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Easyhome came into our home, damaged our carpets by not having carpet rolls.

Easyhome is now coming to take our furniture back that we have already paid double of what its worth and still owe on it.

If we keep the couch bed and a freebie kitchen table at the end of paying it off, I would have paid 7000.00 for a 1200 dollar couch and a 400 dollar bed with a 300 dollar kitchen table which we received with burn holes all in the kitchen table, I own no animals, I shower twice a day and am a very clean neat person, the couch smells like a bum been sleeping on it for months with the scent of dog urine.

I truly do not understand how they are allowed to monopolize the middle to lower class people.

This makes me sick.

What may be done about this?


  • Ja
    Jackson irwin Aug 14, 2019
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    I called two times Easyhome home and the sales girl never called me back

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  • Wy
    Wyatt Malcolm Oct 15, 2018
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    Extremely poor service and really rude to customers especially the lady i was talking to. Easyhome Wetaskiwin your supposed to be about the people so lose the attitudes when you talk to them

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  • Fr
    Frustr8ed0618 May 30, 2015
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    I got laid off and called Easyhome to come get everything .. I was paying over $400/month. Always been good on payments. Been a customer for 3 years. Paid off one couch set. Well it's been a month and a half that I've been trying to get them to come get everything and the one Wednesday they were scheduled to show up and hey called me late Thursday afternoon to say they couldn't make it til the following Wednesday. Well the couch doesn't fit into the new place I moved into so it's on the porch. They have told me that I'm liable to pay for damages if it gets rained on... Even tho I've been asking them to come get this crap for a month and a half. And CAN they make me pay for it of it gets rained on?

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  • Ty
    Tybernicus Mar 27, 2015

    I'm dealing with a store in Belleville Ontario.

    I'm awaiting a settlement, am an injured single parent. I decided to go this route, and pay off the principle balance when my settlement gets in.

    I have issues with furniture I ordered (new not available in store, supposed to be coming direct from Ashley Furniture)6+ weeks later it arrives with scratches. After multiple emails to Store523, still no reply. They sent me a PS3 game with a PS4 console. PS4 isn't backwards compatible. Still waiting. TV Stand ordered is apparently no longer available from Ashley, that is according to Easyhome. The replacement still has not been indicated with an ETA, despite several email requests for the info. I've twice paid a "one time only" admin fee. No explanation, despite requests.

    What I do get is a lot of "come in and we'll explain things" What you can't reply to an email. I had also asked to be set up on monthly payments. Apparently that's a mysterious as well, I need to come in and find out as to why.

    I have also repeatedly asked for a copy of my contract showing principle, rate and term. Apparently pdfs don't exist in the EasyHome world, or snail mail either.

    I was to come in last weekend to "get the explaining", and pick up the replacement PS4. I was ill, my family is ill. I emailed and told them I had to postpone. Again on the postponement date, I emailed, still ill. Then the next morning I get a call saying I missed two appointments to come into pay, so now they want to come to my door and pick up the furniture. When asked about the emails, they said what emails. And I replied, with how would you know I was to come in, if you didn't get my emails? And anyway the payment is due on the 1st of the month, as it was to supposed to be set up to. That's next Wednesday.

    So scratched apparently new furniture ordered direct from Ashley. No PS4 game, missing paperwork, and not one single email answered. They seem to only want to talk in person. Not over the phone, or in writing. Well unless they are seeking payment, then they are very chatty. Well actually quite aggressive, hostile and rude.

    Funny thing is, not every client is the same. I'm certainly, not gonna roll over easy. Civil litigation is an easy task to undertake to keep an unscrupulous company inline.

    Oh and two those professing to be employees. I sense you are, as you certainly behave as the staff from my experience has. You aren't doing anyone any favours. There are other options. Imagine my surprise when I found you re-rent furniture out for the new price. I would never do that intentionally. If anyone is doing anyone favours, its those customers, that make it possible for you to have a job, where none would otherwise be available to you. You see, much of the world detests thugs, that's including those that work in human resources that do the hiring. Very few jobs tolerate thugs. Perhaps if you changed your attitude, got an education or trade, you might actually get a real job, instead of peddling of bad wares to vulnerable clients, then feeding of the sense of superiority you get when making calls about late/missed payments.

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  • Sh
    shane644 Jul 24, 2014

    Been dealing with easyhome many times over the years and always bought my items out. Never had a single issue with them until last week. Went in to make payment and just out of curiousity I asked how many weeks were on my laundry set. She told me 111 wks for laundry and another 65 weeks for the tv... Sounds great except... I've never had or been interested in a tv from them, but apperently I've been paying for the nicest invisible 40 " lcd that money can rent for the past 91 weeks without knowing anything about it. Manager said has to get regional to look into it and would call me back next day. After not hearing from them for three days I call them. Manager checked account and advised me that the tv was removed now from my account. Easy as that, no explanation as why, didn't bother asking since entire staff refreshes itself every month. When asked about all the payments I've made it was a "oh, ummm we will apply it to your laundry set balance. " ahhh no we wont, this is your guys screw up. Figure they owe me around 2000.00 in payments gst and charges and want it back. Now just dealing with a regional manager i have yet to talk to since he doesnt return calls

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  • Ea
    easy home is crap! Jan 29, 2014

