CarFlexi Complaints & Reviews

Carflexi / misleading price

Oct 11, 2019

Original price quoted was 56 eur. Later is became 40 eur and 46 payable at the desk. I would like a refund of 30 eur. Please find booking details below. Car rental provider:  CarFlexi e-Voucher No: CF12F1E0 Car Rental Provider Confirmation No: GR400595696 MEETING POINT: Our local car...

Carflexi / Unable to receive rental car in Malaga.

Oct 09, 2019

Your reference: e -Voucher No: CF 1E 25AC Carrental confirmation: 292/[protected] Upon arrival at Malaga airport we were very surprised to learn that due to the fact that I am 72 years of age we could not have a rental car! This was unkown to us for we only received Robert Groos, thank you...

Carflexi / seriously beware of carflexi

Oct 08, 2019

I rented a car via CARFLEXI web site and it destroyed out pleasant trip to Italy for me & my friends. Upon arrival at the rental company, we were informed that it does not have such cars for which CARFLEXI makes reservations and they have never had such cars. The staff at the rental was very...

Carflexi / payment for no service

Oct 02, 2019

Carflexi clearly stated that I could cancel my booking. Arriving at the car company, Goldcar, I realized that I lost my driver's license. My husband was with me and had his license but they would not allow us to swop seeing that I made the booking with my credit card. We cancelled the...

Carflexi / unprofessional and bad service

Sep 30, 2019

Honestly say, this is very bad and unprofessional service. It destroyed out pleasant trip recently in Gold Coast. We booked the car online and filled all flight information and my contact detail. Because the airline delayed one hour, when we got out airport, there was no shuttle at such. I...

Carflexi / car rental

Sep 27, 2019

CarflexiOn September 21 2019, I booked by Carflexi a rental car for two days car, in Salvador Brazil - Reservation number CFA2B0BA. The rental company is foco, my experience renting a car from foco company was so frustrating and the customer service level so poor that I am compelled to write thi...

Carflexi / réservation cf3573db

Sep 27, 2019

Lorsque j'ai passé commande, il était précisé que la voiture se trouverait à l'aéroport et que la réservation était achevée. Nous sommes arrivés à 17 heures et n'avons pas trouvé de stand à l'aéroport. Nous avons dû attendre deux heures pour qu'une navette soit présent après trois appel...

Carflexi / beware of carflexi

Sep 25, 2019

I rented a car via CarFlexi web site. I received the car in the airport in Romania from a rental car company called InterRent. I purchased via CarFlexi web site "Excess Damage Protection" insurance. Part of the overall payment was payed to CarFlexi in their web site, and the rest should be...

Carflexi / car flexi

Sep 24, 2019

My husband and I booked a car to pick up at Lisbon airport at 15.00 on 10 September 2019. Prior to our departure from the UK British Airways cancelled our flight and we had to rebook with Easyjet. This new flight arrived in Lisbon at 12.25 so 2.5 hours earlier. I looked at the email I had...

Carflexi / car hire

Sep 21, 2019

CarflexiDear Sir Arrived at the alloted time to find the place closed, although there were people inside they would not let me in and was told through the glass to come back the next day. I came back the next day when they were open and was told that my hire car had been leased to someone else even...

Carflexi / car rental

Sep 19, 2019

I rented a car from Maggiore Car Rentals at Fiumicino, turning the car in on January 5th. When I got back to the US I discovered they charged my almost 4 TIMES the amount on the Carflexi voucher. Carflexi has been looking into this for about 4 months and is increasingly nonresponsive. I am...

Carflexi / car hire from aberdeen airport

Sep 16, 2019

Dear sir/madam, I have already sent you a complaint, (09.09.19), but received no acknowledgement. On 08.08.19 I booked a car through carflexi, on the internet. Booking no. cfffo90, car from aberdeen airport, with europcar, from 13.08.19 to 21.08.19. Our dealings with europcar were very...

Carflexi / car rental provider insurance

Sep 03, 2019

CarflexiI have Car Rental Provider confirmation No: 05326112AU1 Rate Code: L802100 No: 05325740AU0 Rtae Code: L802100 These I thought were going directly to the actual Car provider. This was not the case and i purchased a product and paid money that was not associated with the actual hire car...

Carflexi / no car, no return of deposit

Sep 02, 2019

CarflexiBeware should anything go wrong. Received a great quote w/ an easy reservation process (quote CF7976AB). When we went to pick-up the car in Athens on July 4, 2019, the local agency wouldn't honor the rental as I didn't have an International Driver's License (I've rented twice in Italy in...

