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Easy Saverunauthorized charges

Same story here !! I am a victim of this unauthorized charges practices as well. I ordered flowers on March 09 at I've just noticed that I was being charged $14.95 for 5 months by this Easy Saver thing since then.

I just contacted Easy Savers at [protected] and simply told them I never enrolled any membership from them and wanted all previous charges refunded to me. The lady I spoke with didn't give me any resistance which I was quite surprised about and said they will stop charging me from this month and the refund should be all in a total reflected on my next statement (Sept). She also gave me a confirmation code for reference. Let's see how this refund goes and I will come back here for another complaint if I don't get my refund by next month.

I am so disappointed about and hesitated to purchase from them again. They should have do sth to stop this going on as they've already received so many complaints or reports about this !!!

Thanks everyone who had posted a complaint about Easy Saver and shared with your useful story on getting the refund.


  • Wo
    worklizard Aug 04, 2011

    I currently noticed a charge for Easy Saver which I mistakenly took for another product I signed up for. But to make sure I googled the information that was provided by my bank and was shocked to see that it was for a coupon company associated with Proflowers. I called the company and first of all, they could not locate my account. They had an old address. So finally they found it and said I had been charged since 2009! "It is a great coupon program ma'am" the man said. Really? Then how come I apparently spent $350.80 for savings I never saw? I of course cancelled and asked for a refund which they denied because I "waited this long to call." But there was no account activity. I was never provided a service. I never received an email, or coupons. That is fraud. He would not even give me a partial.

    Now let's talk about Proflowers. How could they take my information and give it to a shady company? I never signed up for easy saver. I ordered flowers. I never signed an online agreement for a program. They didn't even have my current address.

    These practices are unethical. I will not buy from Proflowers again or any other companies affiliated with Easy Saver. I will tell everyone I know about this scam.

    All I want is my money back. If not, I will go on my radio show Monday night and talk about my experience. We have about 10, 000 listeners a week and growing. That's 10000 and more people that will be discouraged to buy from Proflowers. In this economy, it's not good for Proflowers to lose potential or existing customers.

    I've already written an email to Proflowers Customer service. I really hate to complain about companies. But it is wrong to sell consumer information and it is wrong to charge people for a service they do not use. This is called stealing. And I know about customer service practices. I have worked in call centers. I know about auto-renewal. However, I never agreed to this.

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  • Xe
    xemily89 Jan 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought something from Oriental Trading Company in March 2010. Since then, I've been charged $14.95 a month for their "EasySaver savings program" that I was unaware of even signing up for. So, from March 2010-January 2011 I've been charged $14.95/month, which comes to $165.00 taken from me. This is a scam. If this has happened to you, the number for the Easy Saver Complaint Line is [protected] ext. 8085. I've had to call twice and ### these people out, but DON'T GIVE UP! They WILL refund you 100% but you must keep at it with them. First they only offered me $40.00, then $60.00, then I called back the next day and got $90, and then finally my whole refund of $165. Basically I told them that I would keep calling back everyday until I got my full refund and that taking somebody else's money is completely unacceptable and that I've seen other complaints of this being a scam online. Just keep arguing until you get your full refund. I'll never buy from Oriental Trading again and I hope that everybody reads this and knows that you can get your money back with a little bit of attitude. Best of luck!

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  • Be
    bethinnj Oct 16, 2010

    wow !glad i googled "easy saver" to see what it is since they have been stealing $16.95 from our checking account for the last 5 months. my husband ordered a product called "venacura" for my varicose veins over the phone after hearing an ad for the product on the radio.apparently like others on this site have experienced with "pro flowers "they are also connected to "venacura" . we never ordered ""easy saver and never received anything from them. we called [protected] and was credited 2 months worth of charges after an explanation of what the easy saver program" offers. we also have $16.95 charges for 2 months of "encore marketing "in the united kingdom and 2 months of $16.95 charges for "emi american leisure". something needs to be done about this crooked practice and how they are stealing from unsuspecting people

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  • Br
    brandi mason May 28, 2010

