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I requested for liability letter 1 month ago because I wanted to close my account with Dubai First and have it payed by another bank. They told me it would take 14 working days, its quite long but i patiently waited. After 14 days I called but the agent told me It wasnt ready yet, so I waited for few more days until finally they told me its ready for pick up. I am currently working in Abu Dhabi and their collectio office is in Dubai, I asked them if they can send by courier or i can pick it up in their Abu Dhabi office, but they refused and so a filipina agent suggested an option of authorization letter on my behalf. Follwing day, that person went to their office with my letter but again they REFUSED to give the liability letter for a reason that I should personally come to collect it, and so, in short my liability letter expired because of this issue, I complained, they called me but then nothing happened. Again I requested for another liability letter and they informed me 3 working days, I constantly called to follow up but every agent has different story. they gave me a differed number to call, but nobody answered. I can say this is the worst customer service I've ever had.


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    smarasigan Sep 23, 2018

    They really do give people a hard time when closing an account with them. :-(

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  • Cd
    Cdbar1126 Feb 03, 2020

    They are the worst. Just having the same scenario now. I am paying all my balance in DXB 1st thru another bank. They gave my requested liability just last week, after 3 days, the agent of the other bank went there to pay out my outstanding balance. he already have the check! Dxb 1st said I still have to pay an over credit limit (the amount I needed to pay supposedly for that month from my installments). But that amount was already included in the outstanding amount in the liability they issued! Ridiculous! Now they want me to pay an additional 3k dirhams before they accept the check from the other bank. And told me they will just return the excess. Which I doubt! Since I applied for the liability letter, they have made the transactions really bad!!! I always have to wait 15-20 minutes over the phone to connect to their CCS and then just to get answered by..."CAN YOU CALL A DIRECT F#$%[email protected] LINE" wtf DXB FIRST! You were so nice when you were offering us your cards and now we dont want it're making people's lives miserable! Such a shame!

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