Enduranceautomotive insurance

F Aug 08, 2019

I paid for Endurance auto insurance to cover repairs; I tried to submit a claim today and was told that they were denying my insurance coverage because of a discrepancy in the mileage - the Customer Service agent said that it appeared that my odometer had been rolled back. I explained that I did service the vehicle in Canada as well as the USA and that the Canadian mechanic entered the odometer reading as Kilometers. YOu can clearly see from my receipts and the Carfax that the odometer reading is progressing forward slowly. ALthough the Canadian mechanic entered kilometers it is clearly miles - the miles are entered by the USA mechanic correctly and service was done in the USA regularly. Johnny M. Customer Service said that the error was in 2014 therefore they would not cover my car. I bought the policy in 2018 - if they had NO INTENTION of covering the vehicle they should not have charged me and sold me insurance in 2018. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ENDURANCE - SCAMMERS - FRAUD . How can you sell someone insurance if you have no intention of covering them.

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