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My mother went to Edgars in Village Square on Monday 8 March to buy a couple of specific dummies for my 6 month old daughter. When she exited the store (with one bag containing the dummies), the security staff insisted she opens and unpack her handbag in front of everyone to see that she doesn't have any 'stolen' dummies in there. There were people in the store that knew her, do you know how humiliating she felt!! If she looked like a suspicious lady I would understand, but it's a 'well off' 44 year old woman! She spends A LOT of money in your store but that was the last time she ever set foot in Edgars. She already closed her account so don’t even bother replying or try to contact her.


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    Slenner Aug 20, 2010 really ****** right now... its been *******g 3 weeks since i've been waiting for my phone... after i wrote to hello peter the lady by the name of Nthabiseng called me apologizing and assured me that my phone will be really begging of this week. if i didnt scream at them they wouldnt offer me a courtecy phone but i had to scream really getting tired now... i just want my R2300.00 and buy myself a phone some where really angry coz they wasting my *******g time...

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    Redenter Aug 30, 2010

    I had noticed that for a few months now, i have been receiving my edgars account statement via email and vouchers on email. it is my birthday tomorrow and to date, no voucher received.i get no vouchers in my post anymore whatsoever i now go read my emails only to find another email from edgars has been sent to me
    after i had CANCELLED my email option due to me not getting any vouchers anymore and i dont always check my emails regularliy. i dont know who gave Egdars the right to even change my option to emails. i never gave that instruction. is this treating a valued customer in a correct manner? i pay all my accounts with you people every month up to date and make many purchases form your stores.

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    Nikita36 Sep 08, 2010

    On Wednesday 9 September I tried to use my card at Kabab Mahal (listed under your trendy restaurants) and was informed by the owner and manager that they are not part of Edgars Club Dine. This happened even after I showed him his ‘listing’ on the Club Dine website. The next morning, Thursday 10 September, I was also informed by the Global Wraps branch at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town that they also don’t know about this ‘dining thing’ and therefore I could also not take advantage of the R1 smoothie offer.

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    Noorimale Oct 04, 2010

    I am appalled at the level of service from Edgars, I logged a complaint on Monday and no one has contacted me as yet. I phoned the call centre yesterday again for the 8th time, then only did the agent refer the matter to the regional manager. Every agent I spoke to so far has supposedly escalated to the regional manager and the store but nothing has happened. As it stands the damage is a huge risk to my baby. If something has to happen to my baby, Edgars and Jeep will be be held solely responsible. If Edgars wants a court battle over this issue then that is what they will get. I was given the name of the regional manager as Elroy Van Blerk to contact me, I am still waiting for him to call me.

    Edgars, you better come to the party regarding this matter, I do not want another automated response from San again. When I call to speak to him, he is not available. I am sick and tried of Edgars hiding behind the phone. I will go to the store if you want me to, then all hell is going to break loose, trust me, I'm done being pushed from pillar to post. Edgars better contact me by 12h00 today!!!

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    Contracile Nov 05, 2010

    I went to the Polokwane Branch of Edgars and when I went to pay there was a line of more than 20 customers in line to pay but there was only 2 cashiers open with a possiblity of at least 6 more cashiers. Then while I was standing in line the cashier allowed the person she was helping to go and fetch more items to buy after she rung a few items of the customer. So she stood there doing nothing while waiting for the customer to return. so in effect only 1 cashier was open to help more than 20 customers.

    This is ridiculous!!! How can there only be 2 cashiers open??? And allow customers to shop after the cashier has rung some of their items?? Further more the air-conditioning was not working or not working properly!!!

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 06, 2010

    Maybe the store cannot afford to fully staff within this economy? Also, that cashier probably didn't know that customer was going to be leaving (often customers come up and then, when the cashier is finished, they go "oh wait I forgot something, " and run away).

