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expensive goods stolen

I boarded an emirates flight from johannesburg on 23rd nov 14.10 hrs fl no. ek0762 to dubai then to mumbai on 24th nov 04.00hrs flt no. ek0504. My baggage was checked in at johannesburg through to mumbai.

When i received my luggage at mumbai i found the lock broken and my nikon camera rs 350000, kodak camera rs 10000 and a reebok sun glasses 5000rs stolen with their cases left back.

I have complained to the emirates office in mumbai airport. I want a complete investigation done and i want full compensation for my lost goods.

how can goods be stolen after checkin . That means it is the work of the emirates staff only. i want to warn all travellers not to travel by emirates..

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    maduraiguy Dec 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    hi i travel from JFK to INDIA - CHENNAI, i losed my computer and perfume in it can any one tell, is there any chance to get it back

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    Foxxi11 Dec 31, 2010
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    I had 2/3's of my luggage stolen from Johannesburg as well !!! Emirates are being completely complacent about it too. Not only that, at the bottom of my bag I found two new packs of cigarettes as well as a small bolt cutters !!! Obviously what the thief was using to break into luggage with. And guess what ... Emirates are not the slightest bit intersted in wanting them to take finger prints off !! They are the pits !!!

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    Foxxi11 Dec 31, 2010
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    Verified customer

    ... meant to say that mine luggage was broken into on 14 November ... just ten days before yours !!! Do we see a pattern here ? Of course we do but Emirates dont seem to !

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    Ex Emirate Jan 10, 2011

    I had a similar problem in December - I had to fly back to Germany at my expense to collect my goods - trying to call Emirates was a no-event. Emirates just do not care about the security of their passangers belongings - thank goodness the German police did.
    So far I am out of pocket for 750 Euro's odd plus flights to Germany and back to Johannesburg.
    Stay away from these shysters !

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emirates airlines splitting up our family!

I have been a long time Emirates customer, and am writing with regards to a very disturbing situation that I am currently dealing with.

In April of this year, I booked tickets for my wife, myself and our 1 year old (bassinet seat) on a flight from JFK - COK via DXB. The reservation code is HYU27W. I specifically asked for and was assigned the following seats PLUS A BASSINET SEAT:

EK 202 - 23F, 23G and bassinet
EK 532 - 27F, 27G and bassinet
EK 533 - 27F, 27G and bassinet
EK 201 - 23F, 23G and bassinet

I am now being told that after a plane change, there are no longer any bassinet seats available and our seats have been completely reassigned to someone else. There is absolutely no way I am traveling on this flight without a bassinet seat, especially since I booked this in April and I have already paid for it! I called the 24-hour customer service line three times describing the situation. Each time I was told that someone would call me back the next day with a resolution but each time no one has called me back. I am told that Emirates has simply run out of bassinet space.

This is absolutely unacceptable. I have travelled on Emirates many times in the past. My grandparents are also on this flight and have travelled on Emirates many times in the past. I am a Star Alliance Gold member and travel between the US and Asia over 15 times a year. I am appalled at the customer service I have received. The Emirates I know has a fantastic reputation for quality which is why I am shocked at this kind of treatment.

To make matters worse, I am told that bassinet seats are available on the flight, but only on Business Class - so why not just put us on the business class seats?!?!?! If I am unable to obtain a bassinet seat on this flight I will have to book myself, my wife, my daughter and our two grandparents at business class ticket prices with another airline on Dec 17th anyway.

bully in dubai

I missed my connecting flight from Dubai to Hong Kong due to Emirates flight delay. On arrival in Dubai, I told the ticketing staff personnel, a Filipino man, that I was not feeling well and could not possibly wait in the airport for 6 hours to catch the next flight. He then rattled off Emirates policy of not providing a hotel room unless the flight was delayed for 8 hours. I then told him that I was about to throw up and faint and really needed to rest. I was feeling really sick and gave him back the ticket that he issued me and told him to give me a better alternative. He then ignored me and put the ticket aside and called for the next passenger! He cooly told me to talk to his Arab manager as he is just a mere ticketing clerk. I approached his manager and the Arab manager started shouting at me even before I could explain the situation. I am not sure if they are not used to being told by a woman but the guy acted crazy. The entire connecting flight department was his personal kingdom and he wielded so much power that he could refuse to give me my connection ticket. I realized then that I was very lucky not to be born in such a country where the supposedly best airline treats passengers like ### after they step into the UAE. Woman beware that Emirates continue with the Arab tradition of treating women as second-classs citizen and it is better to take other airlines to be safe. Later, a pleasant customer service personnel told me that the manager in charge of ticketing operates the the place like a military camp and has received many complains from passengers.

broken seat

I travel on emirates and the seat back was broken and a piece of the seat structure was pushing in my lower back. There were no emty seaty on this flight and when we complained they replied that the flight on the date xxxx had 79 emty seat, we travel on a different date not the date they quoted on their reply and there were no emty seats to move to. The offered us extra airpoints to the value of $10 which we turned down as it was an insult. We asked them to confirm howmany emty seats there were on the day we travelled and they refused to answer any of our further emails.
They leave their customers very dissatisfied and I may take them to court just to make a point!

