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D Oct 10, 2019

Here's my story:
Here is the issue. I couldn't enjoy the arrangement because of the bad taste in my mouth in receiving it.

When ordered, it was advised there would be a cooler left on my completely enclosed and covered front porch with a cooler and ice packs. She notated the account as she was told DO NOT LEAVE WITH NEIGHBORS!!! She had asked can neighbors receive and It was advised absolutely not. And she said she put on the order about no neighbors and the coolers.

Well, at a little after 10pm that night the door is knocked on and it is the neighbor with the arrangement. The problems are: it was explicitly advised to not leave with neighbor. Cooler was ready for arrangement. No reason to leave with neighbor.

The card was intimate and was in plain view to be read by everyone that lives in their house and who knows if they read it to the entire neighborhood, and not in a sealed envelope. Issue is, I have lived here for YEARS and not a word has EVER been exchanged with my neighbor. EVER. So you can imagine my embarrassment and shock when they are at my door at 10pm at night and I realize that one: I HAVE JUST BEEN OUTED BY YOU to them due to the card being so intimate and from another woman and two: regardless of if the card was from a man or a woman, I would be horrified that a neighbor I have to live beside and see in passing daily that's never spoken to me in years just read an intimate and personal message to me from anyone else - much less that outed me!

My personal life is just that, very personal to me. And when a delivery is made, the card isn't a big deal because I'll never see the delivery person again. But my neighbors are different. And this is unacceptable!! At a minimum, put the card in sealed envelopes if you are leaving them at strangers doors to deliver them FOR YOU!! Even when explicitly requested to not leave at neighbor under any circumstance because we don't know each other and have never even spoken. I don't even know their name. It it was awkward receiving from them and thanking them as our first exchange of words ever. Authority was given to leave in coolers in front porch left unlocked and absolutely no neighbors. And she said she had notated as such.

My warning to you the client. Be careful about delivery if you provide them options - they may just ask your neighbor to deliver anyway. If you aren't close with or if you don't know your neighbors, you may want to reconsider.

UPDATE: the lady at the store said she's sorry. That the driver couldn't fit the arrangement in the cooler. Which I am attaching pics of it in the exact cooler I had outside with the five ice packs inside. So it does fit! And next, even if it didn't fit, you were told to not deliver to the neighbors and you said ok I've notated the order to not deliver to neighbor.

She offered that the card has a smoothie coupon on the back. WTF - I don't want a free anything - but funny because all the cards have that on the back and I received that regardless of issue.

WHAT I do want is for you to learn a CUSTOMER SERVICE LESSON: when a customer specifically says "do not deliver to neighbors" DON'T. You said ok to this and noted the delivery info (so you say), yet did the opposite. If the chocolate melts it's on us as we said to leave it in cooler and you agreed to. If you wouldn't do that, then say so when on phone with you. And when you say ok to no neighbor delivery, honor what you agree to!!

Poor, terrible customer service.

Port Charlotte Florida Store

Edible arrangements
Edible arrangements

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