Carflexi / non refundable deposit /rip off

Sep 02, 2019

About a month ago i decided to hire a car to take my family on holiday.The evening before i was supposed to collect the car Eurocar Derby phoned to ask me how many people would to be transported to which i replied six, they then advised me that the vehicle they had for me wouldn't be big...

Carflexi / car hire

Aug 30, 2019

Dear sir - customer service at CarFlexi. (Copied to customer service Avis for their information) • CarFlexi e-Voucher No: CFDE669D • Car Rental Provider Confirmation No: 45519253AU3 • Rate Code: U569200 The voucher and confirmation email is attached to this email. I was advised to write to...

Carflexi / E-voucher n° cfdae637, crp confirmation n° r1939198

Aug 23, 2019

I'm a Cardiac Patient with 80% disability. I booked that car to enable me to move from place to place for three days. I did't no I was over my limits on my credite card. I pleaded to pay cash or use my Maestro card to but it was truned down. Where the deposit of 970€ is asked. It does not...

[Resolved] Carflexi / payment not received

Aug 22, 2019

CarflexiI booked a car online on 12/07/2019 and was charged 526.76 Israeli Shekel as a deposit with my credit card that the last 4 digits are 7317 Tzach Gross, when I returned the car after 5 days in 17/07/2019 I paid 414, 61 EURO with my son's credit card Yarden Gross that the last 4 digits are...

[Resolved] Carflexi / refund of the amount paid

Aug 16, 2019

CarflexiDear Sir/Madam, I am Emrulla Xhilaga, a customer with booking number CF3146AE. With the following, I am writing to you to claim the amount of £ 101.40 for the booking that I made on the 3-rd of June for a car rental at Seville airport. According to the agreement, on the 29-th of July, I had...

[Resolved] Carflexi / fraud - deposit deducted and not paid over to car hire company!!

Aug 16, 2019

Voucher from Car Flexi CF92C37C total cost quoted in SAR12942.40 of which we paid a deposit via American Express Card of R4675.74 leaving a balance of R8267.16 On arrival at Munich Airport on 13August, Alama (enterprise) advised us no deposit received and the total deducted today from our...

[Resolved] Carflexi / ripoff

Aug 15, 2019

Carflexii booked a vehicle with my voucher no: CFA6CODD. The total price was ZAR R1093.76 including excess protection. I paid a deposit of ZAR R535.76. A balance of ZAR R558.00 was payable at the rental desk. upon arrival at the rental desk i was forced to pay ZAR R1650.00 and...

Carflexi / Overcharged for car rental

Aug 15, 2019

Hello, My name is Mr R Dabbs, I booked a minibus on your website on 12/07/2019 and was requested to pay a deposit of approximately due to the exchange rate 262.34 Euros, when we arrived at the Alicante office to collect the vehicle we was asked to pay 1, 592.22Euros which is for as listed...

Carflexi / refusal to provide car

Aug 08, 2019

Dear Sir, I am writing to you to complain about the misstreatment of your collaborating company. I had booked a car (CFD8526D reservation number) but when I arrived there the clerk wouldn't accept my driver's license claiming it was the old one. It's a European valid driver's license. He...

[Resolved] Carflexi / not swearing to customers

Aug 07, 2019

I booked a car from Car Flexi website and they took deposit from me. I couldn't take a car from airport since we found out with Europcar compony that I have problems with my visa. I asked for deposit refund from CarFlexi, I got no unswears from them. Also they charged me extra insurance...

Carflexi / unauthorised credit card charges

Aug 06, 2019

I have rent a car through Car Flexi (CarFlexi Order CF550408) The total amount was GBP 85.97(it was payable at the rental desk) and includes Out of Hours surcharge Unlimited mileage Rental Rates & VAT All taxes and fees Airport Taxes Collision Damage Waiver Third party insurance ...

[Resolved] Carflexi / car rental

Aug 05, 2019

I booked a car through car flexi on July 3rd 2019 and made the booking payment through my debit card. The information on the payment page indicated this payment would be deducted from the final car rental price. When I picked up the car, InterRent informed me that no, I had to pay full... / be very careful when hiring a car through

Jul 29, 2019

Carflexi voucher DFF96CDB, issued on 18 august 2018 My friend (not fluent in English) made a reservation with for a car from Europcar to be picked up in Vasto, Italy. He paid € 84.65 with his prepaid Mastercard. At the rental station they did not accept his card, regardless of the...