    LET ME TELL YOU ALL SOMETHING... OKAY? I happen to be one of those women/men who answer those phones at the CALL CENTER that you are calling and verbally abusing. Really, is that necessary. Most of us who answer those phones have worked there less time that you have been being charged. We didn't work there when it happened, we didn't enter in any of your information FOR you, we are working in one of the hardest industries there is and yet...why do we chose to be there... because we like to HELP. We are helpers when we answer that phone. While we do understand your frustration - we want to help remedy the situation. Every company will do something that angers you at some point. It's how they resolve the issue that matters. That gal on the other end of the phone had nothing to do with your enrollment. Yet, daily we get yelled at, cursed, and verbally abused as soon as we as how we can HELP you. What part of HELP don't you understand. YOU made the mistake of the enrollment in the Easy Saver Rewards Program. YOU are the ones who have been negligent in checking your accounts weekly... if not DAILY - like I do! Believe it or not, it's not a SCAM. We have been in busines for over 30 years and have over a million satisfied customers... who DO read the smaller print, (which in this case there IS no fine PRINT! It's an entire webpage that TELLS you to 'ENTER YOUR INFORMATION MANUALLY"... where it says "ENTER YOUR INFORMATION TO JOIN THE EASY SAVER REWARDS PROGRAM!" So, PLEASE... remember when you call that we truly do understand you are surprised, upset, angry, irrate and even threatening to report us to the BBB. Well, we ARE members of the BBB! Just try to be nice. You get alot farther with honey than vinegar. We are not responsible for what happened in your situation...however, we are kind enough to take the abusive from you... and still resolve the situation for you to your satisfaction! We like to have happy customers! We post our phone number on every charge on your bank statement. The bank has our phone number. It's no scam. The fact of the matter is that you didn't read. So, because you didn't read, just clicked clicked and clicked, you call and curse at us! Hey, some of us are good Christian women and we don't deserve to be talked to the way you talk to us. YOU made the mess... now, try to be kind to us while we resolve the problem to the best of our ability and to your satisfaction. Just stop yelling at us!

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  • Al
    Allison Martin May 07, 2010

    I have been charged 16.95 from Easy SAver and 16.95 from American leisure. I have no clue who these companies are and I NEVER purchase anything online so I am curious to how these companies received my information also how to cancel this. These charges caused me to overdraft my account due to being a very poor college student and now I've had to pay and extra 75 dollars in overdraft fees. I am extremely upset and confused on to why or how these people are getting away with this. Something needs to be done and I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure this stops.

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  • We
    webgab Apr 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered Flowers from a company named ProFlowers on November 16, 2009. Since then, every month there has been a charge from EASY SAVER in the amount of $14.95 on the credit card I used to purchase the flowers. I did not authorize this charge and demand that you refund them and cease immediately. I have also contacted ProFlowers to let them know of this problem. A simple search on Google turned up plenty of complaints against your "service" for this, so please, please, please stop doing this to hard-working people. I will be taking other action and publicizing this everywhere I can so expect more people to be writing.

    I can be contacted at t[email protected] to provide any further details.

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  • Ly
    lynnej Apr 06, 2010

    I too was hit with unauthorized credit card charges by Easy Saver after I bought flowers from Proflowers online. I looked at, but did not enroll in, the Easy Saver shopping club offer. Nevertheless, they charged my credit card for months (lesson for me - check all charges each month) before I realized it. Having read the complaints on this website, I e-mailed my complaint with exact dates and charges to Easy Saver with a copy to Proflowers. I received a response the next morning from Proflowers with a phone number to call to cancel my membership. Apparently, Proflowers had done some advance calling because the Easy Saver customer representative I spoke with immediately cancelled my membership, said I'd have a full refund, minus 2 months charges, on my credit card within a few days, and the rest would be sent in a check within two weeks. I e-mailed Proflowers to let them know the outcome and received an immediate response thanking me for involving them and for letting them know the outcome. They specifically noted that most people on the complaint websites had not contacted Proflowers.

    So, if Easy Saver got your credit card info through the Proflowers site, my advice is to contact Proflowers with your complaints either along with or prior to contacting Easy Saver - and do it on e-mail so that you have a written record.

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  • Sh
    Shoppingfiend Apr 05, 2010

    Thank you for the useful information and number. They got my husband too when he ordered from Pro-flowers. I will never use them again either.

