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Hi all,

I want to warn everyone to stay away form Duracell batteries. I have been using Duracell batteries for years and in the past I have been very pleased with the batteries, but not anymore. We have been buying our batteries form Costco and recently I went to start my annual changing of the batteries in various devices and lo and behold I found leaking Duracell batteries not just one and not just in one appliance, but multiples in a variety of different devices. I found the following:

1. Two leaking double AA batteries in a Force FX collector’s edition Light Saber, not easily replaceable. It took me two hours to cleanup the mess it made

2. Two leaking AA batteries in a $ 300.00 R/C car, (for the servos). Fortunately, these were in a battery holder and did no damage to the car itself – time to clean up the mess 30 minutes

3. Two AA batteries in another car remote control, time to clean and repair 2 hours

4. Four leaking AAA batteries in a Minolta SLR camera – time to clean up and repair 2.5 hours.

5. Two leaking AA batteries in a TV remote control, I had to buy a new one of these, (thanks P&G)

6. Three leaking AAA batteries in an X10 remote light controller, it had to go to that great electronic round file in the sky, (again thanks P&G).

I’m still not done. I am going through the house checking everything that takes a battery wall clocks, alarm clock etc.

Cost in my time far 6 hours, (so far) plus the cost of having to replace two pieces of equipment that were total losses and that fact that the other things I was able to cleanup and repair are no longer in the pristine condition I’ve always tried to keep them in. Further, all these batteries were within their acceptable use dates and what’s more other brand batteries that were installed in similar devices at the same time are fine.

Proctor & Gamble huh? gamble is right, they have apparently tried to save money by going with a cheaper manufacturer and it shows.

Not only have they lost a long time customer, but I will be posting this to every complaint board I can find and warning all my friends to stay away from Duracell batteries and will be returning what batteries I have left to Costco if they will take them back.

P&G you are a classic case of penny wise and pound foolish.

Does anybody know of a class action lawsuit in respects to quality issues/leaking problems with Duracell batteries I can join?

BTW the photo shows only some of the bad batteries, I should have kept them all and took picture of them plus the damaged devices before I cleaned/repaired and/or threw them away.



A FORMER Duracell customer

leaking batteries


  • Ph
    photographer1234 Jan 17, 2010

    I had some problems with leaking AA Duracell batteries about two years ago.

    That incident made me cautious and I so now I always remove them from my photo equipment and store them in a plastic bag. I have not used the camera for over a year and I just found all 8 used and 12 reserve AA batteries leaked out. What a mess. Thank god they were not in the camera. Year on the battery is 2011

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  • Si
    Silverado2002 Jul 22, 2018

    @photographer1234 Please contact me [email protected] I just had the most horrible experience with a headlamp which 3 duracells new even exploded leaking acid on my scalp burning my skin scaring it and hospital documentations to back it up I even lost hair .

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  • Th
    thorganby york Feb 24, 2010

    I am experiencing repeated incidents of AAA Duracell battery leakage into domestic phones.

    I have always respected Duracell as a reliable product but this is now a much repeated experience and I shall be using them no more

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  • Br
    Brett55 May 20, 2010

    I am having the same problem. I have had to change the batteries in s few products and found batteries leaking inside. Just a few minutes ago my son was playing in his room and came out crying and scared. He said "Something in my room went pop and then I heard a hissing noise" I couldn't figure out what it was so I went in to investigate. Apparently I had laid some batteries on a shelf and one of them popped. It was oozing stuff. I quickly carried it outside to show my husband.

    As I was carrying the battery outside I started tasting something wierd in my mouth and now my throat hurts. So I looked online to see if this is a problem with anyone else and saw this site and figured I needed to leave my comment.

    But honestly lately the amount of products I've had with Duracell batteries in them that have died quickly and found leaking batteries is numorous.
    I'm done with them

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  • Me
    Meveng Oct 05, 2010

    Duracell quality is down to zero. In a year, leaking Duracell AA and AAA cells damaged beyong repair three TV remotes and two LED flashlights. In one of the flashlights the batteries were outside the battery holder and inside a plastic bag with the empty flashlight. The batteries leaked so badly that the rubber cover of the flashlight became permanently sticky and I had to get rid of it. So, not even keeping the batteris separate from the device saved it. Sometimes the shelf life in printed as far as four years ahead but I have found them leaking while still in the original package one year after buying them. So no more Duracell for me. I am sticking with Energizer and the brand that Costo sells (Kirkland). They couldn't do worse.