    To easy1234 doesn't matter about credit bud your products are crap and you sell it for how much who cares what there credit is and see right there they insault there customers then you wonder why people talk about your crap service and items I say go crawl back in your moms whom your obviously not ready for real life

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  • Mi
    Michelle Ducharme Oct 23, 2013

    I've been with easyhome since 2009..we got a couch set from them payed in full..then we though maybe get a t.v since we payed off the couch set so thats what we did we got a LG smart t.v it was working good for a good 8 mths i guess then it started getting lines across it at the top i called in right away and they told me it will get i waitting for about a week to get a loaner t.v witch once they both it to us it didnt work well it had only half a sceen on it so i called back and then we had to wait one more week for a loaner again witch worked great so we we happy about it and were told we get a call on how our smart t.v will be coming back so i told them great..and then we though that same year we get a bedroom set and a laptop for myself so we did and we payed that off right away..but the thing is we got the t.v around the sametime and tht was in 2010 and were still paying for the "LOANER " t.v and its 2013 if you think about it how did i pay off the couch set, bedroom set with a bed yet, laptop and still paying for the t.v i just dont get it.and now im getting calls cause i missed payments and there saying if i dont give back there taking me to court i dont think so..i guess i just want to knw way im still paying for a t.v so like 4 years you think i have it payed off by now but no they tell me i still have 26 weeks it just dont sound right so if someone can help me out that be great i tryed taling to the manager but he on hoildays of me EASYHOME IS A SCAM ...AND IM VERY PISSED OFF NOW HOW IM BEING TALKED TO AFTER ALL THE YEARS I'VE BEEN WITH THEM...

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  • Kr
    krissii Sep 15, 2013

    I read all the comments and i agree they over charge but you did sign the contract. we have been with easy home once before and had to return the tv because we decided it was no longer an expence we could afford. They came on the last day we paid up to and took it there were no problems. We just went back last week and signed a contract for a tablet. We must have a special easyhome because they explained the contract and pointed out all the important parta for us to look at. They called our refrences at the timeswe asked them to and we even scored a deal. We got the samsung tab 10.1 used for $7 a week when they were being avertised used for $22 a week because we told them we knew someone with the deal and we got it in a 2 year contract but plan to pay it off after the first 90 days if they want more then what a samsung tab 3 is were returning and walking across to walmart. Anyways i have had no bad expirences. We get along with everyone who works the store if your having problems maybe you need to look at your paymeny history... Remember if you requested new... If you didnt thats why used showed up if you didnt like the product you should have made the delivery guy call and request new products... we have even bought cash and carry lether couches... Be aware all sales are final and as is so inspect inspect inspect.. We have had our used cash and carry couches and other then damage from our dogs claws they have held up amazing and were waiting for the same set to come on cash and carry agian..

    Over all - happy client whoes paid all bills on time and has been clear about what we want when we lease... We will request new or the exact model were looking at.

    As for the guy that said ### to many times to keep count... Why so harsh? Oh and not all animal owners are the same... My cats dont make my stuff smell like pee... I do get people who lease with no intent to own dont care about what happens to the product but not everyones ###... When we have products they are well cared for... Ie tablet is cased anf screen protected.

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  • Br
    brian 2013 Feb 14, 2013
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    does anyone know the laws and rules that Easy Home must follow i think half of there collections procedures are illegal and we should find out

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  • Ro
    Rotted Sep 18, 2012

    Easy home in Corner Brook are the biggest rip of going. My daughter too out a chesterfield set and a kids bedroom set paid on it from February tell august, today they came and took it back. She had it set up to come out of her bank account and not once did the even try to take the money out. We know this because we have the bank records. They lie through their teeth. They need to lose their business. I well take this to the courts to prove a point. Everyone needs to get together and put those ### under. EASY HOME SUCKS ###.
    They called her after they took the furniture and told her she had a credit there but they well not reimburse her the money she has to buy something there. Also asked her not to call head office on them, HELLO don't u think there is a big problem with this business in CORNER BROOK< NEWFOUNDLAND. I say close them down. I just might call the better business of canada to get some help on this.

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  • Su
    sue1521 Jun 07, 2012

    Can they really bring the police to your house?

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  • Co
    Couch2012 Apr 15, 2012

    Well...I can understand all the comments here on this blog! I have my own issues with EASYHOME!!

    I ordered a couch from store 944, St. John's Fall River Plaza THREE MONTHS AGO and it ONLY ARRIVED ON APRIL 12TH, 2012.

    I had called Easyhome store 944 and explained to them that I was moving to Corner Brook Region and I would need the couch shipped out there because it never arrived in St. John's prior to myself relocating. This was not an issue at all by store 944. At the time of ordering the couch I was given a price of $949.00 plus tax. When the couch arrived in St. John's at store 944 I was told we are going to ship it out to Corner Brook store and have the paperwork attached for $949.00. So on April 13th, 2012 I called Corner Brook store and advised I was in the area and would like to drop by and pay for the couch so it could be delivered on April 17th, 2012 (as that was the delivery date to my area). The lady said 'oh yeah no problem your total is 1574.00. I said 'no the couch is supposed to be $949.00 plas tax she said 'no sorry we can't do that that's too cheap!!!' VERY RUDELY

    So I called St. John's and asked the manager what was going on and she said 'oh sorry the couch is sent out to them now they can do what they want with's not in our inventory sorry'...So I got frustrated because this was poor service and I had been WAITING FOR THREE MONTHS PROMISED AT $949.00 plus tax!!!

