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Fraudulent charges on account totally over 1,000 dollars

I have a serious issue and I have yet to have any resolution. I have called multiple times, I have emailed multiple times and had several chats. I was told I placed an order Monday night for 97 dollars. received a verification through paypal after there was a weird error on the checkout though EB. Tuesday comes and I have been charged 18 times, yes 18 times, by EB. Totaling over 1, 000!!! I have had to move money from savings to pay bills. I am being told I have no order (what?) and that these pre-auths (for what order??) will take 3-5 days to fall off!
Honestly, at this point I only want the items I ordered delivered to me in 3-5 days. Since I have to wait 3-5 days for my money to return to my account because of their "glitch" (that is what I was told, it's just a glitch).

Fraudulent charges on account totally over 1,000 dollars
Fraudulent charges on account totally over 1,000 dollars
Fraudulent charges on account totally over 1,000 dollars
Fraudulent charges on account totally over 1,000 dollars

customer service.

Ordered 10 items in October. Got two. Rest never shipped. Used my Eddie Bauer credit card. Paid for order in full. Called multiple times to get a refund. Long waits and no help. Was told five times they were going to refund me and three months later still no refund. Employees blame their "back office" and even supervisors can't get things done here. I've now gone to the BBB and escalated stateside to get help. Their customer service is the absolute worst. Go into the store if you need to buy anything or need help. Their online service and 800 number is staffed overseas and those people are useless.

poor customer service

Horrible service at Eddie Bauer. Customer service like this is why more people shop with Amazon. I sent a return at the end of November and have never received a refund. I called 9 days ago to inquire and after much persistence was told that she spoke to the "email department" and they had in fact received my package and the refund would be in 5-7 business days. Still no refund today so I called and was told the package was not received and there was no note of my previous call like there should be, of course. Still no idea where the package is and can't do anything about it. The excuse of being busy during the holidays is getting old.

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    Luv2Row Jan 25, 2020
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    If you don't receive the refund to your credit card, you have 90 days from the date of the original sale to dispute the Eddie Bauer charge with your credit card company.

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lost order/unauthorized charge

Let me start out by saying that the level of incompetence I am about to detail is, but far, the worst Customer Service experience I have ever had in my life. This complicated and convoluted circus of a story is going to take a minute to explain, but I'll detail the events in chronological order to the best of my abilities for the sake of clarity.

Friday, 11/08: I place an online order for a coat. The order goes through. I get an order number (#[protected]) for my coat, for which I have paid extra for expedited shipping, and am excited that I may have my new coat in time for the cold snap Chicago is now experiencing.

Saturday, 11/09: I receive an email thanking me for contacting Customer Service (which I have not) and cancelling my order. Obviously I am perplexed by this. I contact Customer Service to inquire as to why my order has been cancelled. I find out that the issue is the billing vs. shipping address. Having moved recently, the credit card I used to place the order is still linked with our old address (billing address). Somehow when I entered these two different addresses, or perhaps forgot to do so, (the details are a bit hazy at this point) the order bombed out. So instead of contacting me, the order is simply cancelled?? Fine. I straighten out the issue over the phone, which is highly inconvenient, considering that the representative I am speaking with cannot access the old order and is asking me for things like item numbers, which I obviously do not have memorized. She assures me that the order will be expedited for free for my inconvenience, and I hang up the phone irritated but content. She assures me I will see an email confirmation of my "new" order.

Sunday, 11/10: Still no email confirmation, but I figure it's a Sunday and I will wait until Monday.

Monday, 11/11: Still no email confirmation. I call Customer Service again. I hold for 5 minutes and finally get a representative on the line who is completely confused and has to place me on hold for another 5 minutes while he "pulls up my order." He tells me (again) why my original order was cancelled and that the reason there is no email confirmation for my "new" order is because they take 48 hours to process. BUT he gives me my "new" order number to record (#[protected]) and assures me that it is "processing" and should arrive as promised on Wednesday, but I can continue to call back to check, if I prefer.
Also, I should get that confirmation tomorrow.