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  • No
    Norm Bruckardt Feb 15, 2019

    @Meveng I am having the same problem with the Duracell batteries. I find the Chinese batteries that came with my Comcast remotes are still fine. I also had some Kirkland batteries that leaked. I am trying Energizer Max now.

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  • Pv
    pvanscherpe Oct 10, 2010

    I just experienced my second produced getting ruined by leaking AA copper tops. I will be moving on to another band from now on.

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  • Pv
    pvanscherpe Oct 10, 2010

    I need to clarify my prior post. One leak was from D size Copper tops and the other was from AA Copper tops.

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  • Ga
    garyinlyons Nov 12, 2010

    I have used Duracell batteries for years and years and in the past 5 years I have had 7 different devices that the AA or AAA cells leaked in. I guess I will try and find a good substitute. I just had a vary strange experience with some Energizer C cells in a boom box. Some how all the batteires went bad and as far as I could tell the device was not run off of batteries but a wall wart. When I checked the batteries two of them had reversed their polarity and read -1Volt DC. Have not seen this with alkaline batteries. The latest was the discovery that a battery pack in service less than 6 months had leaked. See the photo below.

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  • Zu
    Zuleyka Feb 23, 2011

    Hello, I´m from Perú. I´m really upset because the battery AAA only last for 5 hours. Normaly they last over a week. I don´t know if the fact happens because there are made in China. I´ll find a substitute. These fact won´t happent to me again.

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  • Rm
    R.Mukunthan Apr 14, 2011

    Yes I too had a Bad Experience The Duracell Batteries are not as good as it was 2 years back. The product has gone bad and leaking worse than cheap Chinese batteries. It damaged My $250 programmable remote beyaond repair!

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  • Wo
    wolfdown Aug 01, 2011

    Pretty much same story. I had AAA and AA duracell packs from costco. I think 50% of all the cells ended up leaking within a few months of use. Also the expiration is over 1 year away. Never buying these again.

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  • Av
    Avi8tor Oct 02, 2011

    I have also noticed that Duracell batteries are no longer a good product. They are now made in China and are crap. I found Duracell batteries leaking in a GPS when it would no longer work. Then a wall clock, then a remote thermometer and a Maglite. I filed a complaint with Proctor and Gamble (gamble is the operative word if you purchase Duracell batteries). P&G's response was that if I would send in the damaged device along with the leaking batteries that they would check it out and make a decision about repair or replace. I had already tried to clean up the mess and had thrown the batteries away. Next damaged item I find I will save the batteries along with the device and send it to P&G to see what happens. I will not buy Duracell batteries again

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  • Ed
    Edna Romano Oct 21, 2011

    I have similar issues with AA batteries only. P& G claim that the batteries can leak if voltage falls below 1.48 V. It ruined two weather station devices and one atomic clock to the tune of $ 450 dollars. Repairs were rejected. Never had this issue before until about two years ago. Something changed in how they are made. Just can't put my finger on it.

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  • Al
    allshouldknow Jun 20, 2019

    @Edna Romano Its a bunch of bs they are telling you, as I have had old Duracells that never leaked and were dead dead sure I have seen others leak if they are left in something for a very long time dead but this is insain I had Duracell batteries just sitting on the table and the began to leak and batteries in my roku remote that I went to change as soon as the remote was not working and what did I find more leaky Duracells so as far as I'm conserned they are not the same at all. proof is the old ones I had were way past the date and never leaked period. today's Duracell batteries are garbage as most here have found out, tons of complaints proving how bad they now are I also lost 2 expensive aluminum flashlights. The batteries ate the inside and fused them into the light no way to save em. So i like everyone here I too am done with this junk, they need to replace all items damaged by the crap they call a battery in my opin.

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  • Me
    Meflaca Nov 16, 2011

    I completely agree as we are having the same problems with Duracell batteries. We will no longer buy them. We used to buy ours at Costco also. We don't anymore. We also won't purchase Kirkland batteries from Costco as it is our understanding that they contract Duracell to make their batteries. We are extremely disappointed in Duracell and their makers. They need to step up before their stubbornness costs them more on their bottom line than correcting the problem now.

