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G Jul 08, 2019

I booked a flight saturday night i receive just a booking number by email but no confirm!! I check on the site and my flight ticket was blocked...under processing!
An operator on phone says there are problems but wait the confirm email. Never arrived!!! this afternoon (Monday) I receive and email that says that the price is going up please contact eDreams. All day I'm trying to contact them but no answer! Eather by email or by phone no one answer me!!! I have no flight ticket I couldn't take my flight that was 1 hour ago but now I check my back account and money are not there!! So eDreams take my money without give me a ticket!!!
That's crazy!
I'm so angry!
That's a scam!
Worst one!!!
I want my money back!!!

  • Updated by Giuliajuliet · Jul 08, 2019

    I finally contact them using Facebook chat and they said "you never buy a ticket so we never take your money". Money just desappear!!! Exactly the amount of the ticket. Strange no???
    And I can't do nothing because I used a prepaid card. So I can't show the name of eDream!!! It's unbelievable!!! Can't believe they can do this scam and still money of people!!!

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