    There ought to be a law!

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  • Sh
    Shoppingfiend Apr 05, 2010

    I found charges for $14.95 on my bank statement this morning and when I investigated I found this company charging me monthly. When I tried the website it did not work and then I found this complaint site. I called the number provided by other helpful victims and called to cancel [protected]. They said they would refund the $14.95 charge for April but not March and February. I am calling my bank and also Pro-Flowers because I believe this happened when my husband ordered flowers from them. Buyers beware and read fine print when shopping online.

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  • Ch
    Chrissy1003 Mar 22, 2010

    We ordered supplies for our office from Oriental Trading Co. We were unaware that we were also signing up for Easy Saver (whatever they may be). They charged 14.95 to our account and would have continued to charge us monthly fees if we did not catch it! There are lots of companies that run this scam all the time...I'm disappointed in those better known companies like Oriental Trading Co. and ProFlowers that allow these ### to do this!

    Call [protected] and provide your address and the account will be cancelled and your money refunded.

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  • Ch
    charla smith Mar 11, 2010

    several unauthorized charges to my credit card

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  • Ae
    aerroc Mar 07, 2010

    To my disbelief and disgust, I found that this company had been charging my card for 9 months without authorization. I feel like a real fool. Not checking my account has cost me so much. I don"t even know what they are about. I try to log onto the account, but I do not have a password!!! Go figure. Does anyone know how I can get my money back?

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  • Jo
    Joe Zierden Mar 01, 2010

    I have been Charged 14.95 a month for the past few months and do not know why? I didn't sign up or subscribe to any website or magazine.

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  • Cl
    Claire3 Feb 19, 2010

    I had been negligent checking my Visa statement monthly and suddenly noticed a recurring charge for $14.95 from Easy Saver. I had no recall authorizing a charge to this company. I went online and found that if you used Pro Flowers which I had a couple of years ago, you somehow were enrolled in this program which evidentially provides some type of awards . . .

    I called the number on my Visa bill and was connected to a representative who informed me that this charge had been added to my Visa monthly since March, 2008. When I asked why it had occurred, she indicated that I had ordered through Pro Flowers. I asked that all the charges be removed and she was very courteous and said that I was owed 26 credits of $14.95 each. Twelve would appear as a credit on my next Visa bill and the remainder would be sent to me in a check in the next two to three weeks.

    Added that there would be no problem refunding the money. I did get her number and name just in case this does not occur. So I do hope that this will happen . . . that would be a nice solution with little problems! Shall see!

    I will post my results - the number I contacted was [protected].

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  • Rs
    rsvr Feb 19, 2010

    This has happened to me too...very frustrating

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  • Ki
    Kirby C Feb 17, 2010

    I was a victim of the same scam...ordered from Shari's Berries a couple of months ago and just noticed the charges on my Visa for EasySaver...the first for $1.95 and two more for $14.95. I will be notifying them shortly to cancel my phantom membership in this scam and reimburse me in full for the charges.

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  • Ta
    Tat_Yana_Vlad Feb 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been billed by Easy Saver Rewards (EASY SAVER [protected] PA) for $14.95 per month since making a purchase on Easy Saver is apparently associated with ProFlowers and I inadvertently signed up for their 'services' while placing my order. They claim that I requested to be a member when I replied to an email after placing an order. I do not recall replying to any email or asking for the service. Obviously, their business practices are disingenuous at best, since I, and many others, have been fooled by this blatantly unethical business practice. I have informed ProFlowers of this problem and will NEVER use this again.

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  • Am
    Amanda M Feb 01, 2010