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    Krish Nov 29, 2010

    I was approached months ago telephonically with an offer of a motor extender insurance policy covering mechanical breakdowns of my vehicle. I was told that I had to decide then, on the telephone, whether I wanted the cover or not. No documentation could be sent out to aid my decision. I took the policy and was promised policy documents would be sent to me forthwith. I have now been paying the policy for 3 months, with monthly installments accruing on my Edgars account.

    Now that I need to make a claim, I have been through, without exaggeration, at least 40 different numbers via the customer service call centre. Each number I am told to phone tells me that I am at the wrong deapartment and gives me another number to phone. This has been going on for almost a month and I don't seem to be any closer to contacting the correct department in this regard. I have also been to customer services at the Sandton Edgars branch who have made numerous calls on my behalf with the same results.

    It seems no-one within the organization even knows which company the policy is through, or can find any record of the policy on my account, yet the monthly premiums are deducted without fail.

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  • Ba
    Banicine Jan 11, 2011

    I am not satisfied with the fact that i am expected to just wait indefinately for a part to arrive for my tv to be repaired and returned to me. Nobody at Edgars or Mastercare is able to or even bothered to give me a turnaround time.

    I pay for this appliance maintenance and i dont think i should still have to pay excess when this is the poor service i receive. Yes i have your loan unit but thanks for sending no remote, i need the exercise.

    Its disgraceful, i believe Edgars should really help me get over my disgust with a voucher at least, bye the way i didnt get my birthday voucher in January either.

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  • Ju
    Jusste Jan 24, 2011

    No stock of the size I required was available. Got the run around about who I should speak to about getting what I required, even if it meant going to another branch. EVENTUALLY, some one took down my details and what I was looking for and said they will get back to me the next day. IT has been 2 days now and still no one has come back to me.

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  • Sh
    Shana2011 Mar 22, 2011

    I have the appliance insurance with Edgars . I have an ongoing problem with regards to my fridge. it broke more than two years ago and until today, it still has not been fixed yet. it was sent away to mastercare and come back, works for 2-3 days, then just breaks again. I really not happy with the service I received . I had to buy me a small fridge as i just gave up hope that my fridge will be fixed.
    Anyway, to make a long story short, I would LOVE to get my fridge fixed . However, I have been e-mailing edgars(* only because my policy is with them and i expect a service from them) for the last 3 weeks, i got a response to my e-mail, a guy came to my house, but my broken fridge is still standing at home !

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  • Wy
    Wynand de klerk Jan 02, 2014

    I went to Edgards Kolonnade first week of December and waited in a que for nearly an hour to purchase a pair of shoes. This due to only 2 cashiers at each till point in the store.
    Today I went to Rooihuiskraal and I have never seen a Edgar's store in such a terrible state. Clothing lying out of packages in menswear, toys lying all over the kids department, Christmas trees without decorations and then waiting long in a que. No management in sight.

    Edgar's if this is your standards I won't be shopping there anymore.

    Poor standards and poor service. Not too mekntion a month ago I found the same in Centurion.stock lying on the ground and staff standing around and not even caring about it. Realy disappointed guys.

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  • Mi
    miss watts Mar 02, 2014

    I went To trade route edgars tO Buy GUEss Jeans The adVeRt SaiD R200 Off AnY GUESS JEanS UnTiL 1st marCh But wHEn I GOt THeRe THEy TELL me tHe SpECiAl EnDeD ON THE 27 FeB WhICh IS TOtAl BUll FAlsE AdvEtISiNg

