Edible Arrangements Complaints & Reviews

Edible Arrangements / delivery (customer service)

Oct 10, 2019

Edible ArrangementsHere's my story: Here is the issue. I couldn't enjoy the arrangement because of the bad taste in my mouth in receiving it. When ordered, it was advised there would be a cooler left on my completely enclosed and covered front porch with a cooler and ice packs. She notated the account as she...

Edible Arrangements / edible arrangement

Oct 09, 2019

Edible ArrangementsI sent a Edible Arrangement to a Family member that was Delivered Oct. 9th 2019. The fruit in the basket is not fresh, the fruit is mushy and appears as if Frozen fruit was used. I've placed several orders in the past, this is the first bad experience I've had. Order Confirmation# W0079259123 Order# F1458061096 I look forward to a Favorable response. Thank You

Edible Arrangements / non-delivery of product

Oct 07, 2019

My husband ordered an edible arrangement to be delivered on Sunday, September 29. The representative called me (the recipient) that same day to say that the driver had already come to that area for the day. I gave the rep my husbands number and assumed that it would be delivered the...

Edible Arrangements / an order of pineapple covered with chocolate 1 dozen

Oct 03, 2019

I will never buy from you all again. My delivery was never made for my aunt's 60th birthday yesterday and when I called to just cancel it they basically hung up on me but not before saying they wouldn't give me the $14.99 delivery fee back! Bad business! I will never order from...

Edible Arrangements / problem with delivery

Sep 20, 2019

Specific instructions was for them to deliver it directly to my mom, because my mom is very particular about her food.The direction was for them to go to her section at work and deliver to her.The lady just left it with someone at the desk and left.I know my mom will not eat it.The lady...

Edible Arrangements / service

Sep 15, 2019

My mother passed away this morning. As a gift we wanted to get an arrangement for the hospice staff. We called the cherry hill location to see if they were open. When we arrived the door was locked 15 minutes before closing time. We knocked on the door and were let in by a very rude...

Edible Arrangements / my complaint is due to the fact of how unprofessional and untrained you employees are

Sep 12, 2019

I ordered a edible to be delivered on 9/11 ‘yesterday' and for one I didn't receive a delivery time, 2 I received a email that the arrangement was delivered at 3:12 pm and at 3:24 I received a call from driver to help them get to the delivery location I gave her the address again and even...

Edible Arrangements / customer services rep

Sep 09, 2019

I called the customer services on today the lady on the phone was very rude and hang-up in my face. Didnt show no type of customer services over the phone, for this reason I need not spend no money with this company . And I will have all of there store shut down here in the Richmond, Va...

Edible Arrangements / 12 count chocolate dipped strawberries

Aug 30, 2019

I received this package as a birthday gift from my work colleagues and feel awful to let them know that within a couple days of receiving the gift and refrigerating the box, every single one of the strawberries went bad-seriously, white fuzzy mold had grown on each of them. I had eaten...

Edible Arrangements / bait and switch

Aug 20, 2019

Edible ArrangementsI love surprising my friends and family with edible arrangement bouquets for special occasions. The fruit is always delicious and fresh, and I've always recieved great customer service. I usually have my friends or family send me a picture when the item is delivered. This time to my...

Edible Arrangements / Delivery person lack of Customer Service skills

Aug 18, 2019

This Sunday afternoon an Edible Arrangements delivery person rang my bell, when I answered the delivery person was pulling off. I waved her down and when she emerged from her vehicle she seemed very agitated. She asked did I make an order and I said no but what was the name on the receipt...

Edible Arrangements / fruit arrangement

Aug 12, 2019

Edible ArrangementsOn Saturday, August 10 I ordered an edible arrangement . I paid for it by Pay Pal. The money was taken from my account. I was told it was out for delivery . It was going to a hospital. My nephew waited all day for it. I'm sick st heart as it never came. Still to this date it was not...

Edible Arrangements / fruit basket

Aug 09, 2019

My best friend ordered me an edible arrangement from this location and I was so not satisfied. Every piece of fruit was bitter. I called and spoke with the owner about the fruit being bitter and he would not remake or refund my friend her money back. You all should stand behind your...