rude air hostess

I travelled with my 2 kids from san francisco to dubai on november 5th.
1. My little one is 26 months and requires a separate seat but the air hostess, ms. Jolema keeps ignoring her whenever food or drink is served or kids get some goodies like little bags. As soon as my older one gets something my little one would cry for one and when requested for another one, the hostess would give it with some reluctance.
2.In the night, she servedwater and juice to everyone. After about 15-20 minutes she was done serving and returned back to her station. Then I got a burp and requested her for some water. I was shocked at what she said. She was rude and said, 'you saw me serve water just now, why didn't you take it then. ' then with a big frown on her face she brought a cup of water and handed it to me (Almost dumped it in my hand).
3. My little one was sleeping and missed her meal time so I saved her food. She had her meal very late in the night and when she was done eating I picked up the plate and all the cups etc in one hand and my baby in the other and walked to the nearest station just 3 rows away to drop it off. I didn't want it sitting in the seat since it was in my daughter's way and she was meddling with it and making a mess. Ms. Jolema was in the station and rudely told me that I need to take it all the way to the back station and closed the curtain on my face.
I don't think such people need to work if they donot have the patience or interest to serve. Such people ruin the reputation of emirates.
I understand that they work long hours and are stressed out. But I disagree with the behaviour towrds customers. I was traveling with 2 little ones and was equally stressed out.

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online booking

27th october 2010 :
I tried to book a flight (Online) from germany to jakarta. I have filled all the mandatary fields on the online booking forms, and filled the credit card section, and as I tried to confirm it, it said : "session expired / time out". Notice : there was no warning or information from the site that I should call them at that moment.

Also, it means there should not been any transaction at all, because it said time out, and as a contract, both parties should get confirmations. (At least that is what I know about "transaction" and common sense).
And I did not get any confirmation from emirates for this booking whatsoever. (Even until today, 13 november 2010)
*i have checked trash/spam/mail from all my email adress, and there is no confirmation from emirates about this booking.

As nothing was sent and happened, I took it as there was never been any transaction between emirates and me, and I assumed emirates didnt charge my credit card.

On 9th november 2010 :
I got my monthly credit card invoice, and saw that there was a charge from with code em *****. I didnt even know what that was.

On 10th november 2010 :
I have contacted my credit card company and they give me information that it is for a flight I "booked" on 27th of october 2010. (Suppose to be the " timed out" one then!).

On 12th november 2010 :
I went to hamburg airport (Emirates office in hamburg) , and I was told that I should contact this email, because she couldnt help me further with this problem, but she did print out my booking. Now I have a print out of the booking (But just today).

Then I called the call center, a lady called "gaby" was trying to convince me that it was all my fault, that I didnt call them straight away after the "time out/session expired" of the online booking site, (She said I should have known, that its mandatory to call the airline when the online session is expired after I put my credit card data.
And then, she blamed me for not to call them 2 weeks ago or in october, but how I suppose to know when I havent got my credit card invoice yet?
So I told her to calm down, I was not attacking her, but it would be helpful if she could provide me some suggestion for solution, and her solution was : 200 euro as cancellation fee!

1. Emirates does not care if its system has failure,
2. Does not care to check or send payment confirmation (I assume there should have known if they draw money from someone´s credit card, and how hard is it to send confirmation of payment???
3. Seems that no one can help me to solve this matters even when its their system failure

But as customer "should have known the system and called in case of time out/session expired" but emirates doesn´t hesitate to ask me for 200€ to cancel the ticket.

I really need advice, please, anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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    mahatab Jan 11, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I am a senior flight manager with jet airways, this is to get to your notice about a cabin crew showed fake documents, with regards to a language bengali as she showed she knew, but she knows nothing about the language and the company is been cheated
    Hence i would like to take strict action againts the crew
    As, shes faked
    Mahatab macchiwala
    Pleas revert
    [email protected]

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dissatisfaction service

Sidoarjo november 10th, 2010

The managers of emirates airline,
Dubai, united arab emirates

Dear sirs/madams,

I am bagus sulistyo herewith willing to make complaint due to my flight back to indonesia on november 8th, 2010

I flew back to jakarta by ek 356 with the seat number 23 j. It was the first time for me to fly with the best airline in the united arab emirates. Seemed it was a dream came true but the thing was, everything ruined by the disappointments.

First it was started on the gate before boarding. The staff announced by the zone for the passenger to do boarding, but it didn’t work. So many passengers were trying to be as soon as possible boarding and the staffs were not able to stop it. Mine was zone f, but I was going at last till no more passengers left.

Secondly, another bad thing was, the cabin crew named im from korean was shouting to one of the passenger. I didn’t know what the trigger was. She was shouting one minute!!!Wait!!!Ok!!! Out loudly. Then I realized, the passenger didn’t understand english. She was only a maid who maybe just knows arabic. But why the staff didn’t use any gesture how to say wait by using arabic body language. At least the maid would understand. It is international flight and everybody has the same treatment because they pay for this service. Not a shout they get. It was so embarrassing that the good name of emirates ruined by the arrogant cabin crew.

