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adjustable heavy duty pipe and drape kit backdrop support with weighted steel base

i ordered a backdrop on may 11th and my order number is [protected]
i paid $185 for a backdrop stand and one gold backdrop curtain, i received the curtain and only the steel base thinking ok the rest of the backdrop stand will come and until today never heard anything back when i emailed nor received the rest of my order, i requested a refund and asked either send me the rest so i am contacting you guys and try my last option then im gonna report to BBB, i order stuff online all the time but never got fool like this, complete scam, waist of money, very upsetting you guys let some people freely scam us.

did not receive complete order

I placed an order for my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration and family reunion more than a month in advance. This event is for 200 family members at a catoring hall. I am in charge of decorations so I ordered 20 table cloths and two helium balloons of the numbers representing her age. My order was split up without letting me know in advance. I received a partial order and now almost a month after this delivery, and less than a week before my event, I am still getting a run a round and have not received the other 8 tablecloths and the balloons I ordered. This is a highly stressful situation now! I am not even sure how or where, but I have to find a local place to purchase everything so they match. Why are these people getting away with excepting payment and not delivering. They have almost $200 of my hard earned money. Now after spending a lot of money making decorations to match these tableclothes, I have to spend more and start over. I am having a nervous breakdown because they email me almost everyday with advertisement to make more purchases when they have basically ruein one of the most important day for my entire family! Please help me fix this. I have been trying to get in touch with these people because my event is this Saturday and have not been able to find a local place to get the color I need and the quantity. The return address on the box is YAYA Creations but I ordered from the website. Online chat promised delivery of the rest of the items and stated they were out for delivery. I was promised delivery by 4-9-19, then when they didn't arrive, I was promised the would be out for delivery, still have not received. This is not right at all.

I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost

Hello, I place a first time order several weeks ago for Table cloths and Chair covers for an event I am having this weekend 4/7

I ordered 80 chair covers and 18 table cloths.

I received 2 shipments on 2 different dates.
1st shipment = 12 table cloths
2nd shipment = 4 table cloths and 80 chair covers

Yesterday I went on efavormarts chat line to try and get resolve or find out if I was going to receive another package with 2 more pieces of table cloths. I only received 16. After a lot of the rep Hazel telling me she was checking she 1st stated that ups had made a mistake with packaging, then asked when I needed the missing cloths, then told me the company couldn't get the cloths to me in the time I needed them which is Saturday 4/6. When I stated that was unacceptable she came back and told be the best they could do was refund me for the cost of the 2 table cloths! When I stated again I needed a better option because I cant just go to a store in my area and purchase this size and color table cloth she came back at stated that they could re-ship the cloths to me in time but I would have to pay 50% of the express shipping cost to do so. This is terrible customer service at best. I cannot get the table cloths at this point but I also didn't receive any packing slips in the shipments I received telling me exactly what I have. I've had to check each and every the individual pack to make sure it's correct and what I ordered. Bottom line I'd like to be refunded, formal apology, and receive credit towards another purchase.

I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost
I didn't receive my complete order. then was told my option was either refund or pay 50% of the re-order express shipping cost

ya ya creations efavormart

On Feb 1 2018 I surfed the internet looking for mirrored mosaic isle props. After surfing for a while, I remember that I had watched a YouTube video which a young lady doing a...

wedding matchbooks/50

This company is running is SCAM. I paid $35.00 for 50 matchbooks engraved. It took 3 weeks to receive it, I chatted online with a bogus name GWENITH indicated all 50 matchbooks were handmade! LIAR
POOR Quality, letters un-level, light and dark, looks like they stamped it and hand stapled. Poor quality, thin paper should be sold at the dollar store.
Asked for address: 13155 Railrod Ave City of Industry, CA 91746-under Ya Ya Creations-no ph on their website-Per GOOGLE ph # [protected] - NO ONE WILL ANSWER, just a recording!! THEY REFUSE to refund
Over 66, 000 complaints!

wedding matchbooks/50

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Jan 24, 2018

    I actually like the way they turned out. That's a cute idea.