Edible Arrangements / customer service

Jul 24, 2019

I definitely was not a fan of my first experience with this new location that just opened in January 2019. An order from Edible Arrangements is my go-to gift for birthdays, mother's day, newborns, and just because. I was excited about this location opening on Malabar Road because it i...

Edible Arrangements / delicious celebration

Jul 15, 2019

Order placed @9:20 am Out door @1:15pm (Karen) Arrived 2:00 pm Shared route From 6001 Argyle Forest Blvd Suite 17, Jacksonville, FL 32244 to 21st Century Oncology, 2141 Loch Rane Blvd #116, Orange Park, FL 32073 via Blanding Blvd/State Rd 21 S. 10 min (2.8 mi) to destination. 10 min in...

Edible Arrangements / fruit basket

Jul 15, 2019

Edible ArrangementsGood Morning, Yesterday, I received an edible arrangement from the store in Rocky Hill, CT that was delivered to 3 Stillmeadow Lane, Berlin CT. Upon arrival, the delivery man had the arrangement loosely in his front seat. The watermelon was not fresh looking or tasting at all. All the...

Edible Arrangements / fathers day basket

Jun 20, 2019

To whom it may concern I ordered a tasty touchdown ultimate father's day basket on 6/15/19 online. I wanted it delivered but they said it couldn't be delivered, So I said I'd pick it up 6/16/19 at 930am. I was running late and attempted to call the Middletown NY store several times and wa...

Edible Arrangements / free birthday gift of 12 count dipped fruit

Jun 18, 2019

6/3 received an email from Edible (for my birthday) with a code for a FREE 12 count of Chocolate Dipped Fruit 6/12 I place an order on-line for a 12 count chocolate dipped fruit box and the FREE coupon code comes up as INVALID 6/14 I call the Massapequa Park NY Store # 942 and speak to Grace...

Edible Arrangements / service

May 22, 2019

Edible ArrangementsI have been using edibles arrangement for a while now. Never had an issue until today. On mother's day I chose a mother's day package for a $127. I asked my mother to not go nowhere as I sent a surprise. All day my status read "packaging" then after 7:00 I received an email that a delivery...

Edible Arrangements / mother's day gift

May 20, 2019

On 05/10/2019 I placed an order at the Fayetteville, GA I paid for a box of strawberries and a basket of fruit. Thee agent promised to deliver it the same day(Friday). However it was not delivered as agreed. then on Saturday it still did not come. So on Sunday I called the location to...

Edible Arrangements / chocolate covered strawberries

May 18, 2019

Edible ArrangementsI ordered an arrangement and a box of chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered to my brothers house on May 11th 2019 from the storein Monroe CT. We were celebrating Mothers day with our mom for the first time since our dad passed away. The arrangement was delicious but the chocolate...

Edible Arrangements / delivery and order incomplete

May 16, 2019

I placed an order on 4/28/19 to be delivered on 5/14/19. The store number is 358. The order wasn't delivered 5/14/19, it was delivered 5/15/19. I called all day to check status on the order and nobody answered the phone. This is the number of the location [protected]. And to finish I paid 5.00...

Edible Arrangements / balloon bundle

May 15, 2019

I Ke'lone Branch made an online order# W0076746539-1. I called in to confirm any adjustments that needed to be made. I was very specific about time of delivery for both attempts. The first time the balloons weren't delivered. Four o'clock and no later I explained. She assured me that her...

Edible Arrangements / customer service.

May 13, 2019

Edible ArrangementsI run a restaurant and as a business woman i can't shake the way i was treated at the Rockville Centre location today. I placed an order for my mom on Saturday they claim i misspelled the address and It is quite possible i did BUT the address (that was off by one digit) that i gave...

Edible Arrangements / mother's day fruit arrangement

May 13, 2019

I order a mothers day fruit arrangement to be delivered to my mother in law in Texas. I spoke to my mother in law around 2:30 on Mothers day and she informed me she had not received her gift. I called the store on5124 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio TX and they said they would deliver by 7...

Edible Arrangements / fruit basket

May 13, 2019

My edible arrangement was nasty. All the fruit was sour and the chocolate covered strawberries were mushy. This is unacceptable considering the price! I want some sweet fruit in my arrangement. The honeydew and cantaloupe was extremely hard and not ripe. Although the arrangement was pretty...

