Ebaysuspended my account


I've bought from ebay for 10 years or so but never set up a seller account. It's not easy to do on ebay especially when you have accounts with different email addresses. After hours of frustration and finally getting a couple items on ebay to sell I receive a email stating my account has been suspended and I can no longer use ebay. I never owed them money and I still don't know why this happened. The customer service is a joke and just keeps repeating the same thing over and over. The email says I'm a security risk for their customers!! I have no idea where they came up with this but they studied it and it's their final decision. This is a joke I've bought a lot of things from ebay and never even returned anything. People should avoid ebay and their lousy customer service.


  • Valerie Jul 28, 2008

    eBay charged me $2.40 for a listing that they pulled from their auction, saying that the listing had broken their policies. When asked what area of the policy that was broken, they would not divulge, saying that they could not tell me that due to "security reasons".

    How many people (eBay customers) get ripped off by eBay in this manner?

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  • Valerie Aug 11, 2008

    My complaint is that i listed a few items on ebay and because i did not use pay pal ebay who claims you do not have to use this service that also belongs to them... but because i did not use pay pal ebay recommends customers not to bid on products that the seller has listed without the seller using pay pal so i did not sell my items and now ebay wants me to pay 32 or 33 dollars even though they did not help me to sell my items and the people listing the same items that had used pay pal sold theirs so i feel i should not have to pay them my credit card company agrees and so ebay has terminated my account and now has some collection company calling me 10 times a day it seems what can i do?

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  • Tb
    TB Aug 20, 2008

    Ebay is a very big scam! I was suspended from selling on Ebay also, I had over 110 sales with 100% positive feedback on selling purses, Coach, Dooney etc. I never had a complaint from a buyer of me selling fakes becasue I don't sell fakes. I was however suspended for listing what they suspected were fakes or it might have been a copy right vioation, as many of you know they do not tell you what the problem is. However, I never used the Coach logo or any of there advertisements but I never sold a fake either. The best part of All was every purse I listed on Ebay and every bag that I was suspended for-I BOUGHT ON EBAY! They suspended me 4 times and the fifth was a 12month suspension for listing the very items I got on Ebay! As you also know, they let you list stuff, you get charged a fee, they pull the item-you still have to pay the fee. They will let you list the item again and sell it! Or they will let you list it again, charge you fee's and then pull it again! The thing I love the most about it, THEY NEVER TELL YOU WHAT YOU DID WRONG! IF ANYTHING!

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  • Sh
    shopping sucker Aug 27, 2008

    I know I have been ripped this way before. The last time, just a couple weeks ago, it was for a listing that had a title
    "5.90ct Created Red Ruby White Topaz Ring Yellow Gold 7" instead of "5.90ct Red Created Ruby White Topaz Ring Yellow Gold 7".

    When I first started selling I just had CR in a title because of limited character space (description was very clear the stone was lab created) and they told me it had to be spelled out. No problem, I made sure to always do that from then on.

    Yet they knowingly allow obvious fakes and blatant misrepresentation from overseas sellers, ie, China and Hong Kong. Just not right!

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  • Li
    lisa Sep 04, 2008

    I have an ebay account and there is alot of problems with new policies. From my understanding if you have detailed seller rating of less than 4.3, they can restrict your account. Mine are all above 4.5. They have however., restricted my ability to sell ( conveniently after i filed a BBB complaint because items i listed and paid for listing, were not being shown in searches. There are a litany of people that are beyond fed up with ebay.

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  • Ly
    lynnwalker Sep 28, 2008

    I do not want anything from ebay but they charge me every month and now want to bill me an annual charge. I have tried repeatedly to get the monthly charge stopped to no avail. I refuse to pay an annual fee for something i do not want and will not use.

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  • Valerie Oct 08, 2008

    eBay restricted my account. I did everything they wanted to get it back. It is still restricted.

    It's been more than a week since I tried to contact a eBay's employe. They keep their contact information (phone number, fax number, etc.) secret. There is no way a single customer like me can get help from them. Even when I write them an eMail, they reply back with a pre-writed auto-response message. What can we do?

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  • Ha
    Harry Dec 11, 2008

    I recieved no reply after filing 2 compaints about a despute with a seller over the amount of shipping. I was subsenquently given a nonpayment bad mark against my account.

    I closed my account with ebay after having been in excellentstanding with a 100%.

    It is too late to do anythinything for me. Ebay has no customer service and needs to get customr service. It is almost impossible to find proper contact information for the company on its website.

