Eldo Coachestime frame

L Dec 22, 2018

The bus is always late either with 1 hour or or two hours. The bus drivers use vulgar language .on the 30th of November the bus was 1 hour late they then told us one if the drivers never showed up so we will wait for another driver to b arranged they took us from Bosman Pretoria station where by the check in agent which appeard to be and African lady was very rude.the bus took us to Johannesburg park station where we waited for about 2 hours. We then arrived to Cape Town at 7am instead of 4am.we arrived same time with the bus that was R200 lesser n arrived on time at 7am whereas we took the expensive one n arrived same time with the 7am bus.and it wasn't the first time Eldon coaches between Johannesburg, pretoria and Cape Town are never on time

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