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Cadbury reviews & complaints

Cadbury complaints 98

Cadbury - PS Caramel bar

I purchased a PS bar on 20/01/2022 from SuperSpar in Carlwald. The expiration date was listed as 21/08/22. I opened it on the same day, took one bite and the wafer was completely hard but chewy and completely stale. This was a very disappointing experience and I would greatly appreciate it if it could be resolved in some way. I did have to throw the bar out as I couldn't keep opened food in the house.


Cadbury - nothing coin swiggy coupon code

i redeemed the swiggy money coupon which requires a coupon and a 6 digit code which was not provided hence making the coupon useless.
i have provided a screen shot of the email sent by the team in which only the coupon code is given without the passcode.i hope this will be resloved at the earliest .
-Ansh Panjwani
contact [protected]

Desired outcome: please provide a valid code with the pin.



Cadbury - Heroes chocolate

To whom it may concern,
I'm here to make a complaint over the fact I bought a box of heroes today and they all tasted very strange and were discoloured. I have taken pictures of them which I've attached. I was extremely extremely disappointed with this as I bought them for a Christmas event and when I opened them I was honestly embarrassed by the look and taste of them. I hope this can be resolved.
Thank you.

Desired outcome: Some Cadbury chocolate to be sent to our home


Cadbury - Purchase of a spoilt cadbury bar

I love chocolates, and Cadbury has always been my favorite since I was a child. To my surprise, for the 2nd time in my purchase of the chocolate, I am very disappointed to begin with. I purchased a...

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Cadbury - Mix pack chocolates, mini norch, tvbar, nougat, nikki etc

My wife bought two (2) pack of the assorted chocolates for about +- R70.00 and the nought and nikki was not in the pack. She bought it from Shoprite in
chatsworth. I approached the store with regard to my query and was told that
they could not help me because of the Covid 19 policy, it was sad because
after this experience i do not think that we will be buying this product
anymore. The store could have logged call to the relevant supplier and got
back to me but they refused. Aden Naidoo [protected] W Kerri [protected]

Desired outcome: I just wanted to let the company know, so this wont happen to someone else

Nov 14, 2021

Cadbury - Cadbury slabs box

Hi All
I recently PURCHASED a few cadbury products from a local sweet shop,
The whole nut slabs entire box was expired and could not be exchanged or refunded and i am a big fan of this products and now i am losing my mind trying to find resolve
Can i please get a full fresh box of slabs(Whole nut) and a free gift for all my trouble and loss of income /time running around

Desired outcome: Cadbury can send me a voucher or a gift set with my box slab included


Cadbury - Dairy milk silk red velvet

About 3 weeks ago i purchased a DAIRY MILK SILK RED VELVET oreo from a retailer where the chocolate was not in good condition and to be mentioned the chocolate packing was not good the inner cover was too wet and i noticed that the chocolate had avery bad smell with black spots and i feel unsafe to eat this chocolate i have attached th chocolate pics below kindly see to that and i request you to do a favour for me

Nov 08, 2021

Cadbury - Dairy milk

I purchased 3 Cadbury dairy milk of 10 rupees each from a local shop near my house in Thane, Maharashtra on 7th November of 2021.

2 were fine but one of them had weird dots on them and it's taste was also weird. After taking a single bite I threw the whole packet. Packaging date is 7-2021 and code written is D1 0728 B1.

It is manufactured by Mondelez India foods pvt ltd. Unit no 2110, 20th floor, tower 3, wing c, one international center, parel, mumbai 400013 at DP Chocolates, Khasara No 166, Apparel park cum industrial area, katha batoli, baddi, Dist- solan, Himachal Pradesh 173205.

Very disappointed with Cadbury.

Cadbury - Product

I bought a bar of chocolate CADBURY ALMOND CHOCOLATE BAR at 99 Speedmart near my house. After a few hours of reaching home, I decided to eat the chocolate, to my surprise when I opened the chocolate packet, there were tiny spots on the chocolate bar, and the texture of the chocolate was crumbled and there were also white spots on the rest of the chocolate bar.

I would like a refund and replacement of the product as it was really disappointing to have received my favorite chocolate bar in such condition.

Do contact me at : [protected]

Oct 30, 2021

Cadbury - Cadbury halloween fun treats (box of 90)

Bought Halloween candy bars from Walmart in whitecourt, Alberta. When we opened first box we found wrappers with no candy bars in them. Wrappers were still sealed with air inside. A total of 7 wrappers were empty in the box of 90. Not cool. I wonder how often this happens? Never really had this happen before. Although it seems meager to file I'm not complaining about quality, just quantity. Cadbury is still my favourite chocolate. Just hope factory rectifies issue and minimizes this from happening to others.

