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L Aug 01, 2018 Review updated:

eDreams is a completely scam without anyone to stop it or even a decent costumer service. booked a trip from Zurique to Poro on the 22nd of July and received a passboard stating that the flight was scheduled to 7.50am . On my arrival, the Vueling operators told me that 14 more people were mislead and booked with them the trip because the flight took off at 6.10am ! When i contacted eDreams (and it was a nightmare to do that!!!) they just emailed me saying that they advised all of the hour's change - LIE! I asked for proof of that and no answer. Completely lie. I want a completely refund from the flight I booked with EDREAMs and, at least, the new one I need to book.
It's disgusting. The vueling operators told me to not trust edreams and book it directly! Even the airlines hate them and don't hide it.


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      Aug 29, 2018

    Edreams is indeed a scam operation. My first, and last, encounter was a disaster, stay away from this outfit.

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      Dec 03, 2018

    eDreams is one big scam. It will take you a commission and you will receive an e-mail that the card is not valid. There is no option to edit a new credit card or email to which you can ask a question.

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