[Resolved] Carflexi / car rental

Jul 24, 2019

I was in Bologne to your provider (No [protected]) to pick up a 9 seated car Mercedes vito(car vaucher No CF83BA0D) at 11:00 as the vaucher said. The car did not exist to your provider. Every effort that was made to contact you was in vane. I have paid on 2 May 2019 you 138, 42 euros with my...

[Resolved] Carflexi / sales taxes were supposed to be included with the price of the rental car

Jul 18, 2019

CarflexiCarFlexi e-voucher: CFAD8330 Confirmation number of rental car provider: [protected]@cb6991990 Date of the incident: June 30, 2019 * The initial e-voucher provided by CarFlexi specified that the TVA (French sales taxes) are included in the price of the rental. * However, SIXT charged an...

Carflexi / predatory behaviour regarding minor damage to car.

Jul 17, 2019

It is a very long story. Excessively complex system to refund Hoppa fares to car hire facility. Refusal to allow me to change my mind and take my car back to the end of the rental contract so minor scuffs on alloy wheel could be put right at a far lower cost than their arbitrary 'fine'...

Carflexi / unexplained credit card charge

Jul 12, 2019

Hello, We booked a rental car trough Carflexi. We pay CAD$36.31 for booking on Jan3/2019. Receipt# 3734389 Voucher#CF373870. The cost of the rental car for 8 days in Italy (Pick up Venice- Dropp off Rome) was 159.08 euro which supposed to be paid at the return desk in Rome. We had extra...

Carflexi / unexplained credit card charges

Jul 11, 2019

I rented a car for 2 days through CarFlexi. I paid the rental contract in full, but upon returning the car, I was charged an extra US$161.11 (double the rental agreement). Avis says the contract was not unlimited mileage - CarFlexi's voucher says it was. I have emailed CarFlexi almost 12...

Carflexi / car rental

Jul 09, 2019

CarflexiDear sir/madam, Few weeks ago (8'th of june) in Kutaisi we had a very unpleasant situation with the car renthal. We were not given the deposit back, because of scratches we think we didn't make while having the car. When we were given the car it was parked next to the busy road (David...

Carflexi / carflexi

Jul 07, 2019

CarflexiOn the 7 July 2019 I received a conformation from Cariflxi e-Voucher No. CF69037F for Car Rental Provider Confirmation No:RC0758370. I went to Kraków airport to pick up the car from Right Cars, to be told that they have received any details re hire plus that no cars were available. There...

Carflexi / overcharged, no response to complaint, horrible service

Jul 02, 2019

CarflexiI recently hired a vehicle in Turkey through CarFlexi. The price seemed a little lower than the other companies, so I used their website to rent a 7-seater vehicle, which was supposed to be a Dacia Lodgy or similar. However, there were so many issues with the vehicle I received and I...

Carflexi / no rental but charged

Jul 02, 2019

I went online to rent a car, seen carflexi and liked the price. payed 40.43 and was supposed to pay the rest at the rental desk. after i payed 40.43 i got an email saying i needed a card with a caution of 12000 mdh. well i havent got such a card!!! so i didnt get the car and havent seen the...

Carflexi / cancelling my booking with no prior notice

Jun 30, 2019

I have a booking with the voucher number CF59BD03 I haven't received any clear instruction from Carflexi website that UAE driving license is no longer accepted in Austria although I have used it several times earlier The company cancelled my booking immediately which led to cancel my...

Carflexi / rent a car from chania airport from enterprise rent a car

Jun 28, 2019

Dear sirs, I had made a car reservation through your site in order to rent a car from chania airport on 11/01/2019, with a cost of 109, 78 euros. I had paid this amount from my debit card the day of reservation. The problem is the following: When I arrived to the office of enterprise rent a...

Carflexi / undisclosed charges from the credit card

Jun 27, 2019

My booking number is CF6198FC. I booked the car for 4 days and total rent including full insurance which was 158 Euros in total and additionally I have had to pay 600 Euros of deposit. Initially they deducted approx 49 euros from my credit card and I thought it is advance amount which will...

[Resolved] Carflexi / (request a refund) reservation cancelled because doesn't have a credit card.

Jun 21, 2019

CarflexiI made reservation (CF731B1D) from 21.6.2019 to 25.6.2019 by Carflexi and I choosed Avantcar provider. When I came to airport to pick up car, in office my reservation was cancelled because I did not have a credit card, just debit card. Therefore, I would like to ask you for refund money...