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  • Up
    upset Jan 15, 2009

    60% of the auctions I have won have turned out to be scams. I made my payment promptly, but never received the products even though the sellers had superb feedback. Beware!!! Stay away from Ebay!!! Ebay is bad!!!

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  • Mi
    michael harte May 09, 2009

    I am selling my ps3 console and have recieved numerous e-mails asking me to take the item off ebay immediately and send to them out immediately, and funny enought they all seem to be in Africa, not only this but they offer large amounts of money, i havnt fallen for this scam and i hope by putting thois up it will prevent anybody else from this scam.

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  • Ss
    ssssssssssssssss May 29, 2009

    This is not a scam - people in Africa need PS3's too and are willing to pay...

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  • Ba
    bamargeracom Aug 06, 2009

    They have changed that policy, where your detailed seller rating in each category must have a monthly average higher than 4.6. They also have a scam and a monopoly with Paypal, their sister company, in which they force sellers to sign up for Paypal to accept payments to make more money.
    Check out Paypal on BBB and you tell me two things:
    1. How could they possibly be safe and secure with well over 7, 000 complaints registered against them with the BBB
    2. How is it possible that with over 7, 000 complaints, they have an A rating with the BBB? Money???

    The two companies are corrupt and are a scam.

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  • Ba
    bamargeracom Aug 07, 2009

    I signed up to ebay about a month ago, and was subject to and experienced the Ebay/Paypal Monopoly first hand. I did not want to use Paypal to accept payments as I already have my own merchant account with First Data and they are half the price of Paypal. When listing my first item, I scrolled to the part where it asked how I would like to be paid. I un-checked Paypal, and checked credit card. On the next screen it said that in order to accept credit cards I had to fax a copy of my merchant account invoice to them to prove to them that I can support this method of payment. I faxed them the necessary documents, and the games began. 2 days went by and no message from them about what was going on. Then I called them and was asked why I did not want to use paypal, and that it is the preferred payment of ebay. I explained to them my situation, and they said they would look into the situation, and they would get back to my via email. I waited another 2 days, and nothing. I called them again, and they brought me to the listing page, and they walked me through and told me to click Paypal for payments accepted, and I told them I did not want to accept Paypal, and they were dumbfounded and did not know what to do. They knew nothing about how to integrate my merchant account. They told me I have to wait for T&S to contact me. The next morning I called them again, and was once again told to just use Paypal and recieved a pitch on how they were safe and secure. I asked to speak to a manager, and they told me the manager was not available. I then called again and they finally got to the bottom of things. I listed a couple of items, and after the first one ended, the buyer told me there was no way for him to pay. I called ebay again and they told me there was a "Pay Now" button in the email that was automatically sent to them after the auction ended. The buyer told me there was nothing there. I got this same response from every winning bidder that day. I called ebay and they once again told me that I should accept Paypal for payments until they get the situation fixed. I told them I would not pay for the listing fees so far and they told me I have to pay them, and that it is like listing an ad in the paper and the listing fees are non-refundable. The next day they told me that they fixed the problem, and then I listed a couple items, and everything seemed to be good, until the first auction was down to the last minute. The account was blocked by Paypal, and I was informed that they needed more information on my Paypal account in order for the account suspension to be lifted. I called ebay and they told me the block was from Paypal. I called Paypal and they asked for my SS# and receipts for the items I was selling. I told them I never opened a Paypal account, and they told me regardless, they would still need the information in order to lift the suspension, and until then, the account would remain blocked. I called Ebay and they told me there was in fact a Paypal account linked to my ebay account and that there was nothing they could do. Now, I NEVER opened a Paypal account nor did I link it to my ebay account. To me, this is yet another shady desperate attempt by Ebay to force new members that do not know any better to use Paypal to accept Paypal so they can make money from every angle. When I call them and tell them this whole scenario, they ask me if there is anything they can help me with, otherwise the phone call will be disconnected. They no longer respond to my email regarding this and they told me that if I keep contacting them through ebay live chat that they would bring up charges for Harassment. What a way to run a company. I also notice that when you post ANY negative comments about ebay that are valid in the ebay forums, the comments are removed and you are banned from posting in their forums. They are trying to cover up anything negative about their company, but truth be told..., check out Ebay and Paypal on the Better Business Bureau and see all the complaints they have since January. There are well over 10, 000 of them. Ebay soon will be a thing of the past and they will continue to lose thousands of members a week to Amazon, just like me.