    I have since been given the number [protected] and advised to speak with Gerry Madden. I have called that office three times already and had messages left for Madden and to date...he still has not returned my call. I was informed by Corner Brook store on Friday they will not be holding the couch for me and if another customer is interested in the couch they will sell it!!!

    I have waited for THREE MONTHS for this couch and now it's like NO ONE cares from EASYHOME (ANY LOCATION) if I get it or not!!

    I work with a company that deals with a lot of people on fixed incomes on a regular basis and our instruction is to forward these persons to EASY HOME as the upfront cost is not harsh for people on fixed incomes! I have since spoke to my boss about this and have been advised to NO LONGER forward people to EASYHOME. In general the amount of people we send to EASYHOME is about 10 people per month...that's 10 pieces of furniture a month from our companies advice...THAT WILL BE LOST!!!


    This issue will be actioned legally!!!

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  • Go
    goaheadmakemyday Nov 06, 2011
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    wow someone didnt take their valium god i have to say to you get help immediately. get re educated and get a real job.

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  • Sc
    scumlord Nov 05, 2011
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    LOL! Most of you Complainers are ignorant hicks! You want it now, well you got it! Try some math next time! paying 4 grand for a tv that's already 4 year old tech??? LOL That's right, ALL of the electronics are OLD tech or CRAP manufacturers! read a book sometime or visit a store that has new tech! Laptops, OMG, All of their stuff is so old even when right out of a box, your stupid! [protected] for that 200 piece of crap. lol Your all just angry cause you got SCAMMED!
    When your late just TELL them when you will be in. not to difficult is it. When they call to remind you, they just want to know when you will be in. These people just do a job, a job thats CRAPPY, a job that pays them NOTHING. Delivery drivers make 12 bucks an hour, your customer service guy makes 15, your manager you hate so much makes 17. What do you expect from employees that are payed a slaves wage? When their regional managers are pushing sales and collections on them every 5 minutes through e-mails, and harassing phone calls. When their district managers are doing the same and questioning their every move and inventory and advertisments and door flyers and cold calls and what are they doing to make more sales and collect on more deadbeats who don't pay on time. What do you expect form them. They are no better off than you, but they have to deal with you...the ### that doesn't get it, the ### that thinks being late on an agreement they signed is ok if its just a few days, the ### that is angry at you all the time, the ### that complains about everything, the ### that tells you stories of having sex with their dads, the ### that says, i'll be right back and then goes and sells some weed or sex to make another payment. the ### that keeps hammering the once good people down to their level. the ### that is home but won't answer the door and waves at the driver, when all he wants to do is collect some money so he can carry on. the ### that wants a service call on a product but when the guy shows up to do it, they forgot, or are late, or it's ok now, or hasn't payed the bill on time so the service call can't happen. Do you really think anyone is happy to call you 4-7 times a day? Do you really think they WANT to? Do you think you are the CENTER of their universe and look to harass you for pleasure? Get a grip you simpletons! No one forced YOU to go into THEIR stores! No one forced you to make an unwise choice! Hell, the store staff would probably LOVE it if all of you JERKS never came in. Then easyhome would be forced to find a different business plan. It's unfortunate that some stores do have their problems like 45 people a year turnover, but who really wants to work for scam artists anyways for very long? Who really wants to deal with the ### of the earth every day when it comes to customers? Hell I should write a book on you people! It would be funny as hell. I once had a customer every month that would offer sex for payments! lol I had a customer who had a bill of 145 every month, but because they where always over 30 days late and only payed half of that every month because she thought the amount way 145. she never payed the late fees either. one customer was a guy who looked like a girl who dated a girl who looked like a guy and both never showered or changed cloths. many ### just make one payment and skip out with everything never to be heard from again. one ### returned a tv that wasn't ours, it was our competitors. one ### made a formal complaint and demanded an apology from all staff because we knocked on his door once rather than use the door bell which was broken or disconnection. he was late by 3 weeks and thought this was A OK! One ### spit all over the truck windows and door handles after we picked up a sofa love that they called for to be picked up, and they where always on time with their payments???? WTF! One guy returned his sofa because it had cigarette burns in it. He got the sofa brand new out of the plastic. he wanted all his money back! a bunch of ### like to hide their crack pipes in the seams of sofas. we have to use steal toed boots to push cushions down to look for them. ### who owns CATS are awesome people. returned sofas always smell like cat piss and litter and almost always are damaged from the scratching. we have to clean these 3 times with a steamer to re-rent. one ### got a whole living room and bedroom from us. tv, bed, sofas, everything was brand new. he sold it all for crack that night after we left, then moved to a recovery centre. lol he only made an initial payment. So there you go, you try to deal with ### all day and still be a "really great guy" when your a few days late on your payments. Who in the heck do you think you are? ###!

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  • Fs
    f*** slezyhome Aug 22, 2011

    Keeep it all move if you rent! tell them you left it at the old place if they finally do catch up then thell treaten to take you to court they are so cheap thell drop the sapena off themselfs whitch you dont have to admit getting. then laugh when the price drops from 10000 at first to 2300 when they take you to court and if you dont go to court nothing will come of it i promice lol

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  • Go
    goaheadmakemyday May 25, 2011
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    Verified customer

    yes i had some bad experiencs ltaely. ive delt ith them for years paid off stuff. this time its a new breed in thr store ho doesnt cre about customer relations and repeat biz because they will nt see us bak. glad to giv someone else our money. they screwed up put our payment into a credit on the cct called the following saying when will we be in we re late. paid early by paying on friday got hassled. it was their fault ym acct showed late the past week. got no apology fr the farrasment. in fact the manager at the store was at when i made a payment toward my acct reported the employee. she agreed terrible how i was treated. easyhome doesnt care. rac staff there before were good people i think they hire some bad employees who dont give a damn.

