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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Economy Car Rentals - excess charges

I recently hired a car through you in Malta, from 22/04/17 to 06/05/17. On returning the car the person who met me said that damage had occurred on the offside quarter panel, on inspection there were...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Economy Car Rentals - money withdraw

Good morning I tried to rent a car on 14/1/2017 and paid by my credit card a down payment of 41.50 eur. You couldnt get me my required car and no booking was made. This morning I found out in my bank statement that 41.50 eur was withdrawn from my credit card on the 18/1/2017. My name is albth majdi m. W. And my email is [protected] I appriciate your quick response. Thanks

Dear Albth Majdi,

You have placed multiple bookings.
One of these bookings was confirmed and the confirmation voucher was sent to your e-mail.
Please find the voucher attached.
The amount paid during the booking procedure was charged to your account : € 41, 50

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Best regards,
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Economy Car Rentals - overcharge

Dir Sir/Miz,
I have rented a car for January 19th-22nd - voucher number 2944542. I paid 65.93 Euro to you (receipt No. 2592545), and on the voucher appears the amount of 66.32 Euro to be paid at the rental desk.
I got a message that I was charged by my credit card 101.44 Euro.
I have returned the car with a full tank, there was no damage to the car and I didn't add any insurance or second driver. So why was I charged with this sum?
I will appreciate if you check it.
Thank you,
Mr. Zvi Vallik

Dear Mr Vallik,

We have requested the final invoice from the car rental company that served your booking.
Meanwhile in case that you have already the final invoice please kindly forwarded to [email protected] and we will check.

Thank you.

Best regards,
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Economy Car Rentals - double charged for my car hire via economy car rentals in cape town, south africa

I have a complaint to make as I have been overcharged for my car rental Europcar in Cape Town which I booked by Economy Car Rentals .

1. On 17th Dec I booked Europacar and paid Economy Car Rentals R 1140.02 and as per attached voucher I was supposed to pay remaining R 1876.02 to Europacar.
2. Which taking the car in capetown Europacar took R 7621 as security deposit and I was told that when we return the car, after 2-3 days they will deduct my remaining amount and return the rest.
3. On 27th Dec (I gave back the car on 25th Dec) I receive the mail from Europacar saying they have deducted 2934 and returned the rest.
4. I was only supposed to pay 1876.02 as I had already paid remaining 1140.02 to Economy Car Rentals. They have again taken the full amount again and this is a double payment from my side.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please advise your voucher number in order to check this case further with the car rental company?

Thank you for your response.

Best regards,

My e voucher number is 2927137

Economy Car Rentals - payment in advance not refunded

On 5th of november I booked a car rental (sixt, e-voucher no:2884101) for the period from 26/11/2016 to 03/12/2016 in amsterdam. I paid in advance the amount of 79, 72 euros (document number: [protected]), which were supposed to be returned after the final payment (contract no [protected], rate: nl 8ww00fdmr, agent: [protected]).
Since this has not happened up to now, please make the necessary arrangements in order to solve the problem.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Konstantinos derventzis

Economy Car Rentals - car hire

Last month we went to the island of Madeira. It was a long planned holiday and we looked forward for it. We asked the hotel for the car hire options but decided to go for the cheapest deal and rented a car from the airport through an agent - “Economy car rental”.
Big mistake. Huge!
Through the booking process we were offered excess protection which we took out for peace of mind like we always do.
So we picked the car up from the SIXT – it was a relatively old car for a hire one. It had over 113 000km on the clock and exterior had a lot of marks and scratches. The interior itself smelled of diesel fuel. When I saw the mileage on the papers I asked the SIXT representative whether we could get another car instead. The answer was that if we paid for an economy car rental then that was the only option we had!
So with no choice we took the car. For the first few days the car was running ok, despite a few noises and vibrations. But at one point I noticed it was leaking oil. I called for assistance. Later I was told that engine carter has been damaged and we were charged the full excess. The only explanation we were given was that the car had apparently been hit at some point during our journey. I tried to explain that we had never inflicted any damage on the vehicle but our words fell on deaf ears.
I am a professional class 1 driver with 32 years’ worth of experience. I have worked as a driving instructor and I have a degree in automobile mechanics. Despite all this I was told that I must have simply not noticed the impact which had led to the damage! Rubbish!
They offered us a replacement car but by then we decided we had had enough of the company’s terrible attitude and unjust policy. When we arrived back home I sent an email to the “Economy car rental” asking for a refund on the excess I had been forced to pay. A few weeks later I received an email which states that under the terms and conditions, this sort of damage isn’t covered. I decided to check this and following some research, I discovered that basically all of the most common types of damage to a hire vehicle are not covered by the company’s insurance policy.
Customers are not protected for instance in the case of vandalism, windscreen, tyre and wheel damage, as well as door handle and interior damage. This also applies to towing charges. Thus even if you park the car and someone scratches it you will be liable; or if you are driving behind another vehicle and an object coming from it hit the front windscreen and chipped or even cracked it, then you’ll be liable also. You are also required to report it to the police, even for an oil leak. Do they really think that the police will turn up for an engine oil leak!
There are many insurance companies on the market which offer protection against all of this.
To conclude, I will never ever use this agent again and in fact I have already cancelled my next booking with them and advised my friends to do the same. It goes without saying that would not recommend “Economy car rental” to anyone else.

Dec 05, 2015

Economy Car Rentals - car rental broker

I have used to make a booking for a car in Europe. I received the conformation and the rental voucher within a few minutes and my credit card was charged for the deposit amount. Unfortunately, upon my arrival to the rental company counter in the European city, I was informed that no car was reserved under my name or under the e-Voucher on hands. I was really surprised due to the fact that I have been referred to that company by my relatives and the company was highly recommended by him. I handed in the conformation paper to the rental car company agent and asked the agent to write on it why the reservation was not confirmed. They informed me that did not send in the confirmation and that this is not the first time they have experienced this. Then, I was advised to call’s customer services. I called the customer services from the rental company desk and spoke to an agent name Joanna who advised me to rent any car from any company and send in the invoice to and they will reimburse me for it. This is the first time I have used for my car reservation. I hesitated at first, however, due to strong recommendation form my relative, I did make the reservation using When I finished my vacation, I contacted’s customer services via e-mail and they welcomed me and said that they will investigate and let me know the outcomes. It has been now 4 month since this and I am trying to get an answer to my e-mails with no success. It seems that their philosophy about customer services is centered around “customer complains deserve to be ignored”.

Economy Car Rentals - they cancelled the booking

I rented car through the company I rented the car three weeks before the vacation. I got all info and booking number, but these people cancelled the booking, because such car was unavailable. They haven’t warned us and we got the message about the cancellation only when we arrived in Spain. We were shocked with such attitude and services. They made awful mistake and it was unforgivable.

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