Edible Arrangements / didn't get the order lied to cussed at

May 13, 2019

Edible Arrangements in Hampton Va. I ordered 3 weeks ago to have it delivered yesterday in plenty of time for Mothers Day.I called this morning to ask about it. I was told it would be delivered this morning it was on the truck. By 2 pm. I called again... It was not delivered yesterday even...

Edible Arrangements / full order

May 13, 2019

I placed an order for Mother's day for my Grandmother a while ago! My Grandmother never received the order. At about 6 oclock I called the store questioning where the order was and if they called because my grandmother and I reside in differents states a young lady answers and say...

Edible Arrangements / customer service/management

May 13, 2019

I needed to reschedule a delivery and was told by the driver to call the store (folsom, ca on east bidwell). I did just that. When the manager of the store picked up I began to explain why I was calling. I spoke maybe 4 words and was immediately cut off with him asking if I was home. I...

Edible Arrangements / missing items

May 12, 2019

Edible ArrangementsYou had one job, Never ever ordering from any of the Edible Arrangement stores again!!.. Like seriously its mother's day!!.. I came home from work in which I work in the food business to find this for my mother, anyone could of called me which is why I typed my phone number in and replaced...

Edible Arrangements / working @ 1259 clementon blackwood road

May 12, 2019

I was treated unfairly I was ignored and treated bad by a sara and a victoria Told id be working from may9th2019 until may12th2019 I was fired for no reason on may9th2019 after I worked only four hours I was hung up on the phone by "sara" and yes after she fired me for no apparent...

Edible Arrangements / poor customer care

May 09, 2019

I placed an order for my sister as an Aunt/ mother's day gift. Nothing too fancy, just a show of appreciation. The rep that handled my call was rude, unprofessional and unknowledgeable about the products. She didn't get my order right until after 5 times. She became beligerant when I asked...

Edible Arrangements / customer service

Apr 29, 2019

I am writing to complain on an employee that you have working on your store. I received a free box of chocolates coupon for my birthday this month. I called the store before processing it online and they told me to just do my order online and it should be free and that if it charged me...

Edible Arrangements / customer service

Apr 24, 2019

I am writing to complain about your stores in Worcester, MA. I have been a loyal customer for years in Worcester and the customer service lately has been nothing but awful at both locations! The staff seems to be clueless and rude to say the least! Beth at Pleasant Street location is the...

Edible Arrangements / pineapple

Apr 20, 2019

Good afternoon, I am complaining about the customer service at your store in 2320 w oregon ave.. The girl(s) that work in there have no idea how to run a store... I called several times and was told that my daughter birthday was in route that was a lie... I was hung up on which made me and...

Edible Arrangements / unethical behavior trying to solve a problem.

Mar 30, 2019

I trust this email don't fail to receive any notice. I put in a request yesterday 03/29/2019 @ 12:45pm. The request was set at the Kennesaw store; it was going to Cartersville which is 15 min away. I never got an email alarm or call or text message revealing to me my request has been...

Edible Arrangements / service / rudeness to the person receiving the gift

Mar 21, 2019

On March 20, 2019 I placed an order for my daughter in law for congratulations on passing your finals for nursing school. Order # W0074887412 Total was $47.08. First attempt she wasn't home, was just asking about what time no one could give me a straight answer at the shop. Second attempt...

Edible Arrangements / chocolate covered strawberry

Mar 18, 2019

There was two out of my twelve strawberries that were awful and rotten and no I will not ever eat this product again because the chocolate masks the strawberry and that taste was so atrocious. The strawberries were rotten and when you bit into them you got a disgusting flavor and the...

Edible Arrangements / Valentine's Day Fruit Bouquet (delivery)

Feb 19, 2019

My delivery for Valentine's day 2/14/2019 never came for my wife. I paid for this 1 week in advance to make sure it would be delivered on time to my wife. Well…I received NO call or NO email about either being late or sorry…we are on our way….NOTHING!! Now I verified everything before paying ...

Edible Arrangements / order #s1339091217 store #1339 main street, richmond, va

Feb 19, 2019

2/13/19 placed order for delivery 2/14/19 Order not delivered 2/14; received call from store at 5:35 p.m. to "make it right" We agreed to 2/18/19 delivery since recipient was out of office Delivery made 2/15 and just sat until 2/18 Called the store 15 times and phone was busy every...