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  • I wish I had paid more attention to the comments I read on service from EasyHome before I entered into an agreement with them. Like the originator of this complaint I too had a horrible experience with the Fall River Plaza location. In September 2010 I purchased a new 50" Sanyo Plasma Television. It was purchased on the 20-40-60 deal, meaning after 3 months the payments were reduced by 20%, the next 3 months 40% and finally 60% after the next 3 months. HOWEVER, there is a small little detail they neglected to tell me at the start of this agreement and during a telephone conversation I had with the clerk. If you are late on a payment you forfeit the percentage deal. See being a good customer, so I thought I called to say I would be a couple of days late as I was home on bed rest as per doctors orders. The clerk was so kind and told me not to worry about and to get well soon. I went to the store to make my payment three days later and still there was no mention that I had forefeited the deal. It wasn't until I kept paying the regular price and asked them to reconcile my account because in my records I should be receiving the discount and I was over paying. I made calls to the store and asked to speak to the manager to clear up the confusion and she never returned my call. Today they called to say I was behind on my payments and luckily I got to speak to the manager when I called back. She very bluntly told me that I forfeited the deal since I was late on the payment when I was sick. She said it was too bad that no one informed me of this clause and that I had to pay the regular cost. To which I responded, take the television back and she was more the quick to respond "Okay". No apology, no trying to talk to the customer and resolve the issue, no nothing but a blunt okay. By this time my blood was boiling and I called the Ropewalk Lane store to speak to the Regional Manager. He was a bit more polite and did apologize, but I informed him that bad customer expereinces travel faster than good and I was goign to hit the internet tonight and let everyone know of the terrible service I received at EasyHome. My advise to anyone who can't afford to purchase up or try layaway at at Wal-Mart because this place isn't worth the energy of walking in their front door!

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  • Ch
    Christine Porter Mar 09, 2011

    Well, they say they have sameday week later after sleeping on the floor for two days they deliver. I ordered new furniture but got used at the same cost. I paid every payment for a month and a half until I was able to buy my own furniture. I paid weekly, so I am ahead in payments right now. I called and asked them to come get their furniture and they said they would be here late afternoon. I had my new stuff in the rental truck waiting for them to move theirs so I could move mine in. They didn't show to pick up their stuff so I am stuck with another day's truck rental to store mine till they get around to getting their poor quality Malaysian made junk. Not to mention that I have to take the morning off work to wait for them to come get here. I wonder will they refund my week's payment? Probably not. Tried to call their head office complaints department, they put me on hold 5 times only to put me through to an answering machine. Now this answering machine is not you typical answering machine and I didn't realize it until the third time I called. You have to press pound when you're done with your message and then listen for further instructions to send your message. Most answering machines you just leave your message and hang up. Just their way of of saying, "well I didn't get your message" Well I know they got mine because I followed the instructions, but still they have not returned my phone call. I should have just left their stuff outside on my front step, but they told me if I did that, I would be billed for the damage. Well, who is going to pay my extra day's truck rental and my morning's wages? This is by far the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with. I can see a trip to small claims court in my future.

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  • Sl
    slove3 Oct 15, 2010
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    Verified customer


    I live in NB and have been a customer of the Bathurst EasyHome for more than 3 years. I have to say, it's a good thing I'm such a lover of paper trails because if I hadn't kept the receipt from every payment I would probably be kicking myself right now. I started off by leasing a living room set (new and used) and have since added a dining table (used) and computer (used). I have paid off the living room and table and have yet to see a receipt for either. As for the computer I keep calling to see how many payments are left and I keep hearing '6 months'.

    Now, I'm not an accountant or anything but I know how to use a calculator and I am absolutely positive that I have not only paid off all three leases already but also over $500.00 more. I want you to know that I did take into account the 29.9% annual interest for each lease, random fees and even the ridiculous 'Optional Policies' which I have been told aren't really optional.

    So to continue with the torture, I call about getting a list, log or receipt for all my payments and I am told that they probably can't do that because there is only so far back they can go. What? Did the records for the thousands of dollars I've sent them mysteriously end up in the shredder? Are you kidding? Am I wrong or is there a law that says a company MUST keep their records for 3 to 6 years minimum?

    Now you must be thinking 'There couldn't be more to this terrible story, " alas there is. Since I don't have the best credit I am forced into their corrupt and incompetent hands once more. I call about a bed and agree to get a whole bedroom set but I change my mind and call back to order just a bed as I originally wanted. I'm talking to the same guy and I have the notes I took down from the first call (I've already smartened up) when he tells me the cost of a used mattress and metal bed frame (they only sell the nice wooden ones in the sets) will be $107.00/month for 2 years when a whole set would cost $112.00/month for 2 years... I honestly stare at my notes where he told me two days earlier that it would have cost me $19.00/month for a used mattress (not including the crummy metal bed frame).