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  • Ss
    SS-ME Aug 14, 2009

    It might be because you dont spend enough $$$ with them. I had heard that they are cherry picking there seller base. Although it is not on blog, This guy has some great advice for ebayers. Good Luck

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  • Ss
    SS-ME Aug 14, 2009

    I was told that Ebay and PayPal have a monopoly going. They are owned by the same company. That I dont know, But what I do know is this. Once you set up an account with paypal or ebay for that matter, you have now opened pandoras box. PayPal and ebay are so in bed with banks and all lending institutions that they will get there money no matter how fraudulant. Do you remember when a charge showed up on your credit card that was not yours, and you called the card company and it was wiped off NO questions. Not anymore. PayPal and Ebay have since taken over. Check out for some helpful tips. Good luck

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  • Ia

    ebay do no regulate, they make money why should they care. I bid $6.00 for an item i went though as $600.
    I couldn't even fix the error. Why? They don't care. I typed 6 it came up 600. Their response "nothing".
    Have you ever noticed that there are some items at bargain prices but at exorbitant p&p. i.e.
    99cents but $5.00 p&p which makes the item more expensive than buying at (lets say Walmart)
    99cents becomes $5.99 not such a bargain. Once you have bid the you are tied in the deal. Do ebay care, no.

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  • Ia

    I agree with you 100%
    They are ruining what was a good idea.
    It should be for honest traders( like a garage sale.)
    But all we have now is Businesses and international traders and rip of merchants.
    Always use Paypal although that is no guarantee.

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  • Jo
    Josephine Oct 10, 2009

    We were, buying a car from a person, on Ebay. We sent him, five hundred dollars threw our bank, This guy has not call us to make arrangement for us to get the car. We have left messages on his, voice mail, no avail, he will not call us back, the rest would be paided when we got the car. Will you please help us. we are on a fix income.

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  • aliesky rodriguez Oct 28, 2009

    Es importante saber que cada ves son mas las quejas de clientes de una de las companias mas grandes de ventas en todo el mundo, pero siguen siendo mas y mas las quejas sobre el mal servicio, que brinda dicha compania.Solo quiciera aclarar que existen otros medios para adquirir articulos y otros sitios en el extenso mundo sibernetico del internet

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  • aliesky rodriguez Oct 29, 2009

    Estoy de acuerdo con lo que dijera este escrito

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  • Re
    Rebelamerican Jun 30, 2010

    Seller - clothingsourcelimited is a fraud. I won an item (260622332968) from them and when I went to pay, they had increased the shipping fee. When I protested and lowered is some, but still higher than listed. When I protested again, they sold the item to another bidder!
    Ebay is taking NO ACTION against this seller. Just got a lot of guff from the chat line and no action!

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  • M1
    m1ste Mar 03, 2011

    Are you sure about the shipping? I sold on Ebay for years and once a bid is placed, you cannot change the listing at all. Not pictures, description or shipping.

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  • In
    Inarobba Apr 13, 2011

    Ebay steals money from your pay-pal account. If a seller makes a mistake and wants to refund some of your money, Ebay will take it and not even admit they did it. This is simply a theft. If asked or complained, they will just say it is within their rules.

    I repeat. This is theft! Ebay Steal Money From Your Paypal Account, Beware of them.

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  • Ja
    jandss Jul 05, 2011

    I have just sold something on eBay, after not selling for a looong time. I probably won't do it again. I was invoiced twice for the same item, and no one will correct it, despite contacting several customer service reps. eBay is scamming it's own members.

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  • Jk
    JKDE Jul 05, 2011

    How were you "invoiced twice for the same item"?

    What does the invoice exactly say?

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  • Kr
    Kristin Maxson Jul 12, 2011

    I called ebay about their 100% bidder records and they do not seem to care.

    So. if you find one post it here:

    30-Day Summary
    Total bids: 238
    Items bid on: 158
    Bid activity (%) with this seller: 100%

    Seller info
    Member id meantiques1 ( Feedback Score Of 1562)

    Keep your eyes open with eBay.
    Word for the wise

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  • Ra
    Raged eBay Ex-customer Jul 16, 2011

    STAY AWAY from eBay or you WILL REGRET!!

    I bought a "not as described" item that costs me $1, 500 and their resolution center promised to process a refund providing I sent back the item to the seller. No refunds were honored and the agent, Molly, ignored me and hang up!!!

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  • He
    Henry Krinkle 2 Jul 16, 2011

    I used to buy stuff there. Half the time I got a decent deal. Half the time I didn't. So, I just go there to windowshop these days.