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  • Li
    liltoopure Jan 25, 2018

    aww they are actually cute. Have you already checked to see if you are refunded? I recall that they are not that frugal with their refund. You should check at least to see if they probably did refund you. Who knows, most companies are normally like that

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This place is not where the customer is always right.
I used them several times, made orders and had nothing to complain about. Last time they sent me an absolutely different item I didn't order. I called them and asked what happened, why they made this mistake and what they are gonna do with this. They only said that they shipped what they had. Ok, then give me my money back if you think you can decide for customers. I was said that I won't get the refund in full, just a partial one because I had to pay for the shipping by myself.
Absolutely terrible.

Bad customer service

I haven't received the items I ordered 3 weeks ago. Their website said that my order is now being processing whatever it means. I called them for explanations and was told that my order was damaged and that it would take 4 weeks to resend it. I don't understand why they didn't notify me about it before I contacted them.
I'm very frustrated with their customer support.

do not even consider ordering from this company

Please read all the reviews about this company. They all state similar experiences that I had. It is a scam and it will turn out badly. The prices are cheap, but you get (or don't get!) what you pay for. They don't have a phone number or a phisical (their spelling) address. You can only communicate via email or live chat. You will get the run around. They will dodge questions and accuse you of lying. I waited over a month to have my return "approved" and it is still "pending". My return cannot be processed nor will they even give me a credit without a tracking number. All this for a $15 return.

Find a reliable, customer-oriented company to support. These people do not care about you. It is a scam. Tell your friends.

EFavormart.comLed net lighting

Buyer beware! Caution! Avoid! Stay away! Run! Do not buy! Warning!

As a professional lighting designer, I made a $1, 500+ purchase through for a hollywood celebrity client. The lights were advertised as “twinkle” lights, but upon installation, they were not lights that twinkled! In addition, many of the lights I purchased malfunctioned, were not consistent with the proper setting, and just plain gave me the most troublesome time possible. I made numerous trips out to my client’s house and spent hours and hours fixing manufacture issues with the lights... I took a huge loss with my client solely based upon the malfunctioning of these lights! My client’s were greatly disappointed and I was greatly embarrassed. I am 99% sure that I lost my celebrity clients; well known in the industry.

I contacted customer service about the issue and they informed me that they would do “nothing” for me! I will be filing a lawsuit and contacting many governmental agencies and develop a web site against / Ya Ya CreationsPurchased chair covers

i was given an invoice for $2047 grand total inclduding freight then my card was charged $2737.16 then if thats not bad enough my goods are now held in customs as they did not pay the tax

i am out of pocket and i dont have the stock i paid for - they are refusing to respond to my emails i am very worried that they are a bad company can someone please help me


Purchased chair covers
Purchased chair covers
Purchased chair covers
Purchased chair covers aka Ya Ya CreationsLack of communication/no customer service.

Worst company I have ever dealt with. I placed an order for one item on April 16, 2016. I received an auto-generated "your order has been successfully placed" email back on the same day. Heard nothing more from them until I had to check on my order status on May 3. I could only communicate via phone service. The lady I got on the "chat" was slow to response...had to ask if she was still on the line many times. She tells me finally that the item was out of stock and would I like to order something else. No, thank you. Where is the email informing me that the item was out of stock? Where is the email stating that I would be getting a full refund? Supposedly I will be getting one today but we will see. I think this is an extremely poorly run company where communicating with customers is A HUGE PROBLEM...from the lack of communication via email that my item was out of stock to the person on the chat line who had difficulty relaying her message. Stay away from these folks...don't waste your time and money.

Ya Ya Creations — Tablecloth ordered from them

I ordered a tablecloth from this company and when I opened it I was shocked. It was just an inferior piece of fabric that was crooked ( no way to fold it and match the edges)and...

Ya Ya CreationsTerrible product, worse customer service.