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  • No
    nomoreduracell Nov 30, 2011

    Just lost three flashlights and two remotes to Duracell AAA. Costco. Have not had this problem before. Saw a leaker in a new package at the store as well.

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  • No
    noslenpar Dec 01, 2011

    I had the same problem with leaking Duracell batteries fro Costco. I don't know if the problem is with all Duracell's or just the cheap bulk pack from Costco. They ruined my alarm clock and the remote control for my toy helicopter. And these are not things that sit around without being used for long periods of time. Never buying Duracell again. I now use Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables, they're great.

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  • Wi
    Willem Jooste May 18, 2012

    Twenty Wireless PIR Alarm sensors scrapped thanks to Duracell. Cost for new Paradox $150.00 a piece, mount to $3000.00.

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  • Ra
    rayaz May 22, 2012

    I live in Sri Lanka, I used to have major belief in Duracell batteries, when i got to these batteries when i used to come to US for projects. I was very sad that the product was not available in Sri Lanka. About a year ago, a major company in Sri Lanka launched Duracell and i jumped and purchased these since these batteries lasted long, and never leaked.
    Oh boy was i disappointed. The batteries lasted shorter than the OEM batteries available locally, and most of them leaked even though the expiry date on them says 2016!
    I have one AAA pack where the battery is leaking even before it was opened. Another AAA set where the battery has drained within the pack.
    Disgraceful. Sadly there is no official compliant link in PG or the Duracell sites, i guess they don't want client feedback. I am very surprised that Duracell products have no been pulled off the shelf unless they are selling lower grade stuff to the Asian market.

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  • Wb
    wbud Jun 23, 2012

    I have had the same problems and discontinued Duracell batteries.

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  • Gr
    Greg_P Sep 14, 2012

    I had the same thing happen to me recently. I contacted customer support. After providing some basic information, I was told I'd be sent an envelope and some information by mail so I could send the batteries and my device to Duracell for "examination". I was told the device would be returned to me in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Well, the package arrived today. Inside the package was a coupon for a free 8-pack of batteries and a form requiring my signature to acknowledge that I understand my device will be "thoroughly examined" and cannot be returned to be because "the examination will destroy the product". You have got to be kidding me! Shouldn't they be examining their leaky batteries instead of the $250 digital recorder that was destroyed by their defective batteries? How does destroying my recorder help me? How does this resolve anything? If anything, it would appear they're doing nothing but destroying the evidence. Did they honestly think they could resolve this with an 8-pack of batteries? I assure you, they've lost a 30+ year customer over this. I'm extremely disappointed. Picture attached.

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  • Ga
    gary from canada Oct 21, 2012

    I had a 1 year old nikon flash unit, had is the optimum word. 2 of the Duracell AA batteries leaked into the unit. Total loss, 2nd time in a year Duracell's have leaked on me. No problem with my energizers, will pay more and avoid Costco multi packs.

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  • Sa
    sammynchrissy Dec 07, 2012

    iv bought 2 duracell size n batterys and they only been in my car remote 2 days and they are dead i want a refund

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  • Ar
    ART PETERS Feb 08, 2013


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  • Pt
    Ptcrusn Feb 22, 2013

    I've had more and more Duracell AA batteries leak and they are well short of their expiration date. No more Duracells for me. What happened to the quality they used to be?

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  • Li
    lizz Mar 21, 2013

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  • Ji
    Jim from Monrovia, Ca. May 08, 2013

    Jim from Monrovia, Calif. Duracell "D" .New from Costco, ( EXP. 2023 ). In a 3 cell Maglite lasted less than an hour. Any body got plans for a battery launcher ?