Thirdly, there was a couple seemed that they were lebanese. They were sitting on 24 a and 24 b and next to them was a maid again on 24c. Arrogantly, the couple asked her not to sit next to them. Arrogantly they threw her blanket and pillow on her face when she already sat on 25d. The cabin crew knew it but they were pretending didn’t notice it. No apology no clarification. What is the difference between maid an master???.. It was just a matter of luck. Everybody is equal!!!

Forthly, again im, the korean was shouting…sit down!!!Sit!!! No word please to soften her command. It was because, just a couple of seconds before the plane totally taxiing, the passengers behind me already stood up. Wow!!, this was how the cabin crew was working to serve the passengers???

Before leaving the plane I asked her how long she has been working with the emirates, and she said just a year and it was the third time for her to fly to jakarta with the most common passengers were maids and she was failed to apply the high standard of customer service of emirates airline I think so so so sad. Very sad.

Fifthly, it was a funny, my baggage was left in dubai and that baggage was full of presents from my friend to his relatives and also my daily clothes. They waited for me and the parcel but the thing was, I didn’t get that baggage and they went home with the empty hands. It was quick response from the emirates, on the next day I got it back in my hometown, surabaya but in the other hand I had to spend some money to send the gift back to jakarta.

Well, anyway it happened and really gave me bad experience flying the emirates.

Thank you for reading my complaints and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback soon.

Warmest regards,

Bagus sulistyo

  • Sa
    satisha Nov 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The visit was useful. Content was really very informative.

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nightmare on emirates flights

Dear mam / sir,
Subject: nightmare on emirates flights ek 0515 and ek 0203
It has been 20 days since I flew to the us from india on emirates flights ek 0515 and ek 0203 and I feel that I am finally calm enough to write in to you and do my duty as a customer and give you my feedback. The emirates flights ek 0515 and ek 0203 where nothing short of a nightmare for me and my children. My ticket details are mentioned below
Delhi ek 0515 w 15oct 2150 we1yin1 15oct 15oct 2pc ok

Dubai ek 0203 w 16oct 0200 we1yin1 16oct 16oct 2pc ok
I was travelling to new york, usa with my two small children, age 4 and age 1 year 3 months. While I did not expect help the entire duration, I certainly expected basic service and good manners. I guess that was way too much to ask. Please find below exact situations as they occurred to both me as well as a few co-passengers.
1) on the flight from delhi to dubai, I was carrying my infant in one arm and my hand baggage in the other, I was struggling to put the baggage into the overhead compartment. The flight stewardess just stares politely at me waiting for me to finish the job on my own. Thank god a fellow passenger offered to help me.
2) it was the same while disembarking.
3) after dinner on the flight ek 0515, my daughter wanted to sleep, so I requested a stewardess as she was crossing me, if she could please clear the tray from my daughter’s table as it was difficult for me to move as my son was asleep on my lap. She said that she would do it in a bit and that I could do it myself if I wanted !!. I had to wake my son up so that I could move to put the tray on the ground.
4) on the flight from dubai to new york, I was in the middle aisle. There were four seats in the middle aisle, the two in the middle where occupied by my daughter and me, the other aisle seats were occupied by an indian gentleman and a lady from new york. My baby was on my lap. Even though I requested for it, no bassinet was provided on either flight.
5) despite trying to call the air hostess no one ever came.
6) i had to getup & ldquo;find” an airhostess and request them for hot water so that I could make some milk for my baby.
7) while offering food, I missed out on 2 meals because the airhostesses were not offering anything to anyone in the middle seats. I know because I actually observed them taking that quick trip down the aisle and ignoring the customers in the middle seats. I had to call them back and request for my food.
8) the gentleman next to me had his breakfast, he then wanted some water, when he called the air hostess and asked her for a glass her response was and I quote & ldquo;i asked you two times if you want water, you had juice, now you want water. Fine i’ll get you !!”. The gentleman was needless to say embarrassed.
9) as I mentioned I was travelling alone, so a trip to the washroom for the kids was tough enough. After giving up on any kind of help I took my daughter to the washroom, while carrying my baby in my arms. This steward comes up to me and proceeds to loudly & ldquo;scold” me. He said & ldquo;mam do you know that only 2 people are allowed into the bathroom” I responded that I was aware and that he needed to give me a solution and not state the problem. Again not listening he goes on & ldquo;are you aware that all of you will die if you go in together as there are only 2 masks inside”. Again I stated that I knew about the problem but he had to provide a solution. He then says & ldquo;why can’t you leave your baby with your husband?”. To which I informed him that I was travelling all alone and that no one responded even when I had hit the call button. Then finally he offered to hold my baby. Scared, my son went to him very reluctantly.In the washroom my daughter, now completely terrified, broke down telling me that & ldquo;the bad man said we were going to die”. When we came out I informed the steward that he had very efficiently terrified my daughter and that he needed to check what words he used and also to check his facts before he pounced on customers.
10) three hours before we reached new york, as finally both my children were asleep, I requested the airhostess if I could please have the immigration forms the i94 as it would be easier for me to fill while the kids were sleeping. I did not get any forms !! I got it two hours later, when both my kids where awake. Thankfully again, the lady sitting next to me, helped with my children while I quickly filled the forms up.
11) again a co-passenger helped me with my hand-baggage.
12) on arrival I found my stroller thrown next to the baggage area. My stroller was broken. The entire piece that fits into the front of the stroller, which serves as a table for my baby, was missing. I asked the help at the airport if they could locate it, but it was not to be found. I was way too tired and disgusted to even bother to stand in line to file a complaint.