Tuesday 11/12: Still no email confirmation. I call Customer Service AGAIN. This time I provide my "new" order number. He, too, cannot find my new order. He, too, looks up my original order number and places me on hold for 5 minutes while he investigates. He comes back and also runs through the same story about my billing/shipping address being the original issue. After I bring him up to speed, admittedly irritated at this point at the level of ridiculousness this process has garnered thus far, he tells me, in a not so empathetic tone, that while he cannot tell me WHY I have no confirmation email, or why my order does not appear in the system, he CAN tell me that it is "processing" at this point. He also tells me that he has no idea who would have taken an order on a Saturday, that they do not process orders on Saturdays, so that's impossible. When I ask him what I am supposed to do besides cross my fingers that my coat eventually shows up, he says he cannot help me. Great.

Wednesday, 11/13: Still no confirmation email. Today is the day I was supposed to receive my coat. I call Customer Service for a final time. The representative who helps me explains to me that A) again, the billing/shipping address issue (got it, thanks), and B) there is no second order; it was never placed, it was never charged, and he'd be happy to do that for me now. So while I have been without a coat in the 7-degree weather, not purchasing one because I was awaiting my delivery, no coat was ever heading in my direction.

Needless to say, there is no chance in hell I am placing that order. I cannot begin to express how frustrating this process has been. I am a full-time high school teacher and mother of two. The hours of time I have spent on this circus is time I do not have to spend and cannot get back. I want you to know that there were times in this process where I was legitimately concerned that I was somehow being duped, defrauded out of my money, Punk'd, something... the level of either intentional deceit or straight-up incompetence has been on a level the likes of which I have never experienced. I sincerely suggest that you reconsider whomever you have outsourced your Customer Service department to. I will never place another order with your company again and I will encourage my friends and family to avoid doing so as well.

UPDATE: Thursday, 11/14: My debit card was charged today for the full price of the coat! And this is after I was repeatedly assured that it had not and WOULD not be charged! This is officially now an unauthorized charge which we will be disputing. Just when I think this experience couldn't get any worse!

customer service

I attempted to make an order via phone. The customer representative that I was speaking with could hardly speak English or understand it. The customer representative spent 15 minutes trying to pull up my account in which I had to spell my name 10 times. I asked to speak with a manager or asked if someone could assist him, he told me no one was available. Have since learned that Eddie Bauer has outsourced all their customer representatives via phone in the Philippines. Very disaapointed with Eddie Bauer's decision. Will never deal with the customer service number again! Eddie Bauer will continue to lose business when they hire people who are not able to assist others on the phone.

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customer service

Experience with Eddie Bauer online shop is my worst customer experience ever. I placed and order and entered ny creadit cards details to pay for it. The money was charged. Then imagine my surprise when a week later the same amount was charged from my card by eddie bauer for the second time! all of a sudeen and completely unauthorised! I checked with my bank and they confirmed that there were 2 transactions fro the same amount and the money were actually billed!
Communication with the custom service was most helpless and useless. First the unswer was that the billing would initially "fall off" whatever that means I have no idea. The last message I got from the customer service after a week of mail exchange was that they are unable to proceed my request and asked for my contact details!!! In imail, when all my information was provided several times. including in my account on eddiebauer!
This is really a fraud!
I would like to have my money back!

PS. Unfortunately, cannot attach a copy of the correspondence (it's not a photo), but can be provided upon request

Yulia Sotnikova


Started exchange process on a jacket (purchased for $297) for a manufacturer defect in early March. It is now late May and remains unresolved. The exchange process has been the most awful EVER experienced. Will never deal with Eddie Bauer again.

