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On january 28, 2014, i was called by elaon agent james brown (With an indian accent) saying i was approved for a personal loan of 2000$ which i could pay in 3 years. Since i have been applying for a loan several companies have been calling me. This time this supposedly mr. Brown told me i would be refunded the verification and documentation fee so i went to purchase the moneypak card to show that i am willing to get the loan. I put 150 $ into that moneypak card and gave him the code to the card. He then told me that i am getting the loan and i have to check my account in 10 minutes. Later i told him no money was transferred to my account. He came back and said the loan was blocked by a so called central investigation department. Reason the loan was being blocked because i have another loan from a payday loan, which i acknowledged. I proceeded to tell them i have a loan with lend for 250$ which is due on the 8th of february. This man in this department named frank wilson said that i have to pay that loan even if it is not due so i can get the loan. So i went to get another moneypak loading it with 286$ which is the amount i have to pay lend up.
When all said and done mr. Wilson said i had another loan that is 343 $ and he cannot release the money. I asked him what company do i owe that money. He proceeded to tell me he cannot tell me and would not tell me. I told him i do not know of any other
Loan and i started to cry because i used my rent money to get those moneypaks. He then scolded me and said would my crying bring me the money? Mr. James brown also wants me to pay the 343$ which i said i do not know about. If they could tell me the company and when i go the loan, which they would not tell me. These are the numbers used to call me [protected] james brown and [protected] frank wilson.
How will i recover my money totaling 436 $ plus 9. 90 for the cost of the moneypaks. ?
How do you stop these people from victimizing others?


  • Hp
    HPD mannyr May 02, 2018

    Kevin Zapata was te name of my loan consultant..Anyone know where to go to file legal action.pleas advise.

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  • Ro
    Robert Jack Jun 22, 2015

    Yeah they tried that with me, E-Loans, but I knew that you never send money upfront to get a loan, so I replied to them that I was notifying The FBI because they sent it to my work email which is a government contractor's email.

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  • Ma
    mad loan Jul 31, 2013

    i apply for a short term loan give then 450. and then 2 hrs latel call me back and said they need another 500. i took then no sonow they going to go into by bank acct and try to get 900. i withdrawn persmissin i told the company to canc the loan

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  • Ch
    Chkmateto2 Mar 24, 2014

    If anyone on this site has been scammed by ELoan please send me a message. Thank you.

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  • Mi
    michelleninaj Dec 20, 2014

    I was on the phone with these guys when something told me to Google their company name. This whole article came up so I asked Mr. Steven James, an Indian man with a deep voice about it, and he gave me some lip service about how they can't please all customers. I'm so sorry this has happened to you all, but you helped keep it from happening to me. I'm going to do everything in my power to report these people.

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  • Gi
    Giorgio Maro Oct 04, 2014

    This scam run by eLoan, I step in one from Clientele Finance - Steven H. Price. I lost R 20 000. In payments to obtain a loan, every time they got another excuse. First the contract stated a once of payment when they came with another, I cancelled the contract and then
    they want a R3000. to give back my money.. A Mr Richard Morgan was my loan consultant

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  • Jm
    jmcinnis Oct 04, 2014

    I just had that same Issue. I was contacted by eloans said I was approved for a 3000 loan I got a moneypak for 198 then a second one he told me to get for 219.50 once I get the last one I contacted Bryan thomas back gave him the numbers. Then he Said that it was a hold because I had got the wrong amount and that he still couldnt release the funds that I would need to get another moneyPak for 300. I finally told him that no this is a scam n that he would pay for this. He told me that I would get all the money that I put in and plus the loan back. I really wish I would have read these comments first

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  • Go
    gotradovec May 30, 2014

    I fell victim to this group also. I dealt with a person by the name of Dominic, and he said that I was approved for a 5000 dollar loan. What I needed to do was get a money pak re-loadable card for 99.00. After I got the card I spoke with a loan officer and he took the pin number. After waiting for twenty minutes, the loan officer told me that the wire transfer was not approved and that he would send the loan money through western union. All I would need to do was pay half of the western union fees for the transfer. My portion would be 279. Dollars. I told them I did not have that much money, and after arguing with them they tried to lower it to 235 dollars. I said that I did not have the money and I told them they can give me my 99 dollars back. The said it will take 45 days and they would need to take the loan processing fee out. Then in 45 days I will get 35.50 back. Then after that, all of a sudden my calls began getting dropped. I called them twice and then my calls would go just to voice mail. I was able to get some information from them though. The loan officer I spoke to said his name was Jonathan Smith, and his companies physical address is 9600 W Maro Drive, Rosemont IL 60018. His employee number is el5038. Fed Tax ID number is 56037246 And there loan license number is 6037246.
    Chmateto2 if you are serious about the class action suit you can include me.

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  • Ch
    Chkmateto2 Mar 24, 2014

    Anyone who has dealt with this company please contact me on this site. I would like to get a Class Action Suit filed against this Company. As much as I hate to admit it I too was the victim of their scam.

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  • Gi
    Giorgio Maro Feb 11, 2014

    I have a similar experience, but with a South Africa based company operated under LIberty Finance service involving Barclayes Group as reference in London, I was told to pay 300GBP for secure the loan, When a further 500GBP was required, I cancel the loan agreement, had to wait 60 days and then a was informed to pay R 3000.00 to enable me to get my money back. I refused and all communication was broken, they vansihed and still no money.Mr Steven Price was the so called CEO

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  • Ch
    chance2 Jan 30, 2014

    Mr James Brown and his supervisor called me with this exact same pitch. They however told me the "proof of ability to pay" is something i dont have to give them the payment for. After reading your review, you helped me decide to report this group of bandits to the proper authorities.

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