DUdu lair staff in abu dhabi hq


I bought a new Samsung from DU not paid fully cash but I made a contract with them, so I can pay the price of the mobile in period of time. The mobile which was sold to me was not what they have described it to me. Not having the features that they told me it suppose to have.
I have spoken to their staff in Abu Dhabi head Quarter, even to those who sold the mobile to me. Their name was AHMED/OMAR and JOB. They are not helpful or they don‘t even care that they have sold you items which they promise had a features but in fact it doesn’t have the features. I was going to their office back and forth for a month there are useless completely. They say our manager said it’s not our problem when you are buying a devise you should know what is it even if we are not telling you the truth about the devise and telling you something else. And once you have sigh contract then you must pay. DU has something they called knowledge page or something like that and they have all the devises information in there. But they are staff prefer to sale you items with a Lairs features so they can make money and they assume no responsibility at all and whatsoever
- When I ask their staff why you sold me the item telling me that it has such features? The answer was it was my personal opinion that devise had those features.
I asked and I went there 5 times in one month they still not giving me copy of the contract that I have signed with them. They don’t even call when they promise that they will in order to correct the error
DU staff is freaking HARAMIS in Abu Dhabi and lairs I would not advise anyone to get anything from them if you can stay with Etisalat. Etisalat may charge you bit of extra but they are excellent in fixing the errors especially if it was made by them.


  • Im
    Imteyaz Jul 13, 2010

    i have to deactivate this service since from my mobile money has been getting deducted from long time...
    mobile no. 00971-554870441.

    thank you

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  • Me
    meppayur Aug 15, 2010

    I am getting the SMS from the mobile message body as" download from http:// sti=888&sub=174291960.But its result is each times those SMS are deducting 8dhs weekly. I dont know how to overcome from this unnecessary charges, please deactive me from this site. My
    No. is 00971556227237

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  • Al
    alosh Sep 22, 2010

    i recieve massages downlolad from this link; and phone credit reducing (4 aed)

    pls unsubscribe this

    i am alosh
    from Dubai
    +971553931719 is my nomber

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  • Ra
    rahul2_3 Oct 04, 2010

    i am receiving message http:/

    and my balance is automaticalldy deduction from my account please do needful it happens so many times almost 3 times in a month

    thanks and regards

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  • Sh
    shansha25 Oct 13, 2010

    My Du Mobile No. +971-55-9948123 kindly deactivate it from
    hamza chingara

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  • Bu
    bulbul ahamed Oct 22, 2010

    please deactive mozook ringtons service from my mobile 00971558389206

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  • Ab
    abbastaher Nov 03, 2010

    hi this is abbas, always i recieve a sms from and my balance is deduct automatically, i also try and all thing, now i think to change sim otherwise complain to higher authority, please kindly unscribe this service due to balance deducting. my cell no. is 0553452456.

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  • Sa
    Samuel Mathai Nov 14, 2010

    I am getting download messages from and deducting AED /- every time. When I contact Du's office, they do not have any control over the address.
    This happens when I recharge the my mobile
    Please take necessary actions to stop these people

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  • Sh
    sheik alauden Dec 04, 2010

    every recharge I am getting one sms from:7990 and they deduct my balance 10 dhs. Please unsubscribe .
    my mobile number+97-155-9124256

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  • Jo
    joshy sherly Feb 25, 2011

    more than 15 time my mobile balance deducted dh.4, i want to deactivate this service link http://193.1263233.67/iac/m3?sti=888&sub=201020852

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  • Re
    reqsh Mar 23, 2011

    i have also same problem. my no. is 00971553328978. does any one has solution to unsubscribe this kind of video download|??

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  • An
    Ankush18 Jun 18, 2011

    I would like to request you to please deactivate the service from number is 055-5820908, i have been charging since 2 months approx. 220 dhs. Kindly i request you to please stop this service.

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  • Ni
    niyas Jun 24, 2011

    for the last one months i am facing an deduction from my mobile account some amount without any reason. Please unsubscribe me from the following list

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  • Mu
    muzzamil ali Jul 12, 2011

    sir, my mobile number is 0559854035. i have lost 15 dirhams from my mobile.. thorugh this service.. please.. remove this service..., i dont want to get SMS from this address. http://www.

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  • Mu
    muzzamil ali Jul 12, 2011

    sir, my mobile number is 0551450530. i have lost 15 dirhams from my mobile.. thorugh this service.. please.. remove this service..., i dont want to get SMS from this address. http://www.

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  • Am
    amit chhabra Jul 12, 2011

    hi my num is 00971554546287 everytime i recieve a message my money gets deducted i get it from

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  • Ag
    Agoram Balasubramanian Nov 07, 2011

    Hi my number is 055 7990320. Daily 10.00 am I received one SMS your DU music store subscription has been renewed and you have 5 free songs to download for today. and links is Pl stop this service and pl don't deduct my money - Thanks

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  • Ma
    marionito vera cruz Nov 21, 2011

    every time I recharge my account, I notice that my balance is deducted some amount, please unsubscribe me this 7990 service. my mobile no. 0557528324

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  • Hi
    HIba Kader Feb 24, 2012

    My money is getting deducted from my du cell. My no. is 055 1897786 even if I dont use.
    Please look into the matter.

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  • Kh
    khuram shagzad Dec 18, 2012

    i would like to request you to activate mobile sms service from number is 0527532438, thanks.

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  • As
    Asalam Khan May 05, 2014

    Mozook is a rip off. how they can deduct money from DU account with out informing the account holders using tricks on the net.

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  • Vi
    Vida Hormoz Mar 30, 2015

    du center for no reason suspended my sim card...

    I buyed a package last night and now my du sim card suspended and customer care gave me a number they r not at all responding ...

    Contact me I wanna know reason_____

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