EasyJetappalling customer service

N Review updated:

If you want to actually speak to someone, either because you don't have two hours to read their Q+A list but more likely because you know your question won't be on there anyway... then tough. There is not a number or email address you can access.

Having flown with them for over 15 years I can no longer log in to my account, can i email someone to find out why and change my password? no.

Customer service - does anyone know what that actually means to Easyjet?


  • S
      Nov 05, 2009

    yes I agree, I think that they think if one expels ones feelings with emails it gets it off ones chest, BUT WHO IS READING THIS !!! not easyjet I'm sure ...I sent a mail yesterday of complaint & today received a questionere asking if I had a nice flight ?????

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  • E
      Jul 03, 2010

    You're obviously some sort of pillock, type in "easyjet phone number" into Google, and you'll get your answer. Oh, and you can also email them via the website and request a password reminder.

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