I do not know if my words have done any justice to the way I felt and still feel about the service my co-passengers and I received on that flight. I have no idea how my daughter will react to the concept of flying again with as she puts it & ldquo;that bad man who told her that she will die”.

Mam / sir, I have been on several flights, but never have I ever received such horrendous service. It has been 17 days since I arrived here and I am only filled with dread about my flight back. But the only thing I can do is hope that some action is taken and when I eventually do fly back on the 31st of jan, I hope to find emirates have stewards and stewardesses who know what being a flight attendant is all about. Who will know how to treat their customers and aim for customer satisfaction if not customer delight. Who will know of the concept of & ldquo;service with a smile” and not walk around with smug looks on their faces afraid to do anything, god forbid they may break a nail !! I seriously hope that you will look into this matter and do the needful before this matter escalates and goes out of control.

Rather than just walking away, I have decided, this time, to be a customer who makes the effort to actually give feedback. I believe in second chances and so whatever the experience, I will definitely write in again once I fly back to india. So I sincerely hope that you do what is required and my feedback is, I hope, as you put it & ldquo;valued feedback”.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs shirene sethi

  • An
    Anil Mirchandani Aug 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was traveling on Emirates EK506 on August 12, 2012 from Dubai to Mumbai on Business Class, however the Air conditioners was not functional thought the flight (the temperature was 29-30 Deg) and it felt that I was traveling in a street taxi in Mumbai, after several complains I was told that this would be taken up with the senior members. I has requested the Company to refund me the complete Airfare back or re issue me a business class ticket, however till date there is no response in return from the company. This is a really appalling service from an Airline of high repute.

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emirates best price claim is false

Emirates proudly announces best price claim policy (Or fallacy) , according to which if you find a better price from 3rd party in comparison to emirates online website, they will refund the difference if it is higher than & pound;5.00 per ticket. After I showed all the proofs, they denied saying that the 3rd party charges extra money on visa card, hence the difference is less than & pound;5 per ticket and no need to refund me. However, the surcharge applies only visa credit card, but do not apply to visa debit card. I reminded them that even emirates apply surcharge to visa credit card and told them that I paid using debit card. They stopped responding my e-mails. Their customer service is the worst and lacks any professionalism. I will never travel on emirates again.

  • Ra
    RALC Nov 02, 2013

    I got a mail from Emirates - special fares, which I booked. Immediately after that I found on a site the same ticked 57 Euro's cheaper. Filled in the best price claim form - only got confirmation many hours later. Then they claim I sent in the claim a day later - even though in their time zone the reply was sent 2 AM - and I cannot reply to this mail in order to send the screen shot with a clock and date on it, which I saved on my computer.
    I will proceed with this - as I do not have a false claim and I have jumped all their hoops.

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mistreatment of old people

Dear sir or madam,
My family members arrived from India.His passport no -f1661035 and his name is Mukardam Ahmed Umerjee his date of birth is 08/03/1942 other passenger name is mukardam zubeda ahmed, her passport no-g8889015 and date of birth 15/12/1943.
I am writing a complaint on behalf of the above two passengers. Their original flight was booked on 5th oct flight time 0745. They had a boarding pass for this flight and arrived 1 hour prior to the flight. They were rejected from this flight on the basis that it was full. They were then given a second flight where they had to travel separately in 2 different flights. consisdering there age and there lack of english they were not treated in the right manner and were taken advantage of. They were then put onto a third flight which they were told they would be seated on the same flight. for them to accept that flight they were fined £100 for no apparent reason.
This is unacceptable and a mistake of emirates staff who did not treat them well. YOU overbooked the flight and then gave the passengers a very hard time. Also on the 3rd flight that they travelled on the service was terrible. They were not given food or any other services. Due to this they are now very ill and distressed. I am not happy with this service by emirates. Me and my extended family have used emirates airlines in the past and we have been more than happy with the service provided. So i am extremely disappointed and upset that there were flights available from india to the uk which were cheaper but due to emirates good service which i ahve experievenced previously i was more than happy to pay extra for my parents to be booked on an emirates flight.
Due to all these flight changes i had made my journey to collect them from heathrow at the arrival time of the original flight. I had travelled 125 miles to collect them and they were not on the flight and by the time they had contacted me to explain what happened they were still not able to give me an exact arrival time. i had spent 7 hours waiting for them for which i had to take out car parking cost and fuel cost. i then returened back to leicester due to me having to start work at 9:00pm. I then had to arrange for a family friend to go back to heathrow from leicester to collect my parents fpor which i paid the fuel cost. And this was all becasue of bad customer service from staff representing emirates.
I would be grateful if you could look into this incident and give me an explanation as to why this occured.If not for my benefit but so that is does not happen to anyone in the future. I have been extemely calm and polite about this situation. it has cost me an extra £300 because of the fines and fuel cost and time involved. Im a working class individual and i have never cheated anyone. but this time i feel that i have been cheated on by emirates staff.
I would like this matter resolved urgently and i want you to cover these extra expenses which i had to pay because of incorrect practice from emirates staff.

yours faithfully,

  • Re
    Realistic_Reader Apr 04, 2012

    They arrived 1 hour before the flight? I think anyone knows when travelling internationally that 1hr before is too late for check-in.