    I have recently discovered that for the past year my card has been charged without my authorization after ordering from oriental trading. I found a charge for 14.95 on my statement every month for the last year from a company called easy saver. I have never heard of this company before nor I ever received anything from this company about my membership that I apparently singed up for by ordering through oriental trading. I called this company and they gave me some sells pitch claiming they sent me an email of all the benefits I would enjoy by being a member. I told them I never received any email from this company about anything and if I had I would have called a long time ago and canceled this membership. The sales rep Charles said he would cancel my membership and credit me back 14.95 then asked if this would be acceptable. I told him that I would be reporting his company to the better business bureau and suddenly he says he is authorized to only credit back three charges I told him he would credit back all charges that they fraudulently took from my account or I would be going to the police. Charles got an attitude about this but put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. He then said that he would be crediting my card back six charges and then in the same sentence said he would be crediting all seven charges. I asked for his employee number and it seemed to piss him off he hesitated to give it to me but I finally got it.I told him he would be hearing from me again if the charges weren't credited back within 488 hours. I stumbled upon this web site and found that many people like myself have found themselves caught up in this scam.If your reading this it's probably too late but I urge you to take extreme caution when ordering from oriental trading or pro flowers. I have every intention to go to fox news and the better business bureau about this matter and I ask that anyone else with the same complaint also take these steps to ensure that nobody else falls victim to this scam.

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  • La
    lamisse Jan 15, 2010

    I bought my mother flowers for Mother's Day last year and I just realized I have been paying $14.95 every month without my authorization. I want to report this company, and I want my money back. I will never order from Proflowers again!

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  • Lo
    Look Out! Jan 13, 2010

    I was over looking my credit card charges and notice $14.95 from easy saver. I begin to check into this further to find out I have 14 charges of $14.95. How did it happen? A order was placed thru Oriental Trading Company. When ordering from many companies and you select free shipping, or some type of coupon you get enrolled into Easy Saver. The first charge will be $1.95. If you don't catch it and call the number to decline they will start $14.95 charges every month. Now for the good news. If this has happen to you from a company do this. Call [protected] hrs 9am-9pm. Be extra nice and tell them you contacted your credit card company and they told you Easy Saver has been working with customer to resolve the mix up with charges. They will work with you. The first person will most likely only be able to take back 2 charges. Keep being nice. You should then be transfered to a customer affairs agent. They can talk care of all the other charges, but they will start with just half. Be nice! Ask is it anything else they can do. Say something like do you have a direct number I will be able to give my credit card company when they call you back. I will be disputing the rest with them, or the BBB. They will put you on hold several times. Keep being nice and they will say do to your situation we will credit full amount. Make sure you get a confirmation number. If you have more then 12 charges they will credit 12 and send check for rest. From now on we all need to do a better job of checking our statement.

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  • Se
    sebailey Jan 09, 2010

    i am being charged 14.95 that i did not authorize for Easy Saver to take out of my bank account. i want all of my charges added back to my account.

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  • It
    It's personal Dec 29, 2009

    Give me a break. I came across the same charges on my statement. HOWEVER... I am smart enough to check my statement regularly and picked up on the enrollment with the initial charge of $1.95! If you don't check your statements - well, then I call that STUPID. After I called to cancel, I went back to the PRO FLOWERS site and checked to see how "fraudulent" it was. IT'S NOT. A WHOLE page comes up offering a discount on your next purchase... TELLING you that that discount includes the 30 trial of Easy Saver. You actually HAVE to enter your email address AND zip code ANDDDDD click on "enroll me now" !!! If you people can't see that, you don't need to have a credit card OR bank account. I too called to cancel. I spoke with a perfectly lovely customer service representative who was more than helpful in explaining the enrollment process as well as refunding my money. All I had to do was request it. These poor people you are calling have NOTHING to do with the enrollment. They are just the unfortunate souls who have to deal with hotheaded idiots like all of you. What the heck are you getting out of being rude and demanding to these people! It's a job. How would you like people to call YOU all day and yell at you????? You get alot more with honey than with vinegar. LEARN TO READ AND OWN UP TO YOUR OWN MISTAKES. This is a perfectly ligit company. I have looked into it. They have been in business for longer than I am old, and if you think being a bunch of idiots in denial is going to bring them down... well, continue to waste your time. However, I would suggest you spend that time learning to READ rather than yelling about someone "stealing" your money when it's your own fault. Jerks.

