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Cadbury plc

Cadbury House, Sanderson Road
United Kingdom - UB81DH

Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 818 181(Cadbury UK Products) 3 2
1800 678 708(Ireland) 2 1
+44 121 458 2000(General Information) 5 0
+44 289 016 9916(Cadbury UK Products) 2 0
+44 844 880 7667(Cadbury World) 1 0
+44 845 600 3113(Cadbury Gifts Direct) 1 0
+44 167 742 3397(R&R Ice Cream) 1 0
+27 860 223 287(South Africa) 5 0
Cadbury World
Cadbury, PO Box 12, Bournville, Birmingham B30 2LU

Malahide Road, Coolock, Dublin 5, Ireland

South Africa
Building 13 Harrowdene Office Park, Kelvin Drive, Woodmead, Sandton

Cadbury Complaints & Reviews

Cadbury — oreo bites

CadburyI purchased a pack of oreo bites 110g they had holes on them and white spots and blotches all over them and inside wa...

Food  · Dec 20, 2019

Cadbury — fruit & nut large pack

CadburyHello, Greetings of the day...!! I purchased 20 packs of Fruit & Nut Large pack of MRP 80 INR from CSD & distributed 15...

Food  · Dec 07, 2019

Cadbury — cadbury silk roast & almond

CadburyHi, I have purchased the silk from my local vendor here at Ahmedabad. The expiry was in Decmeber so I purchased it...

Food  · Nov 26, 2019

Cadbury — product

As I complained about your product on 7/11/2019. But from your side I can't get any email or something. It happened...

Food  · Nov 18, 2019

Cadbury — crunchie spread

CadburyGood day, I recently bought this crunchie spread a month ago from Spar, it was R 200 and has been sitting in my fridge, I...

Food  · Nov 12, 2019

Cadbury — celebrations

CadburyI recently bought 3 cadbury celebrations and from them found the dairy milk and the 5 star chocolate completely rotten...

Food  · Nov 11, 2019

Cadbury — product

CadburyYesterday I bought a dairy milk chocolate and it is seems very bad there are spots on the chocolate and it is like...

Food  · Nov 07, 2019

Cadbury — Cadbury dairy milk chocolate

CadburyDear sir, Today i have brought one Cadbury dairy milk of Rs. 40. From Samarth sweets shop located in Phaltan...

Food  · Oct 27, 2019

Cadbury — oreo cadbury coated

CadburyI got a packet of oreos coated in cabury coated and I got a packet of them and I got one half of the biscuit coated in...

Food  · Sep 29, 2019

Cadbury — cadbury dairy milk of rs 40, 52 grams

CadburyI bought three Cadbury dairy milk of 52 grams each and every chocolate is of bad quality. Chocolate flavour is not up to...

Food  · Sep 02, 2019

Cadbury — dairy milk fruit and nut

I love all the chocolate of Dairy milk. But today I felt very pathetic because there was a stapler pin in my chocolate...

Food  · Sep 02, 2019

Cadbury — cadbury supplier

CadburyDear team I m A retailer I have own shop at mukundgarh mandi jaipur pilani raod opp petrol pump (333705) i m requesting from...

Food  · Sep 01, 2019

Cadbury — cadbury celebrations

CadburyA few days ago I bought a cadbury celebrations pack worth Rs.50 consisting 2 dairy milk, 2 gems and 1 five star. None of...

Food  · Aug 16, 2019

Cadbury — dairy milk celebration

Yesterday I bought dairy milk celebration 4box and its disgusting to see fungus in Evey chocolate.. I have never...

Food  · Aug 10, 2019

Cadbury — lunch bar

The product that i buy from you are The product the I both from you are really unacceptable I really love the big lunch...

Food  · Aug 06, 2019

Cadbury — deformed / blistered / contaminated cadbury supplied to me against purchase payment

CadburyThis is to bring to your knowledge that one of your Brand Cadburry pack I purchased from a store at Rajiv Gandhi...

Food  · Jul 21, 2019

Cadbury — cadbury dairy milk

CadburyHey this is to bring in your notice that I recently bought a chocolate from the shopkeeper and i am really shocked to...

Food  · Jul 19, 2019

Cadbury — silk oreo

I find it the worst of your chocolates I am having cadburry products from childhood but today when i see a product in...