    The other issues I might agree with but the original situation was the fault of your family, not of the airline. If passengers "no show" for a flight the airline is within the Terms & Conditions to give those seats to Standby passengers. Technically speaking, many airlines have a forfeiture clause which normally means passengers who turn up late give up any ticket paid for. So for them to re-book on same ticket (with fee) rather than say "too bad" is actually more than the T&Cs says they must do.

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inflight duty free

Currency rip-off! Do not buy duty free products on emirates as they make a huge margin on their exchange...


Dear Emirates airline management:
I am Dr. M. Mazen Taji
I would like to report to you the lack of safety on board of your aircraft.
I was on board of the flight EK 912 coming from Damascus to Dubai on October 11, 2010 left from Damascus at 11.10 am and arrived Dubai at 1510 hrs.
I was setting in the seat # 39 F.
During the landing in Dubai and when the aircraft touched the land, all of sudden, I was surprised with the seat back of seat beside me # 39 E (which was vacant) falling down with a heavy cardboard box behind it, the seat back and the box were heavy enough to break the back of any possible passenger could be available there.
As an evidence I took many photos by my mobile phone and you can see it in the attached file.
FYI no one of the air hostess interfered to do any action or even to say after the craft stopped that this will be reported to the administration and we are sorry for the incident.
FYI the service offered from Emirates air staff in Damascus airport was too much below standard and I had a friction with them, I would not make the story long by telling you the incident there but ready to give you details if you ask for it.
FYI the Emirates airline in the line of DXB - Damascus has declining reputation in terms of inside condition of the air crafts and service during the trip and now we have an issue with safety of the passengers.
I traveled so many times with Emirates to Europe and I find a huge gap between the standard of middle east lines and European lines. I feel bad for that, I hope I will get prompt answer before sending the photos to another people.
Dr. M. Mazen Taji
mobile [protected]


  • Mo
    mohammed habeeb bakkalli Nov 03, 2012

    My name is Mohammad habeeb EK-24322681 I have travelled on 2nov2012 morning flight from Dubai JNB I had a connecting flight in next 30min south African express, I have been told its to early for Ur baggage to be boarded as they haveen't received it from emirates, , 2day from morning I have been colling all emirates phone numbers where I get to know abt baggage claim now ppl don't spell there names I have called 10times and yet they say will put in next available flight now I don't understand if thy give one name if I ask for same name thy just say there is no one with that name now the last lady I spoke was pinky, , don't know how true is that I preferred traveling with emirates for like 10years now and I believe I was wrong abt how professional they work, , I guess they gonna loos a very loyal customer, ,

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stolen items from check-in baggage

On an international flight from dhaka, bangladesh to new york, ny, several items totalling $1431.00 were stolen from my check-in baggage. Emirates airlines sent me on a wild goose chase trying to recieve payment for my stolen goods. To this day, they deny any responsibility for my claim and state that I did not follow the appropriate guidelines for filing a complaint.In reality, they sent me from hotline to hotline (Aka: a number that is never picked up and leads you directly to a voicemail box. You can leave a message, but understand they will never return your call). I am not the only individual whom they have done this to.

seat allocation

I was the fourth economy class passenger to checkin on a 777 travelling from sydney to bangkok. I requested an aisle seat prior to an allocation being made.

I was told that I was allocated a window (For my wife) and a middle seat. Furthermore I was told the aircraft was not full and was likely to have a row to ourselves.

There were spare seats, but we had another passenger allocated the aisle seat on our row. This prevented me moving myself in the early stages, amd as with an overnight flight, other passengers with spare seats immediately occupy them for their own sleeping arrangements. I was thus locked into a middle seat for 12 hour journey.

My problem is I have had a knee operation and after a time sitting I need to stand up and move a bit to save my knees from giving me problems later.

As it turns out, I am struggling around the next day due to pains in my knees.

I am very unhappy about the checkin for emirates at sydney airport, no doubt only one employee.