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  • Ja
    JANET TURNER Dec 22, 2009


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  • Dm
    DMH2006 Dec 07, 2009

    So thankful this site popped up! Today I noticed a random charge of $14.95 last month while checking my accounts online...then another pending charge showed up as investigating! Come to find out I have been charged $14.95 from Easy Saver for 5 months! The craziest thing is that I saw a special report about them or a similar 'scam' on the news just last week and thought to myself 'How dumb can some people be not to read the fine print?'
    Apparently I am not as savvy as I thought I was :)
    The fix was super simple, Just called the number provided by an earlier post [protected]) and the customer service rep Melanie was very helpful, reimbursed ALL charges, canceled my 'membership', and was also able to tell me just what site I was on when this all started.
    I informed her that the wording on their $10 coupon pop-up add was very no time did I enter a card number or personal information other than email...they acquired my billing information from the original site i ordered from! I will be VERY wary of pop up adds that look like legitimate store offers in the future! Thanks so much for all those before me that posted the same problem and solution, you saved me money!!

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  • Sh
    sheila surban Dec 04, 2009

    Hi, I have the same experience that you had with the easy saver. I have noticed that they have charged me also 1.95 in my credit card even though i never authorize this. I did order some flowers from and maybe thats how i came across with the easysaver, I never did share my credit card info with them at all and i believe proflowers gave them that credit card info. Did you manage to get your money back after calling? I have noticed that you have posted that email that they sent you.. the [email protected] is it working at all? I already sent an email through that and told them to refund it. Is there anyway that they will answer that? I did get an instant reply that they will write back to me as soon as they can. I want to call.. but i think it is so expensive to call them because i am living here in finland now.. what do you think i should do? please help

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  • Je
    Jean Clarke Dec 01, 2009

    I have been charged 16.95 a month from my bank acct from this company easysaver that I have never heard of!!! I never signed for anything with them or had anything ever to do with this company.I notified my bank... filled out forms and this rip off company will be taken care of.I wonder how many other people they have ripped off.They have caused me many unnecessary and problems ansdNEED TO BE STOPPED!!!

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  • Ma
    Machito Nov 19, 2009

    I was billed for Easy Saver ... when I called the number it said that I had made a purchase for pro flowers .. which I did, but I do not want this easy saver service. I called the toll free number [protected] and did not receive a real person to clear this account and charge. The billing occurred on my August, September and October Discover charge card for 14.95 each. Is there any way these charges can be reversed? I would appreciate a reply and credit to my account.

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  • Ma
    maidensocal Nov 03, 2009

    Easysavers was underhanded in the way they sign up customers...BUT I had no problem getting my money on...
    I saw a charge from Easysavers on my monthly bank statement. I checked with my husband to see if he had bought anything from this company. He said no, so I went online to check into this company. When I typed in Easysavers, the search led me to this site. I read some of the complaints and printed them out, ready to go to the bank to try to get the charge reversed. I decided to give the company a call, using the number (above) from one of the posts.

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  • Be
    Beboo Oct 19, 2009

    Looks like this complaint is not anything new here, same deal, I purchased some flowers form back in May, and today when I checked my credit card bill, I notice the $14.95 charges, 7 months later. So apparently I have been charged $14.95 for 6 months and $1.95 for the 1st month for "enrollment fees". I immediately called and they forwarded my call to Easy Saver. So, I talked to the guy and demanded my money back, luckily they were really understanding, and they promise they will cancel my membership and reimburse my 7 months of payments. He said it will take 2 business days for me to see the credit, I really hope he is going to do what he said, otherwise, I am going to hunt them down again.

    Bottom lines, I am never ordering from again.

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  • Du
    dutchess05 Sep 18, 2009

    try [protected] they will answer there

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  • Da
    David Armentrout Sep 10, 2009

    In February, 2009, I ordered flowers from Pro Unknown to me, I was signed up for Easy Saver. When I got my first bill, I called and was told that my Easy Saver enrollment would be canceled. Since then, my wife has been paying the $14.95 per month and I just realized what it was this month. I want to be dropped from that enrollment and refunded what I have been charged. If necessary, I will take this to Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs.

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  • Le
    leighno5 Sep 02, 2009

    I was going through my transaction history on my bank account today when I noticed a $14.95 charge that had been going on for the past 4 months, listed as "CHECKCARD 09/02 EASY SAVER [protected] MD" Having no idea what this was, I gave them a call. After a brief hold, a woman came on (who was very kind) and I asked her what this service was, and told her that I never signed up for it. She gave me a brief (30 seconds maybe) sales pitch about how they help you save money on travel expenses and other garbage. I asked her how I was signed up for this, and she told me that after I put my email address in for an order at I was signed up. I told her I thought I was tricked and would like a full refund of all money charged to my account. She was very nice and said she would cancel the service and refund all of my money to me, and that it would show up in my bank in 7-10 business days. We'll see.