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  • Gi
    Giacchina Jul 13, 2013

    I purchased a 4 pack of copper-top the other day and used them for my xbox 360 controller, the next day i found battery acid all over the back of the controller. the controller was completely done. I was furious about this incident and i want my 60 dollars back

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  • Av
    avoidDuracel Jul 14, 2013

    Im in Canada, have purchased Costco Duracell multipacks, and experienced the exact same problems that many previous posters have stated. ie. unused batteries that leaked in the packages even though the expiry date is well into the future (and the packs were stored at typical room temperature of 20 celsius), new batteries leaking after only a few weeks inside flashlights, toys, computer mice, etc. What the heck happened to Duracell quality? These leakages have been happening repeatedly to me over the past 4 years with Duracell batteries, before then they NEVER leaked. The Costco multipacks have been especially bad though I've had some leakages with cells from Walmart. Has there been some change in the electrolyte formula or perhaps the materials used to house it? I'm done using Duracell for now until there is confirmation that they have investigated and fixed the leakage problem. Oh yes, also forgot to mention that the batteries are also losing their charge a lot quicker than they used to in all kinds of devices I've tried them in.

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  • Ut
    Utahkid Jul 30, 2013

    My daughter brought the remote in saying it is hot and hissing when I opened the cover it was leaking I have never seen anything like it.
    I have found several leaking batteries from Costco as well. Mine are dated 2022. I have started a claim with Duracell the remote and will update with the result. The leaking battery ruined a $250 Control4 remote I cant let this one just slide. No more Costco batteries! The Costco Kirkland batteries are even worst as far as leaking is concerned.

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  • Pu
    Puneet Bansal 1 Sep 20, 2013


    I was using Duracell AAA for my remote.
    Alkaline MN2400 | 1.5 V LR03 | MAR2016.

    Remote was not used for approx 20 days. When tried to use it, it was shocking to see 1 cell got leaked from bottom.
    Plastic cover is OK, not puffed.

    Using duracell is a subject to assurance of quality, but now i must change this faith.

    Puneet Bansal

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  • Mu
    mukundanrd Feb 21, 2014

    To-day we had purchase duracell Alkaline Battery AA but not working fully dry condition immediately told to shop owner they told once open the pack we are not replace how can we find battery work or not please clarify our email : [email protected]

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  • Mu
    mukundanrd Feb 21, 2014

    My Name is Mukunda To-day we had purchase duracell Alkaline Battery AA but not working fully dry condition immediately told to shop owner they told once open the pack we are not replace how can we find battery work or not please clarify our
    email : [email protected]

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  • Ex
    Ex-Duracell user Mar 11, 2014

    I had the same leakage problems. They used to be good, but lately Duracells ALL seem to leak. AAs, AAAs, 9Vs, size C and size D, doing considerable damage to my equipment, i.e. various remote controls, smoke alarms, digital multimeter, torches and an old boombox CD player. All these batteries had plenty of power left and had at least a year before their expiry date. Some of them even leaked while still inside their original packaging. Never removed from packaging and never used. And more than two years before their expiry date. I have never had these problems with Energizer and will never buy Duracell again in my life.

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  • Db
    D Broncks Mar 15, 2014

    Have a 3 cell D battery flashlight. After about ten minutes of continuous use, a bright light dims and the batteries go dead. Put new batteries, same thing happens. Let the batteries set or cool off and the are use-able again; but after 10 + minutes they die out. Looks like a heat problem in the batteries. Has the chemical composition of the battery been changed?
    BTW This happens in more than one flashlight.

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  • Mi
    Mick Thompson Mar 18, 2014

    Same problem of leaking batteries. They ruined my Sony voice recorder. I contacted Proctor and Gamble, as listed on the leaking batteries, and they said it wasn't anything to do with them, due to parallel importing to Australia. But they wouldn't say who the other importer was. I said, but it had your address on the batteries. They wouldn't respond further.

    And the only people I could actually communicate with were from a call centre in the Philippines; people who used English first names only, but had Spanish American accents and who wanted plenty of personal details from myself.

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  • Du
    Duracrap Batteries Mar 30, 2014

    Duracell used to be the #1 battery and now it is crap. I have not kept count of the leaky batteries I have found in my devices in the past year, but it is at least two dozen. Some even leaked in the carton. I have had to discard electronic equipment ruined by Duracells. I buy my batteries from Costco, could they be purchasing inferior Duracell batteries to sell, or are all Duracells now inferior? I do not know what brand to buy anymore because everybody is making their batteries in China now. Don't get me started on stuff made in China.

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  • Jo
    Jordan Yousef Feb 13, 2017

    @Duracrap Batteries Try Rayovac those batteries are made in the USA and Rayovac is still a very good american battery maker

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  • Jo
    john r e Jun 20, 2014

    Has anyone succesfuly complained to Duracell?