If you are reading this review, you are most likely considering E Favor Mart/Ya Ya Creations/insert one of their many other business names here, for some sort of supplies for a special occasion. If I can persuade just 1 person from looking elsewhere, the time I spent on writing this review is worthwhile. I came across E Favor Mart while doing an internet search for frosted votive holders for my upcoming wedding. When I saw their prices, I quickly placed an order for frosted votive holders as well as candy scoops. I received my order promptly and was excited to see the votive holders and candy scoops. However, my excitement quickly dissipated as I heard glass stirring inside the box. I opened the box to find almost half of the votive holders were broken. In addition, I immediately started questioning the size of the votive holders that were intact. I attempted to fit either a votive or tea light candle in the holders and neither fit. I reviewed the website description, which clearly states a 2” diameter, pulled out a measuring tape and measured the outside diameter at less than 1 ¾”. In addition to the size being misrepresented on the website, these do not suit their intended purpose. My disappointment with the merchandise didn’t end there. I removed the candy scoops out of the box and out of their opened packaging and immediately noticed scratched off paint and broken handles. The candy scoops were shoved in a very small space between the box itself and the boxes of votive holders. It’s no surprise these arrived broken. I emailed customer service promptly as I found there is no phone number listed for this company. A day passed, then 2, no response. I contacted the company via live chat instead and spoke with Christine. Christine offered to send me replacement votive holders repeatedly. Christine failed to comprehend that these “votive holders” do not indeed hold votive, or tea light candles and are useless to me, broken or intact. I was offered a refund upon receipt of the merchandise, but would only receive 80% and would be responsible for return shipping. I asked to speak with a manager and was told I would receive a call within 2 hours. More than double that time has passed, no call, and yet, I’m not surprised at the lack of response. I’m now pursuing this issue with the BBB. Ya Ya Creations has had 51 BBB complains in the last 3 years, 33 in the last 12 months. Those numbers speak for themselves.

Ya Ya Creations / Tablecloth FactoryDefective product and combative customer service

Company provided 3 defective table clothes in the form of holes and stains. Company offered a 50% refund or 100% refund in form of in store credit. When trying to work through a solution customer service was impatient, not-apologetic, combative, and offered only solutions that cost me more money or not refunding all of my money. Unfortunately, I am a bit past the 60 day mark with the purchase otherwise I would be reporting this as fraud to VISA to reverse the whole charge.

EFavorMartDefective merchandise

Merchandise sent was defective. When asked for a replacement, I was told to keep it or take a chance replacement would also be damaged for which no refund nor replacement would be considered. This due to their poor packaging. My "refund" amounted to $3 for a $50 order.. 30% refunded to their discounted price per defective item. Completely unprofessional organization. Do not buy from this company unless you enjoy being ripped off.

  • Ar
    arlana Mar 04, 2011

    i ordered over 500 silk roses from this company. I ordered the baby blue ones thinking that they would be what the picture advertised. when i received them i was highly disappointed. They were not what wsas shown or what i had expected and I have gotten no where with customer service.

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EFavormart.comI wouldn't recommend no one to order from this website

I purchased some fuschia roses for my wedding. The flowers were pretty and big online, however when they arrived they were awful. I might as well purchased flowers from dollar tree. They looked nothing like the flowers online. And when I inquired about returning the flowers and receiving a refund I was told about the 20% restocking fee. This website in full of crap. I wouldn't recommend no one to order from this website. This was a true learning experience about ordering online from a place without a contact phone number.

Ya Ya Creations Efavormart — SCAM COMPANY

BEWARE. SCAM COMPANY. No matter what you order, they send it out "defaulty" or "damaged." Then they CHARGE YOU RESTOCKING FEE AND SHIPPING BOTH WAYS on the defaulty items they...

E-Favor MartPoor Products

I order match books for my wedding from E-Favor Mart. It was in fact the only thing I had personalized.I was so excited when they arrived, but upon further examination, All of the match books are different colors of red, the printing ink easliy rubs off and there are very obvious flaws in the printing. This is a poor product and this company should stand by what they do, but sadly they do not. They offered me a 20% rebate if I agreed to keep them, I said thanks but no thanks, this is my wedding day!

  • St
    Stina123 Apr 23, 2012


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EFavormart.comI considered myself pretty internet shopping savy until I ran into this company

I considered myself pretty internet shopping savy until I ran into this company. I needed a cupcake stand (acrylic) for my daughters wedding reception on June 25. On June 6th I ordered a 6 tier cupcake stand from YaYa's. It arrived a week later and it was nothing short of junk. One of the tiers was so warped you could wear it as an acrylic cowboy hat. One looked like it had been sent through a wood chipper and the top tier would not fit down on the tubing. I immediately went to the website and discovered they do not have a phone number to contact customer service. This should have been all the red flag I needed but at this point I needed to get a replacement. I emailed the company and told them what my issues were with the cupcake plate and they promptly emailed me back saying they would send a replacement. This took over a week to receive and when I saw the package yesterday in the mailbox, I knew that they did not send me a replacement cupcake stand. They sent the 6 inch top tier only. My daughters wedding reception is now only 4 days away and they are not guaranteeing me that they can get replacement plates to me by then. I dont believe I was dealing with someone that spoke English on chat because it took forever for them to respond to me and their English was very broken with sentences that did not make any sense. Please stay away from this website! If someone will tell me what else I can do to help put this sleazy company out of business I am all for it!

