eLoan$7200.00 loan

J Jul 21, 2019

I recieved a phone call from this lady named robin and she told me that i had been approved for a $ 7200.00 Dollar loan and all i had do is take the money that they deposited into my and account and pay it back. all i had to do was pay it back in gift cards. i questioned her about this being a scam and she that this is no scam because we gave you the money up front and it was used to show that you are stable enough to pay the loan back. this happened for the 2nd time and the dollar amount went up and i was promised that after the transaction was complete i would have my money. and i told them that after this time if it happened again i was not interested. you know what happened robin called me back and then she transferred me to another guy and he tried to promise me that after the 3rd transaction was complete i would have my money... FLAG WENT UP... I was out of town on a vacation went this 3rd time was suppose to happen. and then they deposited the 3rd check and the the bank blocked my account. so when i get back in town i have to go to the bank and straighten this whole mess out.

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