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I purchased a gift card voucher at the Edgards store in Mall of Africa, Midrand, on the 29th of March 2019, intending to take a trip to Durban on the same date. When my trip got cancelled, I was unable to get the gift card delivered. I then called customer care to find out what to do since the person whom the gift card voucher is intended for is in Durban. The lady that assisted me told me to send that person the gift card number and they'll be able to retrieve it at any Edgars store in Durban with this gift card number.

I did as I was told by your customer care. Once the person received the gift card number, they made the time to get to an Edgards store in west street, Durban. The staff at the store refused to assist her, she was told that I must send an email that stipulates that she's going fetch the voucher, via Edgars. This was a trip wasted because I did call your customer care before arranging with the recipient of the voucher, and this was completely unnecessary and could've been avoided had I been given the right information the first time around.

I called customer care again to inform them of the incident in west street, Durban, and the person that assisted me told me that I should go to the nearest Edgards store and I will be assisted with the gift card voucher for the recipient to receive, all I will need is to inform them of the Edgars in Durban where my recipient will receive the voucher. Again, I arranged with the person whom the gift card voucher is intended for and we both agreed again that we will make time to visit the store so that the voucher will finally be received.

Month end of September 2019, I visited the Edgars store in Vaal mall, Vanderbijlpark, and told one of the staff at the till about the gift card voucher and that the person receiving the voucher is in Durban, and that I was informed by customer care to come to the store and have it arranged. The lady at Edgars refused to assist me, I was even told to go to Durban and deliver it myself. I told the lady that I no longer have the slip as I bought this voucher back in March, and have been encountering problems regarding it eversince. She then took me to the customer care side but there was no one to assist me even there, as they had gone to lunch. I asked when I should come back for assistance but I was told that they don't know when the people on lunch are coming back and no one will help me either way, and I should take the voucher to Durban myself or rather spend it or just go back to Mall of Africa. Again, this was a trip wasted. Should I get my money back or will I ever be assisted?

I feel disappointed for being given the run around on a voucher which I bought with my money, the contradictory information I kept on receiving from your customer care, and the treatment that I had to endure from your Edgars staff. I feel that this is unnacceptable and inexcusable. The voucher has still not been used. What do I do now?

Disappointing Customer
Dineo Madibo

Oct 10, 2019

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