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H Nov 29, 2017

Incident 29/11/2017-around 9:00am
Re : Complaint against supervisor "Pexie"
The incident took place at the Durban Edcon Factory in Prospecton.
My daughter Cassidy Bodhanya has been working there for the past three weeks as a casual worker. She will be studying next year, so she required the extra money and work experience.
She confirmed that today the supervisor Pexie (calling name) called her out of the line to lift up a heavy box. She advised him that she would need assistance to lift up the box up as it was too heavy for her to do so, on her own. His instruction was that it was her job and if she could not lift up the box by herself she should leave the job as it was a requirement.
For the past three weeks she used to complain about the treatment at the work place. People in supervision roles were very unprofessional.

I work for a very big company and service excellence as well as staff satisfaction, is a priority.
This sort of unprofessional behaviour for a supervisor is unacceptable. She also confirmed that the manager Bheki also behaves in an unprofessional manner.
I would appreciate it if someone could investigate this matter and maybe treatment of staff at Edcon would change. I would not wish this sort of work experience on anyone.

Thank you for your assistance.

Gloria Bodhanya (031.3652149)

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