YaYa Creations/Tablecloths FactoryRefused to Acknoeldge WRONG Product and issue credit

I ordered 20 items from YaYa Creations/ Tablecloths Factory. These items are 10 organza table overlays and 10 organza table runners. Immediately upon receipt I saw that they sent me TWO incorrect color items. The TWO incorrect items are table overlays in the color SAGE (this is the company’s online description, and is a very light yellow/green). I did NOT order SAGE but ordered them in WILLOW, (the company’s online description of basic green).

The company contact information does not supply a real person/operator to speak with and only sends you to bogus phone store front voicemail set ups to appear they have a real store front but they don't. The only contact is via their E-Chat windows. I have saved emails for my records as I filed a dispute against them with me credit card company and also filing with BBB...Oh but they are conveniently NOT registered with BBB. Not a big shocker after now reading about hundreds of complaints about them! They requested pictures of the incorrect items which I sent immediately. Interesting fact that the company denied ever receiving emails from me and pictures of the incorrect items to my credit card company which I happily proved otherwise with evidence thus proving how they lie. They also misstated that they sent me 10 items, which in fact was 20 items. THEY CAN'T KEEP THEIR STORY STRAIGHT AND LIE!

The day I received the items I immediately contacted the company to see about exchanging them for the correct color. I was yelled at via their E-chat rep, and this was completely uncalled for and beyond rude on so many levels. They were crude, demeaning, and demoralizing conversations toward me. They flat out denied and refused to acknowledge that they sent me the wrong items, and would not exchange them. They continued to berate me online in lengthy verbiage that I was wrong, they were right, there was no way they sent me incorrect items, that the items had labels on them and to go look b/c I was wrong. Seriously these people are deranged idiots!! The incorrect items they sent did NOT have any labels whatsoever and even if they did there was no way they were going to admit they were wrong. So what's their thinking, no labels equals no exchange? Who's fault would that be then, mine? Plain and simple, this could have been easily resolved but they took the other road. Typical customer service is to be helpful and to resolve any issues.

They refused to admit they could be wrong and then asked me to send them pictures and did immediately. I also stated to them via E-chat that I was going to dispute the complete charge if I didn’t hear from a real person and gave them a number to call me. I requested via E-chat for them to send me to their MGR. or SUPV and they continued berate and make rude comments to just send back the entire order at my cost and if they were to send me any other items they would send the same colors at my cost again and hung up via e-chat.

I received a call the very next day from a bogus caller ID, untraceable number, e.g. 012345. As soon as the person on the other end confirmed who I was, he immediately yelled rudely, could barely speak English, and said I was wrong and he had received the pictures and I was still wrong and would not exchange them and that I could return everything at my cost. I am not the only person they have hung up on, as I have read multiple times from other online complaints of the same thing. These people lie about everything. They lied to my credit card company in the reply letter they sent that they never contacted me via email or phone. Simple proof has been provided from the email chain I attached back to my credit card company, which simply discredits them about this situation. Nice try though.

After the initial incident, I looked online investigating this company to find there have been several hundred complaints of the exact same situation I had just encountered, some much worse than mine but all with the same story line.

I attached several of the complaints easily found online for your reference .

I do NOT trust this company on any level and believe based on my experience and the other hundreds of complaints they have against them that if I were to send back these two items, which are completely untouched and in perfect condition in a traced package, that they would make up some convoluted story, lie and bully their way out of doing the right thing and still not owe me my due credit for a return - forget exchanging at this point, it'll never happen. It has been expressed too often in many complaints that they refused to owe credit for returns with lies and false statements.

I want to point out that in a 2/24/11 email response to me they stated they ‘would not send me a return label at this time’. So which time will they send out a return label? That indicates they can at their choosing and they’re simply refusing to do so.

