eDreamsflight canceled - refund not received

E Sep 29, 2019


Over 5 month ago (April 2019) our flight with China eastern airways that was booked through Edreams was canceled by the airline.
we contacted the airline, and they sent us a confirmation that they refunded the money, and we should contact our booking agent.
since then we have contacted Edreams numerous times-
via facebook, email, and on the phone.
Every time we are told to wait and that the refund is being processed.
when I try to contact them again they ask me to send them all the paperwork again.
then either don't answer or say to wait.
it has been over 5 months!!!

I have sent all the necessary files and flight cancellation proof with no avail.
My refund status on the website said processing, and then changed back to requested!

I want my money back- this is fraud! beware


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