Desired outcome: Replace product

Cadbury - Cadburys milk chocolate

I bought a slab of Cadburys milk chocolate and tried to melt it over low heat on the stove, yesterday the 5th September, I then attempted melting it in the microwave, it made no difference. The chocolate would NOT melt and rather the whole consistency changed, it looks similar to a ball of gravel. I was very surprised as I have melted chocolate in this way for years.

I attach the photo so that you can see the problem.

Please advise, have the ingredients changed or what could be the problem?



Desired outcome: a reason why this happened

Cadbury - Cadbury wholenut

To whom it may concern I just bought a Cadbury whole which is my favorite by the way and it has a few nuts and this is not the first time maybe you guys should sell one with more nuts and call it Cadbury with extra nuts and increase the price I mean the main reason we buy it its because of the nuts if I didn't want nuts I would buy dairy milk so help this is not fair for some of us eating chocolate is a luxury so please make it enjoyable for us I am really really disappointed now we are forced to eat sneaker because it has more nuts please do the right thing so we can remember why we love wholenut so much.

Desired outcome: Chocolate with more nuts

Cadbury - Whole nut chocolate

Hi, I bought a Cadbury's slab chocolate, whole nut, and there was only a few nuts in the chocolate. This isn't the first time that I've experienced this with the wholenut chocolate. If I wanted a plain chocolate, I'd buy Dairy milk. I'm really disappointed in your product.
There used to be nuts in almost every block, now you will be lucky to find a few scattered pieces.


Cadbury - Cadbury dairy milk chocolate

We bought this chocolate on 21 july 2021. It's a nearby shop to lane no. 3, thite nagar, kharadi, pune. 411014
Chocolate mfg date 05/2021.
We bought two dairy milk worth rs .10 each. Ate one of them but the taste was suspicious. The other one is showing white dots on it like the first one. This seems to be like a rotten chocolate or faulty which can easily affects someone's health. We still have the the chocolate with us and can present wherever it is required. Cadbury should do routine check ups on their product and kindly look into this matter .

Swati Rangari

Desired outcome: Compensation

Cadbury - Cadbury dairy milk silk roast almond

Today on 22 july 2021 I bought a Cadbury dairymilk silk roste almond choclate from a store in Guwahati for my sister. She began opening the dairy milk after coming back home and noticed some white partials on the choclate.
The choclate was pkd on 14/02/2021. The choclate was looking creepy. It says rich classic choclate -why? how? can choclate this bad be rich and classy.

Cadbury - Lunchbar

Good day,

I bought a lunchbar as a once in a while treat for pensioners at Pick and Pay Gordonsbay today, and it was rock hard, very dissapointed and in pain, therefore this email.

I herby attach the slip and wrapper which bb 15/12/21. Shocking to see that it is suppose to be expired by December, by then it might be a fossil. 😅

Will you please take these from the shelves for old age people like us, it is very harmful to our 'plastic teeth'

Best regards

Desired outcome: Compensation with Cadbury hamper delivered

Jun 27, 2021

Cadbury - Complaint

I am livid! What is wrong with Cadbury. Your [censored] people texted me almost 11 pm with spam. [censored] you!

Now you say my complaint is too short to submit. I hope you all burn in hell. Is that long enough? Do you get the picture?


Cadbury - Quality of the product

Good day,

Would like to lay a complaint on the quality of your chocolates. My husband and I were having our daily treat before bed, and he opened a PS and it had no chocolate on. Very disappointed. This is unfortunately not the first time this happened. That time we thought maybe it was just a mistake, however now it's becoming a waste of money and we would rather buy elsewhere.

Desired outcome: Replaced

Cadbury - Lunchbar dream

I bought a Cadbury lunchbar dream last night in Kisumu, Kenya and upon opening it it was looking powdery. Today is 08/04/2021 and the expiry date on the packet reads 22/06/21. I don't know if it's safe for consumption and I am sure I cannot get a refund since I have already opened the package. Kindly look into the issue and also address things to do in such instances. It sucks

Cadbury - Wholenut chocolate slab

06/04/2021 - I bought a slab chocolate at checkers malvern durban - I ate some of the blocks (at work) and noticed that the nuts looks really off and old really bad then the horrifies spider like webs on the inside of the wrapper and on the chocolate, I actually felt sick to my stomach and threw up. I am to scared to buy cadbury again, a well known name that I grew up with is distributing gogga chocolates to people

Apr 06, 2021


Apr 06, 2021


Apr 06, 2021


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