday (NZ Saturday 18/02/17) at 7:22pm local time you charged me $21.97. What is this charge for, I did not sign up for anything. How did you get a hold of my debit card details? Could you please refund this money back into my...

Epoch / my credit card keeps getting declined

Dec 06, 2016

I put in my information on my prepaid card, and no matter how many times I put it in it keeps being declined even if it was the right information! I have stuck with a prepaid card for a long time and this happened every time I try to buy something off of their service. And every time I... / being charged by this company why

Dec 11, 2015

I am being charged for something l have no idea what it is and what it is for, I am a pensioner and can't afford this my number is [protected] is there any chance of a refund please I cannot pay this my e.mail is [protected] please help thank you.

Epoch / unauthorized charge

Sep 23, 2015

I had an unauthorized charge on my bank account of $34.95 and The charge was from Epoch, I was unaware of this charge so I called the number that was associated on my bank account statement. A customer service representative answered the phone, his name was Tori Ell, at least that'... / website fraud

Aug 31, 2015

I bought a member ship for a site that used false advertising to get people to join. When I realized this, I contacted Epoch through their live chat function. I told them I wanted a refund and they told me they WERE NOT ABLE. Once I told them I know they can and then that if I had to I... / cancellation of membership

Oct 06, 2014

Hi. I have emailed asking for an immediate cancellation of my membership. However, i have noticed that my credit card is still being charged with different amounts from the same guys, namely, Please assist me in this regard Kind regards Abdool Essa Durban South Africa Email: [protected] / Dating Service / fraudulent service

Oct 02, 2014

After using the service and corresponding by on-site messaging with a number of "women", it became apparent by their nearly uniform responses and highly similar language that these response could not have been written by different women but were in almost all certainty written by one or... ICFCT / fraudulent payments

Jun 04, 2014

On 25-5-14 I emailed your company concerning Fradulent payments taken from my Lloyd's bank account. You replied that refunds would be made for these payments please confirm this will include payment taken on1-5-14 for£19-03 please further confirm no more payments will be taken from my... / fraudulent recurring charges

May 01, 2014

Two charges for 19.95 each started appearing four months ago and I never signed up for anything, much less twice. When I tried to dispute the charge with Epoch the website asks for 2 of your username, member id, email address and credit card number. Obviously if I never signed up for... / credit card unauthorized charge

Apr 29, 2014

Today I checked my credit card billing and saw a EPOCH.COM *GRANITYEN 14, 95 charge. But I didn't buy nothing in this period. I know that EPOCH is a "company that work with thousands of partners and do credit card charge for them" But I didn't bought nothing online or offline with...

Epoch / no refund and then ignored

Mar 24, 2014

I made, paid and cancelled my subscription with all within about 24hours because I decided that this site wasn't good for Australians. I was sent an email of confirmation by Epoch Yet I was charged $42.14AUD on the 23rd March by Epoch which is the billing company for... / subscription - fraudulent payments

Feb 02, 2014

I signed up for a website through epoch, received an email from epoch stating i would be charged £12.30 monthly, no payments for 2 months, then had on my credit card £19.00 TWICE MONTHLY, the absolute fraudulent scoundrels, Disgusted by the service. I asked for a refund and to... / fraud

Oct 05, 2013

This name has showed up on my monthly bank statement with a charge for $40. I'm quite sure that I've never purchased anything on this website so it suggests that this company is processing stolen credit cards. Just to be sure that this never happens again I've closed my... *Ruseful *FCIINCDBA / unauthorized charges

Jul 04, 2013

Not once have I ever signed up or used this payment processor. Received a SMS from the bank informing me of two debits while I was offline immediately voided the transactions. There were two: EPOCH.COM - *RUSEFUL RM 256.17 EPOCH.COM - *FCIINCDBA RM 3.29 Immediately voided the card. Now I... / banking fraud

Apr 18, 2013

My debit card bank-Lloyds TSB phoned me by saying I was taken money from my card continuely by a company called which I haven't heard in my life. Because that debit card I use as a saving account to buy large goods like furnitures or flight tickets so normally I don't...*fciin / money removed from my account

Mar 07, 2013**fciin have removed money from my account on a couple of occasions with a combined total of £40.54p on the 4th of february and 5th of february and the 5th of march, i want this sorted, i have only had my account 4-6 weeks and will only use it at bank ATM's, so please explain to me why i have had charges placed against me.

Epoch / unauthorized transaction

Feb 15, 2013

EpochI had an unauthorized charge of 14.95 to my account from this "business" after asking for a refund from another website which I guess uses them for internet payment transactions. Several others seem to have numerous encounters with this business charging monthly to their bank accounts without permissions. / unauthorized payments

Nov 12, 2012 has taken the following unauthorized payments off myBMO MasterCard Oct 10, 2012 $30.75 Oct 11, 2012 $37.15 Oct 13, 2012 $34.99 I would like these unauthorized payments refunded! / billing after cancellation

Oct 28, 2012

I registered with Nextdoor Models via Epoch and canceled my monthly recurring subscription (at Epoch's web page) after about 2 weeks. When checking my credit card report today, I found to my surprise that I had been charged already for 2 months and 3rd payment was booked. I contacted... / trial membership scam

Oct 24, 2012 is an internet payment service provider that provides credit card billing services to its subscribers. The way the trial membership scam works is that when you sign up for a trial, you are sent two separate receipts, with two distinct account numbers and two different site name... / unauthorised transaction from debit card

Aug 20, 2012

I have an unauthorised transaction from my debit card 21/08/2012, from ffor 37 can i stop this from happening...Thankyou martin cain / unauthorised transaction on visa debit card

Jun 17, 2012

I came across a series of transactions from *Granityent that was processed all on the same day - they total to $723.32 all on my Visa Debit Card. I have alerted the fraud team of my bank - as I have not authorised these amounts - when I investigate them further it appears that... / credit card fraud

Jun 05, 2012

Visa stopped a charge being placed on my bank debit card because they used the wrong cvv code. I had not purchased anything online, so I don't know how they got my credit card number. The card has been cancelled. *ahava Inc / charges occured not by approval

May 09, 2012 * ahava inc, has been charging me for something that i did not do & dont know what it is, i have constantly asked for this to stop & tell me what it is for, never get a reply, i dont have a clue for what site these charges are for so why would want to pay for nothing . / unauthorised charges to my credit card

Apr 06, 2012

Hi Everyone, Recently I have noticed that I have been being charged a sum of $24.95 (USD) EVERY MONTH since May last year. Everytime it happens on the 3rd of the month. I spoke to a company representative named Melissa who told me that I would be refunded the last 4 months of the transactions but I... / unauthorized charges

Apr 06, 2012

My bank statement shows a charge of $1.99 with a RECURRING PAYMENT option from I have never even HEARD of this company, much less purchased anything from them!! I know it's only $1.99, but I REFUSE to pay for something I did not purchase!! This company should be shut down for good!!!*totemfront www. / creditcard deduction

Mar 02, 2012

29 February 2012 a total of $59.95 was deducted from my SGE Credit Union S1 access account via my visa debit card this money has been taken out without my authorization and I am concerned how they got my visa debit card number.. AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK.!!! Robert Scope e [protected] *ahava Inc +13106645810 Gb / epoch billing on my credit card

Feb 18, 2012

This company keeps coming up and charging me different amounts on my credit card. I don't know what this is and I want to know how to get my money back. / fraud

Jan 09, 2012

Someone used my card details to access explicit sites and epoch were the processing company. I feel violated, especially being a single girl. Epoch took the payment without my name. Ludicrous really. Usually you not only need the name of the cardholder, but exactly as it appears on the...