    I am so mad and feel so used and manipulated I could puke. I completely agree with everyone else here that something needs to be done! I vow to do everything in my power as an individual to see that justice is done. I refuse to be cheated any longer. If any of you feel the same please do your part as well. Don't let these swindlers continue their reign of deceit, keep all your receipts, call them up on inconsistencies and most of all continue to complain. We will have justice.

    - S

    Oct. 15, 2010

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  • Ch
    charmedlee Sep 18, 2010

    Im in Missouri and yes we are of the lower class community but that doesn't mean I don't like decent items in my home. That isn't even the reason I went through the company. We have used rent a center a few times for things we absolutely needed. After paying the bills we generally end up with $50-100 to spare every 2 weeks. That isn't going to buy anything especially when your in need right now. So yes, some of us lower class do have the choice in one way but in another way we feel we do not have a choice when it comes to kids sleeping on the floor. After Easyhomes advertise how cheap the weekly fee is and you can transfer funds paid on one product towards an upgrade...that was better than rent a center. We had storage in a family members garage, they gave away our washer/dryer set we had purchased from rent a center. I check local listings for a used set for over 2 weeks while Im washing my clothes in the tub and drying them by lining them on a cable cord I rigged across the garage. The cheapest we found was about $400 for a few really old sets that actually worked. We couldn't afford that so off to easy home. Initially we get the cheapest set in the store not wanting to even spend that but we had no choice. Later on they advertise the set I had been wanting (yes it was a brand new way expensive out right) but we were making more money so we could afford the extra $14 a week. When I come home I see they are here delivering to my husband brand new out of the boxes my washer and dryer set. EXCITED! Rent a centers promise that things were new always came to my house used. Finally no cable line or spending 3 hours staying up late resetting an old dryer until things dry. Everythings good...I thought. 5 months later I get a letter from them saying we have a credit of $800 we had paid on the previous washer dryer set and if we come in today we could apply that to a similar item. Wait a minute...when we switched they said they were going to do that anyway. The deal was whatever we had paid would go to the upgraded set. So whats going on. After speaking to 2 employees and a manager no one will transfer that to our account. We went over the contract and everything when the new set was dropped off being assured that is their system, its always applied. NO ITS NOT!!! Now they are telling me if I buy another set they will do it. Who needs 2 sets? Seriously! Even on their ads and website that is their policy but I guess they can do what they want to someone with no money because we can't get an attorney. We owe about 4 weeks right now, haven't paid. I figure I'm going to get a little more use out of the product before we call them money to pick it up...not that the 4 weeks come close to my $800 but if I deduct the 800 myself and stop paying when thats all thats left on the item I risk going to jail. Soooooo I'm sending it back, losing my money because of a lying system and hoping the $150 I saved is going to buy a set that works. Don't use these people they lie, cheat, and in my opinion they steal if they are taking your money and not putting it towards the product as promised. But to you jerks out there...not everyone has the greatest credit and sometimes its no doing of their own, not everyone has money, but not everyone actually has a choice. However I do agree with some family has used these places for years and if you get a product delivered that is stinky, worn or whatever you can refuse and get a newer model. They brought me a beat up dishwasher, supposed to be new I refused and the second set the same so they took them back both times, I owed nothings. Everyone complaining about the overall cost...that is on the paper you sign when you get your product, I don't mind paying even double whats owed...we are buying on time and a company has to make money. Imagine how much they lose when people return disgusting or broken products they can no longer lease out. Maybe they seem like a scam but honestly who else is going to give thousands of dollars worth of products to someone like us buying on time...that is the process and theres nothing wrong with that, as long as they don't lie or rip you off in the process.

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  • Lo
    logic12345 Apr 01, 2010

    A few of he people had it right. Yes the prices are high, yes some of the prducts are used.. but when you walk into their store what you see is what you get. When you pick 'That couch' you are literally getting 'that couch'. Not one in the back or in a warehouse or from leons. Take a look at what you are leasing, and by gosh, try to bargain with them. Each assosciate has a little pull into the pricing. Secondly, read the agreement. You have the ability to cancel WITH a REFUND but you need to do it properly. Plus the agreement tells you what you will pay over the 1 - 2- 3 years.
    Those that are saying it was a 1 year term and got stuck for 3, thats your own idiot fault for not reading the agreement they give you. Who just signs 4 pages ? Its in the first page in bold type.
    Easy home is not a collections agency, is not licensed as a collector and therefore does not need to follow collection laws. Everyone who is 'just late by a few days' probably has a consistent history of being late and thats not what they want when they give you a large LCD tv for a fractin of the initial cost of buying one. If payment history didnt matter and they just placed expensive TV sets in everyones house then they would be out of the job. Whether your late 1 day or 3 weeks its reported to reginal managers as a deliquent account and 'needs to be paid'. Again, there is no credit involved.. just trust. The calls stop as soon as you answer and say "Hi, im sorry ill be in tomorow". If you ignore the calls theyll just keep calling.. because you have their TV. Its a high risk busniess, and you guys may think youre not 'high risk' but a business model is a business model. You should hear some of the crap customers pull against easyhome. Its easy to lose yur trust in people.

