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I had a bit of a nightmare with this mob - eDreams. As others have pointed out - they are a third party and you can't rely on the advertised price being the price you pay.

I originally booked my tickets through eDreams at over $200 cheaper than other websites. They took my money from my debit card (where there were sufficient funds to pay for both mine and my partner's tickets, plus some acccommodation I was booking etc). For reasons unknown (they said they suspected an "error" on their website) the transaction incurred a problem, so they reversed it - however they did not release the funds back to my debit card immediately. When they went to debit my card again, there was not enough funds to cover the airline tickets - which in total was over $2, 000 so the transaction was declined.

My bank, seeing that there were funds taken twice, considered the transaction suspect and as such, put a "stop" on my debit card (effectively meaning I could not use my card at all until I spoke with the bank).

That resolved, by the time eDreams had released funds back to my account so that the transaction could be made, the tickets had gone up, but they quoted the increase in EUR dollars (approx $164 EUR) and I did not check the conversion.

When I looked at their website again, to check their current price on the tickets, they were still $50 cheaper (each) than other sites - (in AU dollars) - thinking that this current advertised price, listed on their website would be what I would be charged (and equivalent to the conversion of the EUR amount they quoted) I said go ahead. EDreams debited my card again - however, they debited an amount that was over $200 more for each ticket than I had originally booked the tickets for.

I emailed with a complaint and was told to call their call centre (which is overseas) - I called and was told to email a complaint - this happened several times before I realised they were not going to do anything about the problem and not interested in providing customer service.

All in all, I paid more through eDreams than I would have through another website, because of their website gliche and the cost (in time and dollars) of all the emails and telephone calls to try to resolve the matter was not worth the time as they kept brushing me off.

I would avoid them at all costs in future.


  • Ha
    hadj-mati Jul 26, 2012

    Do not trust them, they are scam.They took our monies without delivring our air tickect

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  • Ed
    eDreamsNightmares Jan 08, 2013

    I had a bad experience with this company too! And they offered me 15 Euro's toward my next trip through them.After the absolute hell they put me and my girlfriend through, I started this FB page and started causing a commotion.Since starting up the Twitter, FB and other Pages, I had one of the Marketing Directors of eDreams contact me.So it means that my cause is working!
    Please go join and tell us your story! Let's share our bad eDreams Experiences with the potential first time "victims" or past "victims"
    Let's make them listen and do something for a change!
    Bad press make for open ears!

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