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    Chants1221 Jun 17, 2014

    My fiancé took me shoe-shopping yesterday and excitedly (to my regret now) I suggested Edgars since I knew they had nice flat boots that I will soon need as I'm pregnant. Firstly a lady by the name Lateefa refused to let be purchase a top that according to her had an error and had to be send back to their H/O, even though the item was on their shelf with a barcode, its own label and a marked down price and when I suggested asking the manager for a overwriting code, and she said no the manager will agree with her they cant sell that top. Since when have you ever (apart form Eskom) heard of a company saying an item on their shelf with a label and price on can't be bought!?
    My fiancé has to go exchange some shirt since all the long sleeves he took from one pile was then short (wrongly packed on shelf) and dumped my shoes and our items on the floor and started assisting another client (which i have no objection against) but then Lateefa turned around (while I am waiting for my fiancées return) and bluntly says to the cashier "I (she) want to go home now, I am tired and don't feel like dealing with this 'tannie'!! How rude! Apart from the fact that she is older than me since i am only 25 and she looks in her late 20's then to turn around and loudly say that! My mood was totally spoilt and looking at my bought pairs of shoes today I still feel nauseated by the terrible and rude service received from Lateefa! I have never in my life felt so degraded as yesterday and I will never in my life put my feet in the Bayside Edgars story again! I am not even sure if i am interested in buying from any of their stores since there are more than enough opposition that will actually allow me to buy items on their shelf and will not treat me like that!

    Siss on Edgars for employing staff like that!

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  • Ad
    Adri_Smit Dec 09, 2014

    I purchased a phone on special through Edgars, the MTN special was for a phone and a battery pack. After paying for the phone I was informed that the battery packs are finished. According to the advert, it did not indicate while stocks last and asked if they could please find out where I can get my battery pack. The sales lady phone another branch of which I was informed that you only get a battery pack when you purchase the phone at that specific store. Up to date, I have not received my battery pack, as it was promised.

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  • Mo
    Monica29 Jul 30, 2015

    Went to Edgars Gateway to return a sweater that I received as a gift due to the size being too big. This was on Saturday, 25.07.15. Label of the sweater was still attached and gift receipt was given.
    I was informed that was a small black mark on the sleeve. Hence I could not return the sweater as it was not in original condition.
    I advised that this is of no fault of mine considering I have not worn the sweater and all documentation was available to ensure return.
    I believe this was unfair practice as a return would have been done if it was a normal purchase that I could have wanetd to return if I had spottred a mark on the sweater.
    Completely disappointed.

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  • Mi
    Michael2825749 Sep 17, 2015

    I just received a call (2:06pm 2017-09-17) from the Edgar's Call center, when I answered the phone the operator was still busy having a conversion with a colleague. Eventually she decided to speak to me, when I told her I cant talk, I'm at work, she replied by saying: Then why did you answer the blimin phone. I am 100% disgusted that something like this could take place!!!

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  • Re
    Reviewer76836 Sep 18, 2015

    Good day - 18/09/2017

    I would like to tell you how unfair it is when you return something for Credit and according to the new Edcon Refund Policy, they are not allowed to credit your account, but refund you in the form of a Gift card.

    After many years of trading with Edgars, I would prefer to buy from any other store - Exclude all Edcon stores, and rather close my account after more than 20 years.

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  • Re
    Reviewer15820 Oct 19, 2015

    On the 10/09 I bought two pairs of Jeans on special (buy one, get one free) for my sister. I then gave them to her a week later but she didnt like them so took them back to exchange them for a handbag which she preferred. This was at Festival Mall (where I purchased them) only to be told she can not do an exchange without the slip or account number. She did not have this info as I purchased the jeans on my account. I was only able to get to Festival Mall on the 14/10 for them to check the details on my account as I misplaced the slip. The jeans still had all the labels on and stickers sized but I was told I cannot exchange now as my 30 days are up. I was 4 days over the 30 days. Now I sit with two pairs of jeans that are brand new but I can do nothing with them. I am disgusted that as a loyal edgars supporter I wasn't even able to do an exchange. I didn't want a refund! Woolworths will allow you to take clothes back without a slip and will exchange in a 60 day period. I will be closing my account with Edgars and opening up an account with Woolworths. Edgars is going to lose a lot of business this way! Account Holder: JM Davidson

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  • Ja
    Jan Jan Nov 18, 2015

    That is their policy. You should have acted faster. Go to woolworths then.

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