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  • An
    Anora Feb 22, 2010

    Hey dum dum dum, you are way off base if you believe in any way easyhome is anything that it claims to be. They cite values and principles but get into it and really, can you honestly say that you have never seen a manager rewrite a contract and rest the term??? Can you honestly say you have never seen an associate steal? A regional manager lie? Or even lie to customers yourself? I really wonder how long you have truly been around in this company to have such a jaded view of what we do. I recently left this company, a company who sweeps theft, harassment and discrimination under the rug. Who in one hand is the pleasant face and voice but will turn it over on someone in a heartbeat, I found you need to be a soulless heartless fool to work for them. I got tired of weeding out the thieves the liars and the such, only to see the regional and dvp turnovers and it starts again. Easyhome is a company that operates on the line of illegality. An fyi out there for anyone who is still a customer, please make sure you hang onto those original contracts or anything they ask you to sign, they are sneaky, they will lie to you and do anything in their power to not address your concerns. When you pay out, ask for your receipts, your certificate of ownership and do not be afraid to call the customer service line if you feel any of your issues are not being addressed. Some advice, if you can, pay cash, the easyhome lease agreement does not provide credit as cited in the first page of term and conditions, and also read your terms and conditions, the store is obligated to service the product, if they tell you otherwise, persist.

    Irishlad16, please read your contract, the jargon in the easyhome rental agreement is fairly all encompassing and generally the RCMP will not get involved, calling it no more than a civil matter, as for that system change they claim messed up your account, that is completely bogus. During any system change in any retailer any and all accounts are transferred and all money paid into them has to be accounted for. I would recommend if you have your original contract that they show you a complete payment history as well as a copy of the contract they have on file. If there really is something going on with your account it is easy enough to spot as there likely wont be a resigned contract. Also be wary of them telling you your investment is gone, this is not true, Easyhome offers an "investment transfer promise" which will recover all base rental payments and transfer them to a similar product on a new rental contract if you return the merchandise. Remember you have the right to ask questions and easyhome staff is obligated to answer them.

    1 Votes
  • Kt
    Kt.okay Feb 10, 2010

    I have only been dealing with sleazy home for a few months now and I'm already sick of the calls days before my payment is due! I know that Saturday is 3 days away! I waited over 2 weeks for my so called new furniture to show up, I had to physically go into the store and talk to the manager asking about my bedroom set. 5 days later I got a call saying it would be there the following Saturday. They didn't take shoes off on my white carpet, left my front door open and my dog got out, even after I kept shutting it behind them, left styrofoam all over the floor and cardboard in the hallway of my building. I went in to pay my week and change my payments to every month, I even paid extra for this and here we are, next week and they are calling me saying my account is in arrers and I need to return the product, AS IF!

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    John Doe Jan 29, 2010

    LOL, Quoting Dum Dum Dum Which you are!

    "Easyhome is there to help people who have gone through a hard time" That is Hilarious bud.

    "As an employee of Easyhome" You are Dum Dum Dum...

    1 Votes
  • An
    angry custumor Jan 28, 2010

    i have been at the salmon arm sleazy home for two years!they have been threw aleast 25employes over that period!they are all dirty and gross, the manager spends more time hiding out back smoking instead of dealing with angry custumors!i got a tv in 2008 in my contract it said it was new, it was not!i asked for a diffrent one, a new one, so they brought a loaner 7months later when they showed up with the 52inch. t.v they were alone and asked if i had a friend or neighbor that could help move it, i said no i wasnt asking any one thats there job!he left the t.v on my front lawn on a cart and said if i want it i will find a way to get it in!im 12opounds and i pushed the t.v in by myself, i went to hook it up and every wire was ripped out of the back and it did not work!they left that tv in my home for two weeks, and said if i did not keep paying for the one they were fixing i would'nt get it back and they would keep my payments!i am also going threw the same thing with a laptop and a table i also got with the tv!i have been waiting for my laptop to be returnd because i was told it was new and it was'nt either!the loaner i have has wires sticking out of the cord where it plugs into computer>when i told easyhome they said just make sure the wires don't touch and it should't catch fire!i am a singe mother with a full time job and a can't afford to lose everything i have put in to easyhome!they are cruel, ignorant, lying, rip offs!i have alot more stories of things they have done to me, but im saving them for my lawyer!

    1 Votes
  • Du
    dum dum dum Jan 24, 2010

    First off you all need to stop complaining. As an employee of Easyhome for quite sometime now, I have noticed in going over the complaints the gross exxagerations in your statements. If you do not understand fully what you are signing up for, then don't sign the contract until you do. Easyhome is there to help people who have gone through a hard time, or have had somehow come upon having a bad credit score, and your interest rate is no different than that on any other retailer out there. The only difference with us is that you know what you are going to pay for it once it is all said and done right from day one, as opposed to the other companies where you will find out after it is all over with.
    Secondly you are our customers, and if you have missed a payment, yes we are going to call because we want to know why. Maybe you didn't properly understand the contract, or maybe the sales person was not dilligent in letting you know your payment schedule. Think about it, if we were the cable company your cable would be cut, why should you get to keep something that you do not pay for. Is that not stealing? There are options and things that the store can do for you if you are genuinely having a hard time.
    Lastly, you will not get anywhere with the RCMP. You signed the contract, and you agreed to all the terms, so just because the three years seems like it is going by slowly and you have paid $2500 on something that you think is only woth $2000, does not mean you get to stop paying. Just remember, you signed the contract. You agreed to all of this. And no one is going in and changing your contracts without your knowledge, you don't realize the work that goes into changing a term, especially if it is being extended, we need to have a good explantation for this, and it cannot be done at store level.
    Have a lovely day, and do a bit of research on the company that you have paid "5200" to over the past few years. If you don't agree with them why didn't you save your $216 / month payment for 2 months and just buy a $400 laptop? Doesn't make much sense when you put it that way, especially if we were as bad as you said.