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  • Ma
    Mary Gibson Aug 27, 2009

    I too as well as many at this site have been billed since May 5th for Flowers that I purchased at Proflowers. The first charge was $1.95 and then every month since then has been $14.95. I had been mistaking it for a credit protection plan. When i finally called the 800 #, I realized that it wasnt and was not sure what it was. I immediately called my credit card company and put in a fraud claim. Which is not a guarantee that I will get it refunded. Do I need to be calling easy saver and cancelling a membership that i never agreed to to begin with?

    Mary Gibson

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  • Da
    Dayton OH Aug 03, 2009

    Easy Saver charged my credit card $14.95 for a "service" that I supposedly signed up for when I made an order with ProFlowers. The Customer Service rep at Easy Saver, [protected], said she verified that I had clicked on "Agree" to their terms and conditions thus the monthly charges. She also said that I had received an email explaining the benefits of the Easy Saver and that I should have cancelled at the time if I did not want the service. I never agree to the service nor did receive an email. The CS rep initially stated that for another 0ne-time payment of $24.95 I could get a full year of service. I declined, asked for a refund and she replied that she had the authority to refund the most recent charge. I asked about a refund for the other two months and after several minutes of checking, the CS rep agreed to refund the additional two months as well. In closing the CS rep asked me to give the transaction two billing cycles to process. We'll see...

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  • Mi
    mike398 Jul 19, 2009

    This is like coals to newcastle - this is a giant ripoff

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  • Si
    SickOfCrookedPeople Jul 13, 2009

    I recently noticed that my bank account was charged twice for the amount of $14.95 within 2 weeks of eachother for some company called Easy Saver. After reading some consumer posts I realized that it was a rip-off site. I guess these guys automatically sign you up when you purchase something online on specific websites. I think mine was because I sent flowers using I remember that when I sent the flowers I had an option to get free shipping, but I never was informed that I would be automatically signed up with this company Easy Saver. So they've been taking this money out and when you call them it's a recorded message that asks more my membership number. Supposedly I was supposed to receive a membership card in the mail, but I haven't seen anything. Hopefully my bank refunds me my money, but everyone know's that banks aren't really good at anything, but taking your money. So if you're thinking about ordering anything online make sure that you check for this hidden membership. Times are tough for everyone right now and this company is stealing money from people. Everyone should be working to boost up the economy and not bring it down so that a few idiots can get rich. I wonder how the people from Easy Saver can even sleep at night knowing that they may very well be taking the money from some people who need it to buy food for their children. One word Easy Saver, KARMA...It's a ###!

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  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 11, 2009

    How about you find out what the charge is for. Then ### about it.

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  • Jg
    J Ginder Jul 11, 2009

    I have a charge for $ 1.95 Easy Saver on 5/29/09.
    I have a charge for $ 14.95 Easy Saver on 6/29/09.

    What is this? I have not authorized any automatic charges to my account for unheard of Easy Saver.

    I want my money back and this company needs to stop scamming people.

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  • Di
    Diligent1 Jun 25, 2009

    I noticed in my bank statements a charge of 14.95 that I didn't buy. Digging a little further, I found that this company has been charging me for the last 4 months that price. I googled them, which lead me to this site. I read a few of the postings and found some useful information. Someone said to call this number [protected] and complain to the manager. I guess enough people have done that because when I called, the phone rep took care of the issue. She terminated my account and said that I should see my money back in 1-3 business days. We'll see...

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  • Do
    Dominic Jun 13, 2009

    I ordered a plant from ProFlowers in December 2008. In April 2009 I discovered credit card charges for $14.95 a month dating back to December 2008 for a merchant named Easy Saver.

    This is a scam. When you order something from ProFlowers, they provide your info to Easy Saver and charge your credit card for $14.95 a month and hope you don't notice.

    Don't order from ProFlowers unless you enjoy being ripped off.

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