I am a frequent traveller, tavelling from either papua new guinea, where I work, or australia which I visit on an average of every three weeks, this one event has lost me to emirates,

boarding pass

I was travelling to dhaka from london via dubai on 3rd october 2010 on ek 006 at 22.15. My flight numbers were ek 006 (3rd oct) and ek 586 (4th oct. ) respectively. I had made my bookings before I left dhaka on 26th september. Both sectors had been upgraded to business class with my skywards miles. Emirates had sent me my e-ticket the day before I was supposed to fly back to dhaka. I am a frequent flyer no [protected] and a gold member. Whenever possible I try to fly emirates.
On check-in at heathrow, I was told that I did not have any booking for dubai - dhaka sector as the boarding card had been issued to someone else with my surname (Azad). I really wonder how this was possible? There are the first name/s, title, ticket number, passport number, pnr etc to consider. When I asked where this had happened I was told it was & lsquo;in some other station’.
I had to wait for more than an hour before this could be resolved, leading to uncalled for anxiety and uncertainty. The agents dealing with the situation were not very helpful, either, and at times downright rude (Using terms like & lsquo;butt off’) ! I appreciate that they were trying to sort things out, but perhaps this is not the right way to do it!!
I wonder if your esteemed organization could look into the matter and ensure this kind of problem does not recur. However, the website for complaints does not look encouraging!
In today’s security conscious world, such incidents, where mix-ups with names are involved, can blow out of proportions!
I would request you to please take into consideration the passenger’s feelings when s/he arrives at the airport, sanguine that s/he has a confirmed seat, but is told otherwise!!
Hoping to get an early response
Kishwar azad
(Prof dr. Mrs kishwar azad)

abuse and misbehavior by ground satff

I am writing about an incident which has had a serious psychological impact on me and my family. On Friday night, I went to Narita airport in Tokyo, to see off my bother-in-law and his wife who were flying from Narita airport via Dubai by the Emirates airlines. At the check-in gate, it was pointed out by the staff that the hand luggage seemed to be over-weight. For your information it was a cabin-size approved beige wheeled case. The check-in counter staff (who were apparently JAL staff, managed by Mrs...) weighted the luggage and stated that it was over the 7Kg allowed for cabin bags by EK. They asked the passenger to either pay for the extra weight of the hand luggage or make it lighter, as it would not suit the cabin in that state. They also pointed out that the luggage maybe slightly oversized. As the accompanying person and a frequent-flyer of several world-class airliners including EK, I suggested to resolve the problem by making the hand luggage o lighter by removing unnecessary items that we would send for the young couple by post later. This was agreed by the passengers, so we left the counter and opened the luggage, removed a few heavy weight fragile items, which freed up some more space allowing us to zip-up the one layer of the luggage, making it smaller, suitable as a compact and light wheeled cabin-size case.
So, we said goodbye to our guests and made sure that they could pass the security safely and reach the boarding gate safely.
We went back to the parking lot with my father (77-year old who had just came in from Dubai), my wife and another friend. After I we left the parking in car and entered Higashi-kanto expressway ramp (right at Narita terminal 2 parking exit), my wife's cell phone rang.
After a few words with the unknown caller, my wife asked me to stop the car, as apparently she was stopped by the airport staff at the boarding gate. She said that the staff had stopped her at the gate and that we had better go back to the terminal, as she was desperate and severely distressed at the boarding gate. She was disallowed to board the airplane, and the plane was scheduled to depart in a few minutes (maybe 10 minutes).
By the way, this was a really bad situation, as we had all panicked ourselves due to the phone call, and I had no way to go back to the airport to help my in-laws, who did not speak any Japanese. I asked two policemen on the highway ramp to help us go reverse, back into Narita airport, and they kindly accepted our request for help.
A few minutes later, me, my wife and another friend were back at the EK check-in counter asking what had happened. The staff tried to explain that apparently their luggage was overweight. They pointed out that they had already warned us about the luggage being heavy for the cabin, and that they stopped the passenger as we had disregarded their instruction on the "beige" wheeled case. This was not true, since as I explained, we did remove heavy items from that bag and retract the layers to adjust the size. I was really surprised at this point, and suggested that no matter how much this would cost, I would like EK to charge my credit card as much as they like, but let the passenger and the luggage pass through, as their personal items and souvenirs remaining in Japan would make further trouble for us too.
It was very unfortunate that at this time, Mr. M Y, the airport services agent of Emirates in Narita airport, showed very bad manner calling those passengers "warui okakusan" 悪いお客さんor "bad customer", which is considered abusive and vulgar in the Japanese culture. He also rejected to explain the reason why the passengers were treated in that way, and basically treated inappropriately in response to our question. We asked him to write down a report explaining his misbehavior and inappropriate language to be presented to Emirates authorities, but he rejected to write anything down. Our friend was able to record a part of our conversation with Mr. Y, which can be presented if necessary.
I was about to lose my temper at this point, practically crying out my utter disappointment with EK and its ground staff at Narita, for their abusive treatment and handling of the matter.
Finally, when the aircraft had departed already, the luggage in question arrived back at the counter. To everyone's surprise, this was NOT the beige case, but her cabin-size approved blue case, which had been with her during check-in at the counter and passed security and other steps with no mention, what-so-ever, from the check-in or security staff.
I did not want to argue anymore with the staff there, so I asked for their business cards and took the luggage heading home. Now, I am complaining to you with specific points and questions, and expect explanation and formal apology from your airline, and compensation for our guests whose items have remained in Japan, and had a terrible feeling all the way on-board. This event was really unexpected, and I hope that I won't regret my excitement from Emirates flying into Narita and recommending Emirates to at least 5 members of my family and friends for this summer vacation.
The points
1- We agree that the cabin-size blue case was slightly overweight, but absolutely not oversized. If Emirates was so concerned with the blue hand baggage, why there was no warning by anyone prior to boarding the aircraft? Was it not their responsibility? The hand luggage was with the passenger during the check-in and security, how do I believe that the abuse was not intentional?
2- Imagine that two passengers, choosing Emirates out of at least five other carriers on the route, are present at the gate to board the aircraft just a few minutes before scheduled departure on the beginning of a 20-hour long journey, with a hand bag a few kilograms over the allowance, because of important fragile items that they preferred not to check-in. How should a world-class air-line act at this point? As per my years of experience with several world airlines, including Emirates, this should not cause so many problems. In one case, when the hand bag was too large, it was transferred as a check-in bag and usually, the cabin crew were kind enough to accommodate the bag in the cabin. How does Emirates train its staff to deal with such situations? Was the way Emirates handled our case an appropriate reaction in its authorities’ opinion?
3- I insist that a paying customer expecting a good service and respect cannot be called a "bad customer". However, if it is your airline's policy to abuse and discriminate against some passengers and insult their accompanying people in any case, I guess you have to publicly announce the policy, especially in Japan, so that those customers for whom respectfulness is a value, would avoid using your services. I would like to believe this was not the case, and hope to hear that your airline does not approve the airport services agent’s language and behavior.
I hope to hear from you with a reasonable explanation, and resolution that can at least partly mend the psychological damage your airline has caused to me and my family, and restore your reputation as a "good airline" in my eyes. I write this to you as the first step in hope to settle the matter as soon as possible, before taking any further actions.