1/30/2018 Purchased jacket for $297

3/1/19 Started exchange process because waterproof glued seam came apart on sleeve

3/5/19 EB received returned defective jacket for exchange per tracking info

3/19/19 - emailed EB for status update. Informed that Merchandise Credit was issued to my card on 3/11. Replied questioning why a credit was issued instead of a new jacket getting sent. notified that since I removed tags return dept unable to process exchange. Told that once the merchandise credit is received by me I can order a new jacket and they will adjust the price to the merchandise credit received and apply the merchandise credit. NOTHING should remain on my card.

3/28/19 No credit received. Told it was issued on 3/20/19 and can take up to 10 business days, should be on my card by 4/02/19.

3/29/19 Received Merchandise Credit for $115.10. Jacket is now $149.50. Asked how I should proceed. Told to place the order and email the order number and they will assist with the purchase.

3/30/19 Placing the order requires paying the full amount. Told it will only put a hold and not charge until order is completed, that when I send the order number they will adjust amt. Sent order number.

4/04/19 Received a shipping notification but he full charge went through on my card. Emailed and was told that the adjustment was not completed until 4/4/19, to allow 3-5 days for the $ to be credited back to my card.

4/10/19 Have not received a refund on my card. Received the jacket.

4/11/19 Emailed again after not receiving a reply from 4/10/19 inquiry. Response was "You will not see the credit until it is finalized by the Order Verification Department. Once it is processed you will see the credit on your VISA ending in 9180. This is only the 5th business day and it can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days for the credit to be processed. Business days do not include the weekend or holidays."

4/15/19 Received a credit for $34.50 not the expected $149.50. Was told that I was credited the difference between what I was charged and the Merchandise Credit I was sent. They requested the Merchandise Credit number in order to apply it to the order and issue the rest of the refund. *I thought they would have this info and apply it.

4/17/19 Emailed the Merchandise Credit to them and they replied I should see the refund on my card in 3-7 business days. I ordered the jacket in the wrong size. Sent it to them for exchange to medium.

4/30/19 No refund received.

5/1/19 reply from 4/30 email - Told that the Merchandise Credit was applied on 4/19, told the accounting department had an issue pushing funds, that I should have refund shortly.

5/6/19 Refund received. Emailed to let know that I received the refund and to check status of the exchange.

5/7/19 Reply to 5/6 email - Told exchange not processed yet and that it may take up to 14 business days.

5/09/19 Received an email with confirmation that jacket has been received for exchange.

5/20/19 Emailed them - I got no communication from you until yesterday. Yesterday in the post mail I received a letter saying my order could not be processed because my credit card was declined (please see attached). Why on earth would you be charging my credit card, yet again? *My bank flagged it for fraud and issued a new card* Reply from EB - your exchange was processed as a return on 5/8 for $115, card was credited, then when the exchange was processed they tried to re-charge my card and it was declined. If I want to receive the coat I need to call them and they would be happy to honor the original $115 price.

I called same day, spent 1 hour and 5 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor. After a brief conversation, with me telling them I would like a full refund, that I am fed up with this process, I was told I needed to provide the original purchase receipt. Prove that I originally paid the $279. I asked for them to look it up as I am an EB reward member and it should be in their records. During that conversation I was either disconnected or hung up on.

5/22/19 I logged onto my EB Rewards account and pulled up my original purchase. I emailed a screen shot of the original purchase and requested a full refund including NYC sales tax.

5/23/19 No response yet. I can tell you that this is the most painful transaction ever experiences. A waterproof seam came out of the jacket, it could not be self-repaired. I only wanted to exchange it!

It took 67 days to exchange the defective jacket. It is now 23 days since I sent the replacement jacket for a different size.

Someone should really look at how they handle returns and exchanges. Brand loyalty is seriously damaged by experiences like this!

my whole order and returns.