    0 Votes
  • Ir
    Irishlad16 Jan 18, 2010

    After reading the comments i can see that i'am not alone. I have been screwed royaly, they have changed the dates of my contract and the calls and visits are far to much. I got a laptop form easyhome while is was in University and this was my only way to get one.
    I got the computer in 07, and sacrificed food for payments but i did make them, i have payed now 5, 200 for a 1, 400 dollar laptop. They told me they had a system change and that any payments prior to that were gone, and i would have to prove every single payment or it didn't exist. Now i have a contract that says it's May 28, 09-------April 28, 2011, original contract was 07---to---09 Also i had an unlicensed person work on the computer, and had no computer for a month while they fixed it. I will not just shut-up and take this anymore.

    I have contacted the R.C.M.P in my town and they are doing some research into it, I'am also putting together a Civil Law Suit right now. If there is anyone else who is interested in this contact me as soon as you can. We all know they are tyrants now we should say it in One Voice.

    My name is Mike A, [email protected] or [email protected]/ PEOPLE AGAINST EASYHOME

    0 Votes
  • Ky
    kymbirli Jan 06, 2010

    i was babysitting at a close friends house when easyhome came knocking on the door
    the two men walked right into the house. they were not invited inside, they stuck their foot in the door and pushed in. all because they were late in their payment.
    it was insane, and i was honestly afraid at that point, for not only myself, but the two children i was watching.
    this company is clearly not legit enough to follow trespassing laws.
    they even jumped the balcony and tried to get in.
    i think a neighbor called the police after i screamed at them for quite some time, and then 2 days later i was receiving phone calls at MY HOUSE because i was a reference.
    as a law student, i can say for sure that this company better pull itself together, because i personally observed them breaking the law twice that day, and although i didn't want to trouble the authorities, one day a customer will not be as timid with the issue as i am.

    0 Votes
  • Ti
    tipsaw Dec 09, 2009

    I was a employee of easyhome and i can say first hand this company is a joke!!! and rips people and employees off.the harrasment not only to customeres but employees is sicking and it is disgusting these people are allowed to get away with it

    2 Votes
  • So
    Solomon11B Dec 02, 2009

    First of all to USblood's comment people don't always go there cause of bad credit or because they are ###ing criminals for instance I am an ex u.s. soldier not a criminal my wife is in college and I am opening a business in 4 months we currently use easy home because we just moved to a new city and it is temporary because I cannot get anymore credit mine is to the max but it is not a good service and Easy1234 why don't you shut the ### up talking bout people you have a pathetic job here is an idea get a real one easy home is fine for a temporary fix and thats it but they have these problems with these types of customers because THESE ARE THEIR TARGET MARKET so when any employees of them come on here complaining get a new job your company targets out the poor so obviously you are gonna have these problems as for the collection methods they are illegal god help them if they pulled any of that crap on me I would sue the hell outta them

    2 Votes
  • Us
    USblood Nov 10, 2009

    Get a Job, pay out your debts and rebuild your credit score !!! Get a Life !!! Stop ### and complaining like ###s !!! That's it ... when you have no credit or bad credit ... what do you expect ... to be treated like someone who worked his ### off in this society !!! Fix your problems ...and by the way ... make sure to give EasyHome a call to thank them trusting giving ya a Big screen TV ... that you might afford ... but might not deserve as a good law abiding responsible credit payor!!! Bless ya !

    -2 Votes
  • Mi
    Mightylink Oct 09, 2009

    Although I cant say much about easyhome I still think they help in most situations. My parents got a bedroom set and a tv, although the dressers where a bit scratched, the tv is working great, yes overpriced but something they could never afford upfront so easyhome was the way to go. I am getting the pc cruser gamer pc from them today, still way overpriced but my computer blew up so I need a new one soon. I do not think I will keep it though, I will kind of "rent" it from easyhome and save up to build a new one which will be a lot cheper then fully paying off easyhomes pc.

    I also write this rewview on my parents acer labtop, not the best thing in the world but my sisters love it, it runs well and even plays some nice games like Sims 3 and Spore, hopefully that pc im getting will be much better.

    As for the topic, yes I guess they are running a monopoly but when you cant afford something upfront this is the only way to go.

    1 Votes
  • Bi
    binx Oct 08, 2009

    This is the most crooked company. Damaged goods upon delivery, promises (unkept) to replace product. Another product, a laptop, had no software, not even the windows disk. It had the previous owners informatino on it, even after they said they reformatted the computer. 3 years later, the damaged property has not been exchanged. 18 months later, the laptop has no software (Can't even get it to recognize DVD drive). Someone previously had divided the hard drive, so I get half the drive space as usable.
    They have threatened, harrassed and lied. They expect us to keep our end of a contract with them not honoring their end, and with their level of abusive customer service.
    On top of this, they spew the garbage they do us a favor by extending us with poor credit or whatever, a "chance" to buy from them. Yes, along with your abuse, harrassment and shoddy property. Who broke the contract if someone is late in a payment? The person making a late payment? Or the company, on day one, by not providing a intact product? This company has messed with the wrong person.
    I fully intend to take Easyhome Inc to court. If I lose, I lose. But I want my day in court. I want to know what makes them be able to use mafia type illegal harrassing tactics to CUSTOMERS. I want to know why they can provide goods that were not agreed upon. Why they can break promises and never fulfill them yet demand that we take their annoying calls all the time.
    So, small claims court here we come. Free for me as I am low income. So I don't pay to file. I fully intend to get legal help from a legal clinic and see what I can do about this. I also plan to pursue in court for damages following 3 years of lies and harassment. I'm glad I found this web page!

