Emirates Airlinesextremely bad organisation of flights


I want to use his opportunity to share my complaints with regards to my recent flights with emirates airlines.

I am quite a frequent flyer to dubai as my fiancé is currently living in dubai. I have flown with various airlines and about four weeks ago I had my first emirates experience and what a big disappointment it was…

On 18 june 2010 I was on my way to london where my fiancé and I was starting our month long travel around europe. I was booked on the emirates flight ek771 from cape town to dubai and from there I was suppose to meet up with my fiancé and fly to london (Gatwick) on flight ek15.In cape town we were suppose to depart 18:10, but the flight kept on being delayed and round about 20:00 the flight was cancelled without any explanation. Until today I am still not sure what the real reason was for cancelling our flight. We were sitting until 22:00 when eventually some people gave us directions on how to go about from there.

On 19 june 2010 we went back to the airport to re-book our flights. We stood in a queue for almost three hours before I received any assistance regarding the re-booking of my flights. When I re-booked my flights the lady at the counter refused to re-book my window seat (That I have booked two months in advanced) and said I have to take whatever she gives me because everyone has a problem. I suffer from clausterphobia and need to have a window beside me to look outside and for this reason I had my seats booked two months in advance in order to ensure that I have a window seat on all my flights. With much trouble I got my seats re-booked.

I booked my flights in such a way that my stopover in dubai will be of minimum wait so that my fiancé and I can get to london as quickly as possible. With the cancellation and re-booking of my flights I missed my connection flight to london with my fiancé and end up having a six hour waiting period in dubai before my next flight to london.

While I was waiting in dubai airport (Terminal 3) I couldn’t seem to find a flight from dubai to london (Gatwick) on the departure boards in the terminal. When I asked for further assistance at one of the help information desks, the lady said to me that I am not going to london (Gatwick) but I am booked for arriving in london (Heathrow). I was originally booked to land in london (Gatwick) and therefore assumed that my re-booked flights will be the same as my original booking. They never told me they changed my destination!!! I paid a train ticket in advance that was suppose to take me from gatwick airport into london central where I arranged with people to come and pick me up. I couldn’t use my already paid train ticket and had to pay another train ticket from heathrow airport to take me into london central.

When I was on my way back to cape town on 14 july 2010 on flight ek10, I thought that everything will be fine. We boarded on time, but end up waiting two hours on the aircraft because there was something wrong with the petrol tanks. This means that I was going to miss my connection in dubai to cape town and have to re-book my flights again!! When I went to the emirates desk to re-book my flights I was booked on emirates flight ek763 from dubai to johannesburg and from there I was suppose to connect on flight ba6431 to cape town. The lady that helped me promised me that I have window seats on all my flights, but it ended up not being true and on some of the flights I had to sit in the middle seat. What was worse is that no one told me that I had to claim my luggage in johannesburg as I booked my luggage in for long transfer directly to cape town in london (Gatwick). I nearly left my luggage in johannesburg!! I booked my flights back to cape town in such a way that I can get enough rest before I had to work the next morning, but ended up arriving late that night in cape town and then had to travel back to my house and work the next morning.

I understand that some of the events are out of emirates control, but I really do feel it is necessary to bring this to their attention so that they can possibly give attention to the improvement of your flight organization and arrangements for future flyers with emirates airlines.

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