Simple problem with a simple solution. However verbally on the phone they refused to exchange or send a label. Makes no sense and beyond frustrating and they know this and flat out could care less! I work in customer relations and marketing and find this entire ordeal needless and appalling on so many levels.

This company operates under various other names, and does NOT belong to the BBB as they state on their site which is FALSE advertising, and has conducted the same kind of ethic for years as seen through all the countless complaints online.


EfavortmartNever buy from horrible company

This was the worst buying experience ever!!! Their customer service was beyond frustrating and they never even sent out my package! They blamed it on the shipping method I chose, but the fact is it never left their warehouse. They promised they would ship it Express and the package never came and then when I contacted them again they told me the product was out of stock when it was clearly in stock online. The worst company ever!!! With my online live chat, I asked to speak to an actual manager on the phone and Christine the operator told me "no". What is with that! Don't ever buy from them they are horrible!!!

If I could give a million negative stars I would.

EFavorMartDon't use

I had ahorribel experience with I thought when I went to buy the items that I needed for my wedding, it would be fun. I was wrong.

I had ordered candles and rose petals from this company. They first send me candles just thrown into the big box that they obviously were not meant to be in. They were all melted together and had big gashes out where they had been banging inside. Second, there was no ribbon that had our name and date to go around the candles.

I then CHAT because they do not have a number you can call. That seems very wierd to me. They tried to make me count out the candles damaged instead of replacing them all. I had to become stern and say they will replace all. So they finally said yes. They also promised to send the ribbon.

They resent the candles in nice boxes and they were ok...but NO ribbon! I CHATTED again and they sent the ribbon. When it showed up it had the wrong date on it!! So they resent that.

My fiance and I sat down and began putting it all together to find out that the rose that attaches to the candles to hold the tull was not the right amount! So we had to CHAT again and they tried to say they would not send more. We however made it very clear they would.

Also, the rose petals that they sent me were not a true ivory color. They also had blue ink on many and some were not cut correctly. This is the worst service and company I have ever dealt with. Be advised...DO NOT use them if you want to stay clear of a huge headache!

  • Ro
    Rosa7 Jun 03, 2011

    I purchased a runner for my daughters wedding, they sent a roll of thin plastic like that once we use to cover picnic tables, how in the world they called that a runner, anyone walkin on top of that will slip off and the tail of the wedding dress will pull it as she walks in. They have a 20% restocking policy plus don't refung shipping and I will need to pay shippin charges to sent the item back to them for refund, they are a shady company YAYA creations, the worse, tay away from them if you don't want to waste your hard earned money, they are crooks, they misrepresent their products. The worse!!!

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Ya Ya Creations Of Tablecloths — fraudulant business practices, damaged merchandise, rude constomer service

I purchased 25 tablecloths from Ya Ya Creations of for my daughter's wedding. I planned ahead, ordered early and upon opening the individually wrapped items a...

Ya Ya Creations / Efavormart — Avoid like the plague

The fraudulent business practices of ya ya creations ranks them among the ### of the internet. It was my experience this last july 18th, to lend a helping hand to my older sister... — Poor Customer Service

EFavorMart has absolutely no concern for their customers and has a complete disregard to customer service. I admit to making a mistake and not ordering enough tulle circles for...

Efavormart/ Yaya creationsHuge rip off

OMG!!! These people just won't stop. They rip me off not once but twice! I believe in the good in people and tend to forgive and forget easily but there is nothing good about this company. I ordered ivory chair covers for my wedding and when I received them, They were not ivory at all as a matter of fact they looked more white than anything else, then when I placed them on my white tablecloth I realized that they were neither white or ivory (the were in between, like an eggshell). They looked like a dirty white and I knew I wouldn't be able to match it with the linen at my venue so tried to contact efavormart/yaya creations to return them but never got anyone so I decided to ship them with a copy of my order but after a month never heard from them and still didn't get a refund. By the way, they return policy sucks and their products are of very bad quality, you cannot use their sashes twice, some of they rip as you tie them.
I think they make their money of off the 20% restocking fee + shipping both ways they charge clients who return items then they will sell the same stuff to some1 else and when that person also returns, it's another free 20% in their pocket while they still have the item and they wait for the next victim. BEWARE OF EFAVORMART/YAYA CREATIONS. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!