Food  · Jul 16, 2019

Cadbury — chocolate

Cadburyमैं कृष्णा डेली नीड अमूल पार्लर से शिकायत दर्ज करना चाहता हूं कि पिछले काफी समय से बार-बार कंप्लेंट करने पर भी कैडबरी की...

Food  · Jul 03, 2019

Cadbury — silk oreo

I just bought one Cadbury diary milk silk Oreo . While removed the outerpack, it seemed like almost one by third of the...

Food  · Jul 01, 2019

Cadbury — chocolate

I bought 4 dairy milk chocolates yesterday. They are wish packs. When i unwrapped one of it, it was totally spoiled and...

Food  · Jun 28, 2019

Cadbury — visi cooler for chocolate

Dear Sirs : We are running an AC outlet in name of KRRISH WORLD at 20/2, Upendranath Mitra Lane, Howrah, 711 106, West...

Food  · Apr 19, 2019

Cadbury — crispy crunch

I bought a crispy crunch, trying to capture my youth, I have not had one in years but do remember that first bite, boy...

Food  · Apr 16, 2019

Cadbury — lunch bar

Good day I purchased a lunch bar chocolate 48g from checkers in reservoir hills durban. As I took the first bite I noticed...

Food  · Apr 15, 2019

Cadbury — dairy milk chocolate rs 5 full box

I bought rs 5dairy milk full box and its disgusting to see fungus in it... I have never expected this atleast from such...

Food  · Feb 23, 2019

Cadbury — cadbury's dairy milk crackle /friends pack

CadburyI have bought your product Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate, crackle and its price is rupees 40 only and I want to...

Other  · Dec 11, 2018

Cadbury — 10 rupees bar

It taste much like sugar than chocolate .I usually buy silk it tastes good but these 10 rupee bar are over sweet...

Food  · Nov 19, 2018

Cadbury — I am complaining about the dairy milk chocolate of rs. 40

Sir, I am a regular customer of buying dairy milk chocolate of Rs.40 only, because it's flavour and thickness of the...

Food  · Nov 03, 2018

Cadbury India — cadbury chocolates (including gems)

Cadbury IndiaRecently I bought a box of Cadbury Celebrations worth ₹ 100/- . When I opened the box and unwrapped the chocolates one by...

Food  · Oct 24, 2018

Cadbury — cadbury dairy milk chocolate bars

I've been a consumer of your products since literally forever, but over the last couple of years I've seen a gradual...

Food  · Oct 17, 2018

Cadbury — dairymilk

Mfd in feb 2018 And will expired in feb 2019 but before about 4 months it gets infected by bacteria and i have clip of...

Food  · Oct 09, 2018

Cadbury — cadbury dairy milk

CadburyI purchased Cadbury dairy milk which from shop and when i opened it, it was having fungus and Germany on it.I am going...

Food  · Sep 30, 2018

Cadbury Celebration — bad product with white fungus type thing in cadbury items.

Cadbury CelebrationBought a Celebration pack on 7th September 2018. Pack details: RS. 150; net wt: 172.6g Expiry date: 01/19 Every item...

Food  · Sep 27, 2018

Cadbury — cadbury caramello

#101 74247 I have already contacted you and been contacted in regards to the first 2 blocks i opened. was told that they...

Food  · Sep 25, 2018

Cadbury — cadbury celebration

CadburyI would like to draw the attention of the authorities that I have been frauded from a most reputed company "Cadbury". A...

Food  · Aug 28, 2018

Cadbury — fungi on the chocolate inside pack

CadburyThs dairy milk is black from boundary nd green fungy as well.on it inside the wrapper . some gummy stuff too. It'...

Food  · Aug 28, 2018

Cadbury — food product

CadburyDear Sir, I am a evertime admirer of cadbury and its all products. but it is very much dissaponiting these days regarding the...

Food  · Aug 25, 2018

Cadbury Silk — chocolate

Cadbury SilkWorms in dairy milk silk bought it before 2 days only evn it's not expiry My kid had the half of the chocolate suddenly what...

Food  · Jun 29, 2018

Cadbury's Chocolate-YUCK — cadbury milk & royal dark chocolate, slabs-bought at walmart usa 3.5 ounces

I just wanted to let you know that I no longer buy cadbury's chocolate here in corona, ca since your company has changed...

1 comments Corona Food  · Jun 25, 2018

Cadbury — cadbury mint slab

Cadburygood day, on the 11/06/2018 I was eating a slab chocolate at night while watching movie. as I was enjoying my chocolate I...

Food  · Jun 12, 2018