Edgars Fashion / Edconharassment

To whom this may concern

the above matter refers

On the 23 September 2019, I have made arrangements to pay monthly installments and I have made it clear for edgars not to call me, but it seems like the people that are working in your company does not understand simple English and I have also asked for your'll not to call on my company work phone as I have a cellphone, yesterday when I got another call from Edgars I told this lady I have made arrangments and to stop calling me but it seems like she is so dumb that she doesnt understand english because I received another call today again on my company phone, if this is not going to stop the I will take further legal action against the company.

I further state as part of the consumer protection act once the client has made an arrangement then no call or sms should be sent as this will be a form of harassment, so if this matter is not delt with by close of business today then I will be forced to take further legal action.

Thank you

Oct 01, 2019

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