Bynsave Complaints & Reviews

Buynsave / portable hanging neck sports fan

Oct 14, 2019

I ordered this on july 25 2019 and I have never received this product. I have sent 3 emails and have never received any communication from them. They took my money through paypal order #89364 for $26.94. You go to the web address and there is a customer service number there you call it and...

Buynsave / dual neck fan

Oct 13, 2019

I placed an order on August 16th for a dual neck fan I was charged $29 in change saying it would be here within 10 days it is now October 13th and I still have not received the item I have emailed several times I was sent fake tracking numbers every time I try to call this company all I...

Buynsave / 2 - moveable kitchen sprayer and 1- roll of gel tape

Oct 10, 2019

My payment was posted on June 2, 2019 . I started getting concerned after 8 weeks of waiting on my purchase. My order number 74616. I was charged $56.32 . I am a truck driver and I stay very busy. But I have tried a number of ways to contact you . You all do not make it easy. I've sent...

Buynsave / order # 96135

Oct 06, 2019

with confirmed order #... to date, October 6th, nothing... need I say more considering all of the previous complaints noted here. Bank of America will pursue and eventually once this scam is confirmed by BOA, Bank of America will reimburse my account. Chalk of this one... anyone that...

Buynsave / neck fan

Oct 05, 2019

This company BYNSAVE is a SCAM!!! They "create" a false tracking number and use a known carrier and charge you for your order. Then they never ship it. I have contacted them several times and they tell me they will contact their DHL . I called DHL and they show no package nor tracking...

Buynsave / not getting the item or refund.

Sep 28, 2019

I ordered the tape because I was excited and like omg i want that. Now i wish i never did. I ordered it at the beginning of June. Its now the end of september and they're not replying to my emails anymore. 40 bucks wasted on this [censored] scam. Im fricking pissed. I've emailed them several times asking for a refund and keep checking the mail, nothing.

Buynsave / never rec'd product

Sep 28, 2019

On 9/9/19 I ordered a necklace from BynSave, I rec'd an email with order #98995 on it, that was the subject line but the email was blank. i have not rec'd anything else from them. No more emails, no responses from my email and definitely no product. Now i'm seeing tons of complains about...

Buynsave / refund - never received product

Sep 25, 2019

I made order #85949 on July 6, 2019. I have not received it. I have sent many e-mails and also requested a refund. When I did this the correspondence stopped. Please refund my $56.94. See e-mails below. Thank you, Beverly Tounzen EMAILS: Hello We apologize for any inconvenience We...

Buynsave / have not received my order

Sep 22, 2019

#98042 - I received an order confirmation, but have not yet received a shipped confirmation. My account has been charged for the necklace I ordered. I called the Customer Service phone number and all recorded messages send you to email [protected] They assure the customer that...

Buynsave / 9h headlight restoration kit

Sep 19, 2019

It was ordered on september first and it's been longer than 15 days and hasn't arrived yet the contact information I entered was my phone at [protected]. I stopped the text mail updates because of a lot of advertisements. It may just be running a little late but I hae no way of knowing because...

Buynsave / never received order and can't contact anyone

Sep 17, 2019

BuynsaveI ordered a dual neck fan on August 1st. I received an email with an order number shortly after, but never received the product. When I received the confirmation, there wasn't even a tracking number included. I sent an email to the [protected] and again never received any...

Buynsave / neck fan

Sep 10, 2019

I placed the order the first week of july 2019. It is now, september 10th and I still have not received the order. They did give me a credit for the shipping. The order is #89210, where is my fan? I see I am not alone. So many others have not received there products. I will not be placing...

Buynsave / order not being shipped

Sep 10, 2019

n August 22, I ordered a personal cround the neck fan. I never received this item. According otheir website it was being sent to DHL. DHL never received. I emailed them and they told me that it was a problem in the warehouse and gave me the old DHL tracking number. Even after 4 emails I...

Buynsave / #87726- tape

Aug 27, 2019

BuynsaveI am tired of sending emails and getting fake tracking numbers in return. This has been going on since the beginning of JULY. I do not want this product and I am/ have requesting a credit to my account that was prematurely charged. This is so ridiculous. I received an email stating that...