  • An
    Another YaYa mistake !!!!! Jul 22, 2009

    Add me to the HUGE list of suckers that dealt with these proffesional rip off artists. They are so dishonest it's unbelievable. Same rip off pattern. RUN, RUN, RUN from this mess of a company !!! I had to keep the poor quality junk they sent because of the 20% restocking fee and both way shipping. They are ONE SHOT SALESMEN. They try and hook people once. YaYa - try practicing honest business and you might have repeat customers instead of and endless list of internet compaints !!!

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  • Mb
    m.babin Nov 21, 2010

    Why didn't I read all these reviews before I ordered?! I ordered 30 chargers for thanksgiving and when I opened the box, all but about 5 were shattered. I guess I can forget them for Thanksgiving, but is there anyway to get my money back?

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EFavorMartBad service

I order an personalized item from this website company. They made a mistake with my shipping. i paid for 2nd day shipping which is 26.81. now the day its suppose to be delivered, it wasnt. i contacted the website stating that i have not recieved anything. when going through a run around ups stated to me that in fact that the company messed up the order. now in their policy they state that if we mess up your order that we will refund it back. unfortunately that policy was not true. please do not purchase from this website because honestly if a mistake happens they are not true to their policy. i actually am taking this to samll claims court.

  • Ch
    Chloe 2310 Apr 07, 2011

    I ordered white and cream silk roses from efavormart. The package was shipped, but was lost by UPS. UPS stated that the sender (efavormart) would have to file a claim for the package, that the claim had to be initiated by the sender. I contacted efavormart and asked them to file the claim and have been ignored by them. They took my money and i have nothing and they are not willing to help. Needless to say I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!

    0 Votes — Terrible customer service

Basically, this company '' which is really 'Ya Ya Creations' has no interest in customer service and uses the fact that weddings and other such...

EFavorMartGown favor boxes

Order personalized boxes. Their printer didn't work, so they decided to INK the letters by using a pen. What a joke. No one live to call.

  • Es
    Esther5725 May 23, 2008

    Order personalized boxes. Their printer didn't work, so they decided to INK the letters by using a pen. What a joke. No one live to call.

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  • Jo
    Joan Jul 14, 2008

    I did my whole wedding online - no issues, from David's Bridal to Nashville wraps - everyone was great til I got to efavormart. This website is a joke! Order whatever you want - they will send you whatever THEY want, and then tell you nothing is returnable, and offer you a 15% rebate to accept the undesired merchandise. This is the first merchant I have EVER stopped a credit card payment on - they are the worst of the worst! I have to send documentation to VISA to stop them from paying this merchant, so I decided to send the info to the Attorney General's office in my state, too!

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  • El
    EleniB Mar 30, 2011

    I completely agree they are absolutely awful. I am planning a wedding shower and liked the boxed roses they had. I chatted with someone online asking if I could purchase 1 sample box to see if I like the product and if the soaps are scented. It took me 20 minutes to get 2 answers from them. They would not allow me to purchase a sample so i spent $15.00 and purchased the 10 boxes that was the min order. The shipping was fast, I opened the boxes and tried out one of the soaps. Mind you they are petal soaps so your supposed to tear off a petal and wash your hands and it dissolves. It left a residue once the petal was disolved and i had to scrub my hands to get the rest off. It was so bad my daughter asked me if I was playing with markers. If I didn't test it imagine if I gave it as a favor (total humiliation). That same night I emailed the company and told them howe very dissapointed I was with the product and they should compensate me. The rep told me that the soaps are mainly decorative and no where on the website does it say they are for washing and they will not compensate me. I did reply back and their description doesn't even say they are decorative with a few other choice words. I still haven't heard back and I am sure at this point I will not. Their customer service reps are very awful and uninformative and I would never reccomend this company to anyone. They are very dishonest and this is their way of making money by cheating people. They should be out of business. I am sorry for Ariana who ordered the silk roses and was highly dissapointed, I know next time i will do a review research before I purchase and any company that doesn't offer samples is no good.

    0 Votes — Scam and cheating!

I ordered wedding ribbon from this company. Three weeks later, I was still waiting for my order. They have no number to call, I had several unanswered emails. The site had a live...