eLoan.comloan scam and fraud

A Review updated:

The company got me for about 125, then 278.69, then for 278.59. They then went after another 500 when I stopped. This is how it all went down as I thought at 1st all this is legitimate, but it isn't just all a Scam and Fraudulent.

Not sure how I managed to get involved in this but all I wanted was a simple 2000 low interest loan to help move my girl friend here from New York. Now I don't have anything left to make this happen because of these Crooks swindled me from my money and I am so desperate now. It is very bad situation.

They contacted me and said I was approved for a 2000 low interest loan and needed me to go to get a vanilla card from the CVS store. The had very deep Indian voices. I thought it all was legitimate man was I fooled.

1st they said to go get the 125 dollar vanilla reload card and give that to them so they could deposit my money. For some reason they couldn't get it in the bank account so now they wanted to go get a vanilla reload card for 278.69 so they could do a Western Union wire transfer. Then the told me I had made a mistake and the amount should have been for 278.59 and this has caused there company a grave error and acted like I made the mistake and that it would require another vanilla reload card to correct this then the money could be released western union and I would get back all that money for the 125+278.69+2000.00 loan.

Next I did that so now I am in up to my eyeballs, I have borrowed money from my daughter and boss even to do all this. I have spent so far 125+278.69+278.59 = 682.28 and still don't have the loan. Now they tell me last step will be to give them 478.59 and that will cover the taxes of the loan and the money will at last be released to me. I finally said nope no more and told them they were a scam and fraud and I was going to report them which I have now to numerous agency's. Please don't fall into any this traps it is all bogus online fraud, wire fraud and online scam. These people should all be arestted and put in jail.


  • Je
    Jenny Stiles Jul 17, 2014

    The same thing just happened to me.. OMG i cant believe it. I wanna cry so bad

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  • Je
    Jenny Stiles Jul 17, 2014

    I wish i would of read this first .. It sounded too good to be true

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  • Di
    Diamond1990 Apr 29, 2016

    Somebody called me from Eloan and said I was approved for a 5000 loan (Remind You I never field out a loan App) so I just decide to go along to see if I really get it, so then he stated that my credit score was very low and I need to send in 200$ On a money pack for a verification to make sure I have the money to pay the loan back. I said no thank you because I know my credit is good I just got a platinum card with a 5000 spending limit. So I said no thank you, because you never suppose to send money in for a loan. The point of the loan is to help with finical situation. So then he hung up and called back with a different name and said I was approved for a 10, 000 loan and I said no because I'm not sending no money to y'all for no loan because it's a SCAM. So with that being said something needs to be done about these People trying to scam people that's less fortunate out their money.! The number they called me from is from Illinoise 312 239 0866 Smh these people need to burn in HELL.! Don't be a Victim to this SCAM.! Please do ur Reseacrch before u give people money.

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  • Ka
    Katielove Aug 28, 2017

    The same thing happened to me with loans wallets. They have $7, 589 of my money that I paid in fees in order to get the loan that I didn't get. They won't release my $7, 589 unless I pay them another $150 to have the check which is probably fraudulent anyway FedEx to me so that I may use the money to pay my bills that I couldn't pay while I was paying their fees. Loans wallet is part of easy payday loans so be careful they're scammers.

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  • Er
    Erica Elmore Jul 19, 2018

    I sent $150 cash to raymond bryant, at walamart money gram. raymond bryant picked up the money. called me a hour later said my $5, 000 was ready to be sent, but I would need to resend another transaction of $150 cause to get the red flag removed and receive my money. I told them I would not send them another dime, until they sent atleast half my loan. they said they would not refund my money and when I had more money to send them they would complete my loan. I said cancer the loan and please just send me the money I already paid u. the man hung the phone up on me. please someone help me, I needed this loan. my email address is, [email protected]

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