eLoans of CAnon delivery of loan


This comit will not go through.any did not transfer the loan amount to me. I have been working with for 3 Days and after every time I complied they c'll eft the office without telling me that Iome up with new charges. First to show that I can pay I was ask to pay half of monthly loan payment. And then $ 100 to process the loan. Then they tell me they are not able to wire my money into my account whIch is pure bs so they suggested western union. I sent $218 for the fee only to be canceled bec no one called to verify my name before sending it. I was asked again to send another $218 which was added to the loan amount. I thought everything was ok they held it bec I am supposed to pay for transfer tax from ca to nj which i was told they dont charge but for some reasons they pick me. When I complied i was told after i called the office at 830 pm, that the western union office is close at 530 pm ca time and worse the person I am dealing with left the office and not tell me that no loan will be sent and i have to wait until monday to get my money. So beware do not make a mistake of dealing with this company. I am now in the orocess of getting my money back. I will update when i call them on monday.

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