Emirates response:
I am sorry that your guests, were unable to take their hand baggage on board their flight EK319 from Narita to Dubai. I wish to take this opportunity to advise you of our policy on hand baggage.
Economy class passengers are allowed to carry one item of baggage into the aircraft cabin. The total dimensions of this bag must not exceed 22 x 15 x 8 inches nor weigh more than 7 kgs, and it must fit either under the passenger’s seat or in the overhead stowage lockers. Safety of passengers is of paramount importance, and oversized or overweight cabin baggage will not be allowed in the aircraft cabin and will be placed in the aircraft hold. It is potentially dangerous if an overhead locker is opened and a heavy bag falls on a passenger. Serious injury can result from such accidents. In most airports, the screening of hand baggage size and weight is conducted at check-in, then at security, and lastly upon boarding to ensure the above mandatory regulation is adhered to.
A report from our Airport Services Manager in Narita confirms that she had already checked in 29 kgs, against her free baggage allowance of 30 kgs, therefore, the staff offered her the choice of leaving the excess baggage behind or pay the applicable excess baggage fee. I am sure you can appreciate that the staff never intended to embarrass you or your guests but to strictly abide by the hand baggage policy for our passenger’s safety on board. Nevertheless, I can assure you that such behaviour and rudeness of staff members is not tolerated and that we take a serious view of such incidents. We expect our staff members to always deal with passengers in a friendly and professional manner, which you, as our customer, have every right to expect. Furthermore, Emirates does not discriminate against any race or people. We are a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic based company and this is where much of our success lies. The Airport Services Manager in Narita has been informed of this incident and will take steps with the relevant staff member to ensure that such a thing does not happen again. May I take this opportunity to assure you that Emirates is constantly working to improve and rectify these aspects of our service. The performance of staff is something we can change internally, based on such feedback. I am sorry that we did not live up to your expectations on this occasion and ask that you give us another chance to demonstrate our service commitment.

Our response:
It is to some extent relieving to hear that your company does not approve the way this case was handled and the behavior of some of the people involved. I understand the safety concerns about heavy objects
placed in the overhead compartments. Indeed, I was ready to pay for any excess or as I said in front of the check-in counter "buy a one-way ticket just for the luggage", but make sure that our guests would go home with their items accompanying them. Unfortunately, it was too late and the airplane was already on the runway. Moreover, taking into account the misbehavior of the aforesaid agent, the passenger had panicked so badly at the departure gate and therefore, I believe she was even unable to make the right choice by removing some objects from the luggage and/or pay for the applicable excess baggage fees. As I wrote previously, she seemed to be distressed while asking for help on the phone. By the way, I deeply hope that in addition to the promise of taking such incidents seriously, Emirates would prove its commitment by
delivering these items to its owner, or indirectly compensating for the delivery charges incurred there. Certainly, it's a comparatively small expectation, but would make a positive impact.

Once again, I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with our ground staff in Narita who did not provide any flexibility with her excess baggage.
Additionally, all feedback is investigated, responded to, with the information added to our information database, and any changes/amendments to be made to procedures are based on such feedback.
It is never our practice to make any one individual feel less important than another, or if their actions or lack of service has resulted in feeling that way, then this was not our intention. I regret that we are unable to entertain your request for delivering the excess bag, which was left behind, or compensation on this occasion. I regret our response cannot be more favourable on this occasion.
Thank you, once again for writing and for giving me this opportunity to reiterate our position.