    -1 Votes
  • Di
    Disgruntledme Oct 02, 2009

    I'm a customer of easyhome (Stupid me, *smacks forehead*) These idiots called me yesterday 4 times just to tell me about a stupid promotion involving referring people. I said, and you felt the need to call me 4 times about this? She said, "Well yeah we had to touch base w/ you". I said WHATEVER and hung up. Today my payment is due and they have already started again w/ the calls asking me when I am going to come in to pay (I'm rarely late, I always pay my bill even if a few days late)... they even called from a Private Number today... These idiots need to be shut down or take a course on customer service..

    0 Votes
  • Me
    Meh2k9 Sep 26, 2009

    Ha, I was a customer for 6 years, always made my payments on time, never once did i miss my payment . I paid off a washer and dryer set, bedroom set, game system and a few others. I still ended up getting screwed over by easyhome . They would call me for payments that have already been paid, payments would magically go missing with no record only my receipt. Recently a few workers at my local store were discovered to have been robbing money from the people paying and charging fees where they were not supposed to be charged and pocketing the money. Also if you call working at a company that thrives from lies and ripping people just because they may have had credit problems in the past then you really need to get a life and a real job. Easyhome needs to close and people would be much better off. They would be better off saving the money and buying second hand from a used store then paying the interest and triple the price for products.

    3 Votes
  • Jo
    John Doe Sep 26, 2009

    By the way, look what your employee has done & took HOW long to get it fixed? Whats that 4 weeks or oh No 6 weeks?
    Here lets take a better look at what your employee have done after pounding on the window of the door, you guys can Go To F*CK.


    2 Votes
  • Ea
    Easy1234 Aug 19, 2009

    For all of you that rent from Easyhome, let me point out some obvious points you seemed to have overlooked. First, noone twisted your arm to come into our store. Chances are your credit is more beat up than the merchandise you've been complaining about. So if your couch or Tv is a little used, be thankful there are companies like Easyhome that are there to help you. Secondly, I'll bet if I pulled up your payment history, not a damn one of you are a consistent/on time paying customer. If you dont like the service or the merchandise simply return it, just like our commercials say. And if youre kids dont like sleeping on chair cushions, try paying your bill on time or get off your can and go get a job like the rest of us and buy some furniture you own.

    -6 Votes
  • 1m
    1 mad customer Jul 15, 2009

    we had product from them, my husband and i had lots our jobs, he had gotten another job and his paycheque bounced, i had just statred a job, and was in contact with the store, and i told them when my 1st pay would be, as both my husband and i had found jobs and his paycheques were not being bounced. they were fine with that said they would see us on the date i had given, no problem, or so we had thought, the next day at the supper hour there is a knock at my door here are 3 employees from easyhome and a cop . i had no choice but to give up the product. now my family members being 2 teenage boys are sleeping on chair cushions from the patio set on the floor.

    2 Votes
  • Ea
    EasyhomeDissat Jun 24, 2009

    I've had a similar experience with them as well. If your payment is due on Saturday and you miss it, your phone rings off the hook on Monday demanding payment. Then they start calling your references. They then tell your references that you are in possession of stolen goods, and will also charge the contact if not contacted. I'm a little fuzzy on Canadian Law, but I believe threatening theft charges for stolen goods not only violates the privacy policy, but possibly slander as well? One of my contacts was an 82 year old relative, who they would continuously threaten, telling her that they didn't care if it was harrassment, they would continually bother her until I called. A call to the police had that stopped, so they moved on to the next contact, so apparently they don't quite grasp that concept either... and again the same thing, I paid for new, got used, and was told thats the only model they have.

    1 Votes
  • Wh
    wha? Jun 19, 2009

    so, let me get this straight. you entered into a contract where you knew you were going to pay an arm and leg for a product and when you did end up paying said arm and leg you got mad?

    1. take a real good look at what you're buying at the store. most of it is used and even the new products aren't in great shape sometimes (falls off the truck/whatever else).

    2. if the product gets to your house and it looks like trash or smells like dog urine refuse it. don't sign the delivery slip. especially if they said it was new.

    3. don't shop at easyhome. no matter how tempting it is or how good the deal looks. i mean seriously, do the math: a 37 inch Sony tv currently priced at $27/WEEK over 156 WEEKS is never a good idea. for those of you who have trouble with word problems that's $27 x 156 +tax. In 3 years you'll finally own your TV for $4759.56. Lets walk over to futureshop and see what they're selling that SAME tv for: 1399.99+tax. 1581.98 tax in. A Savings of 3177.58.

    easyhome is great for someone showing a house or maybe a group of guys sharing an apartment for a couple months.

    my whole point is if you're going to be thoughtless enough to enter into their contract you need to look in the mirror before you start blaming people.

    1 Votes

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