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I had ordered an item from this company. I had transposed figures on my zip code. I canceled the order and reordered the same item. I made it clear that I would pay for only one of the same item. I received an email saying my credit card had been charged. I received an email saying the item was on back order. I emailed them to ask for an approx. date, and received a reply that the item had been shipped. They gave me a tracking number through Canadapost has no information on it. I tried reference number. Same thing; no information. I received my credit card bill and it was charged from WEBDVD, showing a posting date of 1-7-08 , transaction date of 1-2-08, and again on 1-9-08, transaction date of 1-2-08, from ALLIEDW.COM. On WEBDVD and, I had the same trouble with calling as the other complainant had, with leaving name and number, and no response. I have emailed same, and no replies. I was able to reach ALLIEDW.COM. However, they have no information on shipping, and told me to contact the company I had ordered from, which is the one with no response. I am going to go on line and try to cancel the charges. Wish me luck. And,.. I would recommend not using this site. ALLIED also gave me the name of DVD-AVE being part of the same company.

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Dec 20, 2007 12:00 am

I placed an order, they charged my charge card and I have not received yet. I called their 1-877-7-TV-SHOW telephone number and got no response. Went to come online and saw many complaints. My first time ordering like this, guess i made a real mistake. The charge was $167.78.

Jan 03, 2008 12:00 am

e ordered the series Shogun from them and had to make several calls to machine before we received the porduct. They billed our credit card on 10/19/2007 for the series and when we received it the case was broken and the first two disks wouldn't play all the way through. We called (machine again) and told them t he problem. Today we received an e-mail that they were shipping the series(4 disks) again and were billing our credit card again. When we try to contact them no one is ever available to take the call. We will have to contact the bank and have the charges denied and we will have paid for the set and can't enjoy it. We are very unsatisified with this company and won't order again and will tell anone who listens not to order from them.
Jerry Ferguson Order# 154401
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Feb 21, 2008 5:05 am

I ordered Get Smart DVDs on 18th January, 2008 and money was charged to my visa card immediately. They sent an email with a Canada Post tracking no which does not show any record of shipment of goods. I have sent subsequent emails to which they have replied to two, assuring me that my DVDs have been shipped but as yet I have not received them. It's $150 I can't afford to lose.

Aug 21, 2008 12:55 pm

I placed an order last December, they said it was on backorder. They would email from time to time saying still on backorder. Now they will not contact me. I want a refund on my credit card. They are just a big scam.

Feb 28, 2008 7:58 pm

I ordered a complete set DVD's of Mod Squad on 12/18/07. It was charged to my credit card on 12/20/07. I have not received my order. They don't answer the phone. I have called several times and only get a recording saying that they are not available and to call back in a few hours. The number is 1-877-7-TV-SHOW. If I email them I only get a general reply if they answer at all, saying the item is on back order. [email protected] I found a website that has many people complaining about the same thing. I got your link from them. The DVD's cost $140.12. Is this email going to do me any good? I want the DVD's but I probably should just get a refund. Is this possible or am I just screwed? I am going to call my credit card company and complain. I think this is an overseas site because of the sentence structure and incorrect spelling.

Jan 31, 2008 12:00 am

On 4th November, 2007, I placed and order for a Cheers DVD collection seasons 1 -11. I contacted the company to find out if I would received my order by christmas and they told me that the order had been sent on the 4th December. I had paid for the order when I ordered it and the payment showed up on my credit card statement on the 29th November, 2007. I was given an order number and told that I could track my order via with tracking number EE112291201CA but when I tried to track my order, canadapost did not have this number in their system. I don't know how else to get a refund and it is fast becoming apparent that I have been scammed out of $254.13au. When I contacted them again asking why I had been given a bogus tracking number the customer service rep emailed me to say that she would pass on my tracking number to her supervisor. I still haven't heard back.

Dec 13, 2007 12:00 am

They charged my credit card right away and after 5 weeks, I never received the dvds. I tried to call them and the phone disconnects. The have supposed an online operator.

Aug 07, 2008 11:53 am

i come back here to post that ALLIEDW stands for ALLIED WALLET and they are ONLY the processors for Global Money Cards Verification.

Global Money Cards wording on their website is wrong .

On Global Money Cards site It states that charges will show the charge came from Global Money but INSTEAD it showed the charge coming from ALLIEDW and thus the confusion stated.

It took me 8 hrs to find out the transaction was OK. and that it was Global Money Cards that needed to fix their wording on their site to STOP this confusion to their customers.

When I called Global Money to expain this they could not understand what I was telling them?

This $8.61 was to be entered at the site to verify... but INSTEAD.. they told me when I saw the "deposit amts" in my bank i was to enter those amt to be verified.. WHEN IN FACT it was the $8.61 CHARGE that needed to be entered in order to verify. So even that was not completely explained properly when TALKING to them..

The customer (me) just had to figure it out. PHEW !

I just hope they change that wording on their site because already I am not feeling comfortable because they just don't listen or explain things correctly THUS causing confusion from the start !

Aug 07, 2008 2:09 am

I found a charge on my card from ALLIEDW.COM for $8.61 and I have NO idea who they are. I did a search online to find out who they are and found this page. I did not buy anything because i don't have any money to buy anything out there. I don't even know how they got my card info ! Who are these people? I only hope I can get this money back because i only have $25 to buy food with for this month.

Mar 26, 2008 5:20 pm

DO NOT USE ALLIEDW.COM. But it will be too late. It is a charge center, not the company for the product you think you have purchased.
I have a charge by ALLIEDW.COM [protected]) on my credit card 03/11/08. It coincides with MTS PRODUCTIONS [protected]) that uses as their URL. They are also owned by which has a similar site as GoDaddy. I have domains with GoDaddy. is more expensive.
I was promised my web page up within 72 hours and a return on my investment within a week after faxing documents received from 16845 N 29th Ave Suite I-347 Phoenix AZ 85053. They were faxed [protected]) on 03/18/08. When I called with the name of my Marketing Coach promised - Karie Crane, I was denied and given Steve Rose, then Shawn Michaels, then George Alberts. No web page is up to date 03/26/08.
Help me decide what to do first.

Dec 20, 2007 11:25 am

I have a similar problem my order was on 12/3/007 and i have no product and can get no response from tv addicts the contact numbers are the same,these 2 companies are 1 in the same, I also regret making a purchase there and they also charged my account more than i agreed to in the beginning.


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