I originally ordered a $12.50 Web Plaque Belt, they sent me an $80 pair of Guide Pants that I called and...

customer service

Went to the outlet store in spokane valley washington today. Had several items that I was purchasing for...

terrible customer service and shipping time

This has gone beyond anything I have ever experienced, and I would like to start off saying I will NEVER be ordering from Eddie Bauer again. I placed a very small order - just one fleece pullover - on November 22nd. The item was shipped on November 25th and had an estimated delivery date of December 6th. I am aware it is Christmas and that shipping takes longer at times.

However, that is not so much my frustration as much as the fact I have been keeping track of this order since it was shipped - as it is a Christmas gift - and noticed that it said "delivered" very early. Long story short, I contacted FedEx regarding the "delivery" and was told it was actually delivered to USPS via SmartPost. So, I waited a bit longer I continued to check the USPS tracking, and it has never changed from "not received from carrier".

After noticing this was not changing, I decided to contact Eddie Bauer directly since it seems to be lost in the mail. I first contacted them via email on December 7th - yes, only one day after estimated arrival due to the strange nature of shipment. I waited for a response from them for 5 days before deciding to try calling. I called yesterday, December 11th, and waited for 20 minutes with no answer. Today, I gave them one more chance, and out of curiosity, waited on the line for not 20, but 30 minutes! Still no answer... I am beyond appalled at their lack, no, NON-EXISTANT, customer service.

Since, they have not the courtesy of responding to customers, I have disputed the transaction with my bank and will now continue to report them on every available platform. This is not a professionally run business, and I am beyond disappointed. I have purchased many items from this company in the past because I appreciate their quality. Unfortunately, I will have to forego the quality and find a new brand since I know that they do not take care of their customers.

terrible customer service and shipping time
terrible customer service and shipping time


I am getting unauthorized charges from I did place an order but Eddie Bauer charged me a lot more than I should have and also charged me multiple times. I tried to contact them several times by phone and emails, but no one ever picks up the phone or will email you back. My only option is to dispute the charges with my CC company. If there were price changes, they should have contacted me first. The only reason I purchased so many items was because of price.


Absurd! I bought several items from them with an expedited delivery that would take 2 days. On the next day I...

eddie bauer holding excessive funds from checking account

I placed an online order with Eddie Bauer on 4 Sep using a debit card for the amount of $584. They put a hold on my account for the same amount until they shipped my order. On 7 Sep they did a hard charge for the amount to my account and shipped the merchandise--but never lifted the hold until 14 Sep! That is, during that week they had already charged me but still kept the hold on my account for the additional $584 (total $1068 tied up from my account). They told me this was standard practice for on-line merchants (I do business all of the time on-line and I know this is not true).

After two unsuccessful calls to their customer service center to get them to take the hold off, I asked to speak to the supervisor. She told me that I had to call my bank to get the hold taken off.

I spoke to my bank and they informed me that they cannot remove a hold from a merchant--it is a merchant transaction--I could only file a dispute if they converted that hold to a hard charge.

I contacted EB again and told them what my bank had said and they again informed me they would not remove the hold, that it would go away eventually, and that allowing this hold to extend a week past the hard charge was standard business practice.

In the meantime, this duplicate hold on my account caused three overdraft transactions because I had never planned for a $1068 debit from my account.

I feel that this business practice by EB may be illegal, or at least it is unjust, and something should be done to cause them to adjust their business practice.

Buy elsewhere

What a messy site!!! Buggy and stupid. It asked me to put some information and I did. But when I were...

jogging stroller

I bought the eddie bauer jogging traveling system stroller for $250.00!!! I and so disappointed with how much...

Winter jacket

I received the jacket I ordered on sale via Bauer website and found a restaurant receipt from a town in...

low quality

I've ordered a shirt from and it was very poorly made and quality was terrible. It wa...

They refused to return money and said to pick from the collection. But there was nothing to pick from

My wife bought me a suit and white shirt. The shirt was small for me, so I went to the store of...

delay my order

I made my order on 2011-12-16, until Dec 27th they told me the clothes was sold out and they will send my...

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