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  • Au
    auction lucker Dec 12, 2011

    So you think Ebay is legit, , hahh .. I sold an gold Omega watch to a buyer in Germany he complained and asked if he could keep it for a $40 discount i said no and i would refund the money and he send the watch back. Ebay and Paypal refunded him immeditely cause he filed a case and i was stuck waiting for my watch, an empty envelope arrived 3 weeks later and Ebay Germany tells me i had 15 days to file and Ebay Canada tells me out of luck.
    Protection for sellers, hahhhh Ebay is a scam/

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  • Eb
    eBay Shopper no longer! Jan 15, 2012

    Have you seen the charges applied to eBay shipping? It is a scam. It should be investigated. You cannot order two books from one store and pay one shipping fee.The book costs 19.99 but there is a 29.00 fee or charge on top of that per book. some items are 14.99 with a 32.00 charge for shipping. I am not buying anything from eBay again . A pair of runing shoes are 39.00 with a 42.00 shipping charge?

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  • Eb
    eBay Shopper no longer! Jan 15, 2012

    If you used PayPal you will get a full refund

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  • Ih
    I-hate-ebay Feb 24, 2012

    I agree 100% ebay removed 19 of my listings stating they were misleading, when I contacted them to ask what part of my listings were misleading this is the reply I got back from them.
    "Unfortunately I am not at liberty to reveal to you exactly what text is
    construed as misleading as to do so could assist in the circumvention of
    our policies. If we were to tell you what was misleading then you could
    simply just change your wording to fit our policy" I count myself luck I even got that, because as you say they normally send auto reply or nothing at all. Plust if you kick up a fuss they suspend your account. I HATE EBAY THEY MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL!!

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  • De
    Debra J. Deines Apr 29, 2012

    I was shut out of ebay during login process, it refused what I KNOW to be my password, then it had me pick and new password, which I did, but it still shut me out and as I result, I did not win any of the auctions I was hoping to win. This made me very mad as I know I could have won at least 2 of the auction. These are one of a kind items, and someone is respondsible for this unfair auction.

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  • An
    anupamprakash May 15, 2012

    I purchased a 2.5" hard disk pouch from eBay on 5TH May 2012 According to them, i will receive the product by 11. the total amount including shipping is 644. My eBay paisa pay ID is 31268996163. i didnt recieved the item yet.
    No action frm there side. when i called the seller, he said the required item is not available and will refund my money. but no action yet.
    please help.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Spencer Aug 28, 2016

    eBay had not only suspended me, but they prompted my buyers to file disputes ever if they received the MONEY!???

    What?? I sent them the item eBay, you botards. Why am I in the negative for your mistake?

    This ruined me financially which caused me to liquidate a lot of my assets.

    I had to have Auction Essistance help me get back on using stealth techniques. Never again will eBay trying to pull fast ones on me.

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  • Su
    Susan Barness Oct 21, 2016

    Real nice eBay. I have been a member with you for over 5 years, Top rated status and feedback of over 10, 000 , yet somehow that gives you the justification to suspend my account for suspicious activity? What suspicious activity? You send a scripted email, but never tell sellers why?

    Not only that, you tell my buyers to open disputes due to suspicious activity even though tracking numbers prove the item was delivered? Are you kidding me? My PayPal is in the negative because of you and I have no way of trying to fight it when you simply ignore cold hard facts. I mean who is monitoring all this? Are they smoking pot? That is absolute garbage.

    eBay never replies to emails, gives you the run around and yet has the sense to hang up on a long time user.

    Horrible, just horrible. I am not only behind on my mortgage because of you, but I had to renegotiate a lot of debts that I need to repay back. Some that are even sending me to collections because I can't make payments on time all thanks to the fine and dandy eBay.

    Way to go eBay. You are proving why many people are going stealth to counteract your policies. I myself am one of them and have enlisted Auction Essistance to help me:

    Your customer support is a joke and the way you handle claims is an absolute joke. You make it so easy for buyers to take advantage of sellers and scam us out of the items and money we work hard for. We the sellers are the reason you became where you are.

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  • Se
    Seo Distortion Feb 08, 2017

    eBay nearly forced our company into bankruptcy. They messaged every one of my sellers to open disputes due to suspicious activity on the account.

    I am in the negative of over $10, 000+ because of the stupidity of eBay.

    Never again will I be using eBay.

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  • Em
    Emma Bryant Sep 08, 2017

    Horrible, eBay doesn't care if you have been a lifelong member with you. You are just like any seller to them. Do they care if you are top rated seller? Nope. How about powerseller? Nope. You can work for eBay and still be suspended. That is how bad they are. They make it where the sellers are on the losing end of the stick. Trying to get your account reinstated is absolutely useless. They will give you the runaround and make you think they are doing something when they are not.

    Spent countless months trying to get an answer with no success. Decided to cut loses and just ended up buying an account from Auction Essistance here:

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