Dubai First / unauthorized credit card transaction charges

United Arab Emirates

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Please be aware and check your each and every transaction very carefully, You may would have been charged but missed to notice as the amount gets added hidden to you in the same transaction which is taken place, Fortunately, I have noticed the extra amount incorporated in unbilled accumulated transaction.
Escalate the transactions considering top priority, Please keep in mind that we have right to take care of our money.
Dubai First, Its really disappointing situation that how Bank Customer Service Employee # Mr. Michael convincing customer to accept the unethical charges and keep on repeating until the customer accepts, Further convincing to that extent that the complaint can't be raised, report to #Rasha Asaad.

Please be informed that when customer makes the transaction (Local / International), where the amount which is showing in local currency should be the amount taken by the bank and that is the reason customer is accepting to make the payment, Instead bank is showing or displaying some sort of convincing amount and later on the same transaction get the revised figures which is completely hidden to customer .

• Is the Banking has dropped down to the such level in Personal Banking .
• Authentication process by Bank Channel doesn't authorize bank to charge a single penny extra against the amount which is authenticated and displayed the deductible amount on the net banking/mobile app during the transaction processing .
• Excuses provided by the bank that Tariff charges are updated and mailed to customer # Pls note its Customer hard earned money - Just sending Updated Tariff doesn't authorize you to collect money / charges which is undisclosed during the authentication process. "IT IS COMPLETELY UNETHICAL".
• Be the Bank for customer convenience perspective .
• You can't get away by simply stating that customer has signed the application and accepted the terms and conditions, For Banks - customer security for each and every transactions Authentication is mandatory like wise customer should authorize to proceed the transaction including the charges with a clear understanding and display on the authentication step # DO NOT TAKE CUSTOMERS AS GRANTED.
• Customer respects and trust banks to channelize the transactions in favor of customers not in favor to channelize unethically.

Puneet J.

Apr 01, 2019

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