Buynsave / leather conditioner

Aug 21, 2019

On July 1st 2019 I ordered very high priced leather conditioner I saw advertised on line from bynsave. Supposedly it was going to be delivered in 2-3 weeks, after 3 weeks time I started emailing them asking where my product was I got no response even though when you call the recording...

Buynsave / order# 74503

Aug 21, 2019

It's been almost 3 months since I ordered an item from you and we keep going back and forth about when I will receive. I've asked to cancel my order many times but to no avail. Just recently you sent me an email telling me I have a 10% discount because I haven't bought anything from bynsave for...

Buynsave / portable hanging neck sports fan

Aug 12, 2019

I ordered a fan on july 25, 2019, and paid for a 2-5 day delivery and today is august 12, 2019 still no fan! I reported 7 days later that I hadn't received my item yet, and got a we apologize response and a blame it on the courier response, but didn't say when I was to receive my stuff...

Buynsave / neck fans

Aug 09, 2019

We have not received our order place on July 22/2019.. wanted to find out how much longer we have to wait.. I see on another website they are cheaper fans also.. whats going on please.. already been paid.. Thanks ORDER # 88654

Buynsave / order # 77130

Jul 27, 2019

I ordered gel grip tape and packet chainsaw, June 8th. I received a tracking number. It says DHL but the number is too long and its the correct amount for USPS that says your package is lost. I have emailed them 12 times. I asked to cancel the order and they got back to me stating it wa...

Buynsave / gel grip tape x 3

Jul 20, 2019

I ordered 3 rolls od Gel Grip Tape on June 16, 2019. A month went by and no delivery. hen I contacted your organization I was more or less told the items were misplaced, then found, and the order [ORDER # 82293] was on the way, free shipping (which I appreciate). You provided me with a...

Buynsave / order #74716 ordered june 2nd and have not received product or tracking number

Jul 10, 2019

I ordered on June 2nd. Have not received item or even a tracking number. All I get is canned answers about how shipper misplaced products. Either send me my item and give me a tracking number or refund my money. If i don't here from you in the next day, I will be filing a complaint with...

Buynsave / tape

Jul 05, 2019

Ordered two rolls of double sided tape on June 14, 2019 have not received as yet. The tape was advertised on a Face Book post and my credit card has been charged on 6/14/19 If you are not going to ship the tape please refund my money. 42.93. I was really looking forward to getting thi...

Buynsave / dog flea collars

Jul 01, 2019

I order the dog flea collars on the 30 of may they said they would be here in 4 to 7 days, on the 11 of June I asked where my order was they said it was mailed, I called on the 20 of June to the 800 number it's a robotic caller never spoke to any one so I emailed agin, they said the...

Buynsave / silicone hair curlers

May 08, 2019

I ordered these silicone hair curlers on April 19, 2019 in the amount of $18.67. Order #68303 and the Tracking # is 9374869903503734309549. It supposedly was out for delivery by DHL on 4/27/2019 to Gold Canyon. It arrived at Apache Junction PO on 4/26/2019. I have not received this order...

www.bynsave / car ice scraper 2n1

Feb 12, 2019

Order the above item from the website above "Bynsave" on January 29, 2019, was told that my order would be receive in 4 to 7 days of the oder. As of this day Feb. 12, 2019 I have not received my order. I contact them by email and was told that I was to get it my last Saturday (no ice...

Buynsave / service

Jan 18, 2019

This company is a SCAM!!! They "create" a shipping label and charge you for your order. Then they never ship it. I have contacted them several times and they tell me they will contact their ups person. Then nothing. I email them again asking for a refund. Then I get an email saying it ha...

Buynsave / online order with bynsave

Dec 14, 2018

On 11/22 I ordered 1 Felt Christmas tree. I checking on the order I found they had charged me for 2 items and expedited shipping. My original order of $29.99 has now cost me $59.80 and I have not received my order as of 12/14 . I have requested that they either ship my order or reverse all...