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  • Pi
    PistonFlyer Jul 04, 2017

    @john r e Yes. I had an aircraft emergency locator transmitter which required by regulation DuraCell brand batteries, with an expiration date at least 2 years in the future. I replace them every year at annual inspection anyway. Once P&G took over duracell, I had four of 8 D cells leak within a year. These batteries were still at least 5 years from expiration. Assuming I had a bad batch, I cleaned up the device, had it inspected and complained. P&G agreed to pay the avionics shop for the inspection and the yellow tag for continued airworthiness. Six months later, the new, fresh batteries were found leaking when the ELT failed its monthly activation test. This time all 8 batteries were leaking with expiration dates 6 years in the future. This time there was also damage to the case and the transmitter board. P&G refused to do anything other than replace the batteries. I filed a formal service difficulty report with the FAA and replaced the ELT with a new unit.

    I found an old flashlight in the back of a glove compartment that had duracell AAA's with an expiration date of 2007, which were still good and not leaking in 2017. Every duracell I've put in equipment in the post 2010 timeframe has failed prematurely and I have not used a single duracell in 6 years in any equipment.

    The bad thing about this for Duracell is that the company has been sold to Berkshire Hathaway, but once a stellar reputation is shot, it may never recover, and I am not willing to take chances on bad batteries and expensive equipment. Berkshire will have to prove to me that their batteries are once again constructed properly and prove this for a long period before I will ever buy a duracell battery (alkaline, nicad, lithium, lead-acid, whatever). If they want me to try them out, OK, but I want in writing, in advance, a contract saying they will pay for any damage their batteries create, specifying a liquidated damages price which will include the cost of replacement of a critical device, the cost of removal and reinstallation, and the cost of aircraft on ground time. Guess I will not be using duracells ever again.

    It's a shame. The company started in the '30s and built a fantastic reputation only to have it trashed in a few short years. Come to think of it, P&G products are now at the bottom of my list because Duracell demonstrates how they work as a company.

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  • Al
    Alekh Anshu Aug 27, 2014

    what a ### the company is making.Do you call it AAA class batteries.It sucks, heard two blasts in these batteries.and total loss to the equipments.I am extremly dissatisfied with duracell products..

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  • Steve Patterson Sep 15, 2014

    My experiences with Duracell alkaline batteries, beginning in 2012 or so, echo the sentiments expressed by other "suckers" on these pages. I used to trust Duracell quality control so that I would not have to worry about my expensive electronic equipment becoming damaged or rendered irreparable.

    I have had three instances of near-catastrophic proportions (to both my psyche and my occupation), reporting only the first instance, replete with various macro and regular photographs of exploded batteries with 5 years left to go and damaged electronics that I had to have repaired at my expense and some of which I repaired and restored myself.

    The half-baked boilerplate answer I received in my Inbox stopped me dead in my tracks and had me saying to myself (pardon the language) WTF these people are simply trying to dazzle me with cow pie-covered verbiage that was and is, it is my belief, deliberately crafted so that the majority of "whiners and complainers" will not pursue further action as they will think it will not be worth the time and effort that P&G wants you to put out for what, a lousy reimbursement coupon for what, ANOTHER leaking battery? Duracell no longer looks to the future, it leaks to the future. Needless to say, I have sworn off any form of Duracell, until and/or unless they can prove to me that their QC is back to ISO standards.

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  • Ah
    Aho1963 Sep 19, 2014

    Just had a $700.00 Kestrel weather meter destroyed by leaking Duracell AAA batteries. Stored in cool dry location, battery had MAR 2015 on side (new batteries). Both leaked and ruined the unit. Waiting to hear what Duracell has to say, I expect 100% replacement. Removed their batteries from everything I own. The package I have with the new batteries has leaking batteries! Why can their D-cells stay in a mag-light for years w/o issue? I think their QC has gone down the toilet.

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  • Qu
    Quaranta Nov 02, 2014

    I always purchase Duracell batteries because of their reliability. However, I replaced my clock with AA battery and it lasted only 2 months! I purchased a 10 pack at Publix. The number on the back of my package is 3233868100. On the battery it states Dec. 2023!

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