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I placed an order for my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration and family reunion more than a month in advance. This event is for 200 family members at a catoring hall. I am in charge of decorations so I ordered 20 table cloths and two helium balloons of the numbers representing her age. My order was split up without letting me know in advance. I received a partial order and now almost a month after this delivery, and less than a week before my event, I am still getting a run a round and have not received the other 8 tablecloths and the balloons I ordered. This is a highly stressful situation now! I am not even sure how or where, but I have to find a local place to purchase everything so they match. Why are these people getting away with excepting payment and not delivering. They have almost $200 of my hard earned money. Now after spending a lot of money making decorations to match these tableclothes, I have to spend more and start over. I am having a nervous breakdown because they email me almost everyday with advertisement to make more purchases when they have basically ruein one of the most important day for my entire family! Please help me fix this. I have been trying to get in touch with these people because my event is this Saturday and have not been able to find a local place to get the color I need and the quantity. The return address on the box is YAYA Creations but I ordered from the website. Online chat promised delivery of the rest of the items and stated they were out for delivery. I was promised delivery by 4-9-19, then when they didn't arrive, I was promised the would be out for delivery, still have not received. This is not right at all.

Apr 15, 2019

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