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    Frequent fly Apr 30, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In response to Emirates reply to this gentleman's concerns. Emirates "words are cheap", and from our own on going treatment/lack or response/replies. I will never allow my daughter to fly with Emirates again.
    Trauma this gentleman feels doesn't go away with words. Shame on Emirates

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    SANKARASUBBU Jun 09, 2013
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    Verified customer

    While registering with to activate membership, how can rectify the unspecified error i.e the message appeared as an error occured your request being processed. My email id is [email protected] kindly send reply. My membership no. is EK361362783

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large fine to change surname

Dear sir / madam,

My husband recently made a booking with emirates to fly to australia via dubai. He entered my married surname instead of my maiden surname on the booking. My passport is still under my maiden name.
Nevertheless, we have all the documents including the original australian marriage certificate, australian driving license which is under my married surname and other banking information to prove my identity.

Now, we needed to cancel/re-issue our booking and pay the fine of 200 pounds!!

It is absolutely ludicrous that you have to erase the whole booking in order to amend or perhaps add a small note to the booking.

What do you think?? Do you think it is unfair to charge such a large sum?

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    sam1980 Oct 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is ridiculous. Are you implying that they may be illiterate? I have the original marriage certificate - which by the way can be checked out very quickly. By the way excuse got from Emirates that Australia won't let me thought!! Absolutely rubbish - especially if the certificate itself is Australian. Not to mention all other supporting documents should this even be an issue.

    Now, lets consider that you have a valid point. But WHY charge 200 pounds! Don't you think that it is little too much? You cannot justify 200 pounds to amend the booking in this situation!!

    Also, what happened to customer service. I shall NEVER EVER do any business with Emirates as not only they have been unhelpful but also rather rude. They provided not even slight tone of empathy. Emirates customer service is mind boggling - they should tape their employees and get outsiders to rate it!! If you don't believe me phone Australian Quantas and try to complain or even make a booking and you will know what I am referring to!

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    sam1980 Oct 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also, Apparently BA changes 25 pounds for this same situation!!

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lost baggage

Dear sir

I lost my baggage and got it back.
However, someone opened my baggage and took some items.
And I reported it to your staff (Mr. Hamza) in dammam airport.

He said 1month ago the items are in dubai airport.
I have tried to call mr. Hamza 100 times this week.

It is obvious that he is avoiding my call.
I checked the baggage service center next to hamza’s office.
They said mr. Hamza was in the office.
But nobody took my phone.

I need to get my ###ing I pod back.

Your company service is worst in the world!!!

Return my ###ing I pod!!!

I will put all conversations with mr. Hamza in youtube!!!

========this is what I faxed to hamza 16/august=============

Tel : [protected]
Fax : [protected]

To : emirate airline dammam airport manager (883 7861 / mr. Hamza)
From : akiko, ueda (Park, sunghwan)
Subject : missing articles

Reference : bahek40382

This is park, sunghwan who is akiko’s husband.
Today, I got my missing baggage in dammam airport.
When I checked my baggage, it was already opened by someone.
There were no locks (2locks) on the baggage.

There were also missing items inside.
It is obvious that someone took them.

1. Ipod touch : value (Sr1, 493)
2. Ipod nano : value (Sr749)


Please check it and let me know the reason.

Please use e-mail : [protected]

double ticketing

I purchased ticket from maharaja travel inc. At 36-09 main st. Suite c1, flushing, ny 11354 to travel to india and back. I paid a check to their bank of america account ([protected]) at ny. On july 7th. As per my travel agents direction I printed my e-ticket receipt & itineary [protected]) from emirates website. On july 8th. Emirates check in counter clerk at sfo airport viewed my e-ticket receipt & itineary and issued me two boarding passes, from sfo to dxb, etkt [protected] and on 10 jul from dxb to ccu, etkt [protected]. Going and coming back are confirmed by the emirates check in clerk at sfo. Booking reference d6y7xj.
On 10 aug, at ccu an emirates employee told me 30 minutes before the departure time (Though I checked in 2 hrs. Early) that my e-ticket is not valid anymore and there is problem with credit card payment by the travel agent and I have to pay full price again to board the flight and return to sfo. I argued with the emirates agent at ccu that my e-ticket was valid on 8 july and emirates issued me boarding passes to leave the counry and confirmed my return flight. Why emirates didn't stop me at sfo on 8 july? I could contact maharaja travel inc. Then and resolve the dispute. I have only 30 minutes left to catch the ek 571 flight, and you are telling me just before the departure time, I can't contact maharaja travels now from the airport (It's 10:00 pm at new york). I was completely helpless at the airport, can't miss the flight. I am already in india, if there is a payment dispute from maharaja travels, I am willing to pay ccu to sfo one way fair now and after arriving usa, will settle the issue. But the emirates lady agent didn't help me and insisted to pay the full price to board the flight. I used my credit card and paid $2131.32 to emirates airlines to get my boarding passes. At dubai, I contacted the authority and asked them if e-ticket was not valid then why emirates airlines let me leave the sfo and issued me boarding passes? I never got a reasonable answer from them. I cant pay twice for the same trip. I want my monet back from emirates airlines, because that let me leave sfo after checking the e-ticket which I printed from their website.

Debasis malakar

flight cancelled ek212 until next day

Passenger reference number bsanjf flight ek212 flight cancelled until next day My mum travel 08-04-2010...

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